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Felicity Oswell describes the value of charting and discovering the patterns created by the phases of your womb, of the moon, and of your moods and energy.

"Women are cyclic creatures, rising and ebbing to the tune of the Moon and the flow of the waters. Through the blood cycle, women have direct experience of the rhythm of nature and her seasonal cyclic dance.

Ovulation and Menstruation form a monthly wave of changing experience and energies, similar to the moon in its journey from new to full then back to dark again. Measuring time with our natural body clock, we deepen our experience of the mysteries of life and death. The Moon with her constantly changing ways teaches us that life is always changing, growing, blossoming, transforming, dying and being reborn.

By using a calendar to tune into, record and take an interest in yourself, a very healing and enriching process is begun. Every month with menstruation, women have an inbuilt time to clear the past, assess the present and prepare for the future. Pre-menstrual Syndrome is a symptom of modern times as women have become out of touch with their bodies, the Moon and their own creative power. Menstruation is a woman's friend, a blessing in disguise, a time of power where we can gather our wisdom by taking time out to go within."

The image to the left is a Wombmoon Calendar that Felicity created to assist women to chart their cycles. Alas she no longer produces these particular calendars but yOni has found an excellent replacement in Shekhinah Morgan's Menstrual Calendar Wall Chart and her Moon Diary both now available through yOni for 2002.


During her research on menstruation and fertility Felicity has discovered some fascinating information about a lunar cycle which appears to influence a womans fertility. She has also started yOni's Menstrual Tips page. Have a look and add your own.


Alas Felicity no longer produces the Wombmoon Calendars but we recommend The Moon Time Diary as an excellent alternative.





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