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By Felicity Oswell

"Lady Moon, giver of fertility, has been known from time immemorial as the celestial body that influences reproduction and growth. We are constantly moved by the effect of gravity, ionization and the monthly push and pull of the Moon's electromagnetic field. The Moon's position and phase at the time of our birth has also been found to have a profound effect on our fertility and bio-rhythmic cyles. In the 1950's, a Czech psychiatrist, Dr Eugen Jonas, discovered that a lot of his Catholic women patients were becoming pregnant, even when using the rhythm method religously. Being an astrologer himself, he was startled by a statement from the ancient astrologers of Babylon and Assyria that claimed: "Woman is fertile during a certain phase of the Moon".

He started drawing up his patient's charts, researching and correlating information. He came up with various points concerning conception and the health and sex of the child. The most important of these points that was widely tested over many years with thousands of women is: "Women are fertile (can spontaneously ovulate) at the same phase of the Moon that occurred at her birth". This is called the Lunar Fertile Cycle and means that every month when the Moon is in the same phase as it was when you were born, even if you are menstruating, you are potentially fertile and can become pregnant. It seems at birth, a process is initiated where the Moon phase stimulates certain biochemical and hormonal states in the body. This forms a physiological cycle that starts at birth, is triggered at puberty and continues until death. The Lunar Fertile Period is a 'potentially' fertile time. Spontaneous ovulation triggered by sexual stimulation or orgasm can happen with the moon in the same phase as it was at your birth.

The researchers found that abstaining from sex or using contraceptives during the Lunar Fertile Period, as well as in the time of ovulation (calculated from the rhythm method), brought the success rate from 30-85% to 98%. The same study in Britain showed that sperm count in men is increased up to tenfold when a man is in his Lunar phase."


Finding your lunar phase

To find your lunar phase you first need to know what sign your sun and your moon were in at the time of your birth. Then find your sun sign in the left hand column of the chart below and follow that row across until you find your moon sign. The picture at the top of the column shows you your Lunar Fertile Moon Phase. For example I am an Aquarian with moon in Taurus. Following along from the Aquarius sun until I find the symbol for Taurus shows me that my Lunar Fertile time is the waxing half moon.



This article and lunar chart was first printed in Felicity's wonderful Wombmoon calendars.
Alas she no longer produces this wonderful resource but yOni recommend
The MoonTime Diary as an excellent alternative.




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