Lyrics from the Voices of Gaia CD

Beltane Fire

'Tis the season of the year,

festive time and celebration.

It is the holy day, when sun and moon are one.

And all the night they will love, for spring time is calling.

And mother earth will bless the fruits ..... Of all they reap and sow.


Come dance, come dance, the Maypole dance.

Come, take a chance and see.

Come dance, come dance, the Maypole dance.

And feel the mystery.


And the evening comes alive,

filled with love and merry laughter.

And her hair tumbles down, it is the sacred time.

A cloven foot prances near, and whispers softly to her.

It is the Sun King come to woo ..... Come dance the Beltane Fire.


And her passion moves through her, she is burning so deeply.

She is lost completely to the heart of the flame.

She calls to the night as her soul takes flight. She is one with her love.

In the heart of Beltane ..... In the fires of Beltane.

Lyrics: Gyan McDonald

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Dedicated to Damini with much love.


Inspiration calls me, from the west.

Move into the setting sun. Know that I am heaven blessed.

Gather up my blankets. Children walk beside.

Faces held into the light. The spirit never dies.


And in the autumn we will gather up the bounties that are offered

And thank the mother earth for knowing what we need.

And as we shelter through the winter in the warmth of other bodies

Knowing in the earth around us lies the dormant seed.


I hold the wisdom of the owl. I have the eagle sight.

I have the courage of the panther as I walk the paths of light.

I am woman of the earth. I am woman of the skies.

I walk in hand with the ancients,

to sow the seeds that bring forth life.

Lyrics: Christine Dubens


Gaia Rap

Dedicated to spontaneity


If you wanna get down and change the world,

you'd better start thinking like a Gaia girl.

Start turnin' on your body to the rhythm of the earth.

Get a feel for what you're worth.

Sing and dance, laugh and play.

You're gonna find you're moving in the Gaia way.


Well there's more to life than just money and fame.

Loosen up, change the game.

There's more to life than what you see.

When you try to live your life more naturally.

Take a risk .... you will see, I am what I am .... be what you wanna be!


Get down! Get down to the earth.

Get down to the earth, yeah.

Get into the flow, open up your heart, yeah.

It's only then you'll know.


Well Gaia she's our Mother Earth,

she's the one who gave us birth.

It's on her soil we breathe and grow.

She nurtures us .... don't you know.

She's our source of inspiration.

She's the Goddess of creation.

She's the air that we breathe.

She's the beauty that we see.

So don't trash her, don't bash her, don't trash her .... no no!

We are the earth and the earth is us .... there's nothing more now to discuss!

Get down to the earth.

Lyrics: Ayla Garlick, Jacinta McEwen,

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Life Blood

Life blood... With waxing moon my body makes it.

Life blood... And as she wanes the earth reclaims it. (rpt)


The time has come for woman to put away her shame.

The blood we shed is sacred, an honour to reclaim.

Let's celebrate our gift, the power to create

The miracle of human life from love made consummate.


Life blood... With waxing moon my body makes it.

Life blood... And as she wanes the earth reclaims it.

Life blood... Blood of Wisdom, ancients call it.

Life blood... Sacred gift, lets celebrate it.


Honour your rhythm, follow the flow. Love your creation, learn to let go.

Honour the dark night, honour the day, honour your body, it knows the way.


Our bleeding time is healing, a time for letting go,

Relaxing in the feminine, going with the flow.

No need to figure out how night turns into day.

The alchemy's within you, your body knows the way.


I am woman, woman who flows with the moon,

Woman who bleeds for life. I honour my blood.

I am sacred woman. I am changing woman.

Lyrics: Laura-Doe Harris


Black Woman


Black woman, her eyes as dark as midnight skies.

Her tears would flow forever and she will fill up the earth if she begins to cry.

And a child is born as another dies, and no one hears her cries over the land.


And there's a heart still beating under the gun.

And she prays for rain to grow the grain to fill her children's belly.


Irish woman, her soul as deep as an old oak tree.

Hangs her head in sorrow as she remembers the magic and mystery.

And the tales they've told for a thousand years will die with the hangman's smile.

And the songs they've sang for a thousand years will die ... with the hangman's smile.


And she hears the lies, hears the cries, another girl born to marry.

Hears the lies, hears the cries, another son born ... to carry a gun.

And she prays for rain to grow the grain to fill her children's belly

And she swears to the heavens she'll bear no more ... until the fighting's done!

Lyrics: Gyan McDonald


Heart Mother Crone


Heart Mother Crone is dedicated to Noni who in the generosity of her heart embraced and shared the nurturing and love of the mother and much missed wisdom of Crone.


Moon over water, you rise into my heart.

Cool wind is blowing through the changes of my life.

Moon over water is flowing through my days.

In the silence of the night I see your face.

Mother crone your eyes enfold my child with soft embrace

and as I feel the changes of my life

I gather in your wisdom, sow your seeds of woman grace.

Oh heart mother, mother crone, heart mother, mother crone.


Innana hey, Innana hey, Innana hey, Innana hey, Innana hey, Innana hey hey ......


Mother Crone I weave my way and with my woman web.

May I seek to know your ways and honour your repose,

As I walk in your footsteps may my daughters walk in mine,

May your sons be filled with peace and love of woman kind.


Mist over sunrise I rest into your arms.

I feel the ebb and flowing of my tides.

Mist over sunrise you call to my soul.

As the seasons change I walk by your side.


Mother crone you guide me through the shadows of my life,

to see the changing beauty from within.

I shelter in your silence, feel the ways of death and life.

Oh, heart mother, mother crone, heart mother, mother crone.

Lyrics: Gyan McDonald.

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Sisters Eyes

This song is dedicated to Anna Davidovitch who has created the beautiful ritual of the "Unveiling" which allows woman to see and experience the essence of her femininity in all its mysterious aspects.


Look into the eyes of your sister. Look into the eyes of her soul.

Look into the eyes of your sister. Watch the memories,

Long lost memories, watch the memories unfold.

Long lost but not forgotten, silenced by those who feared the magic, the power and the passion.

Woman, oh, woman I see your tears. Woman, oh, woman I see your fears.


Unveil your soul, reclaim your voice and hear the call.

Recognise, acknowledge and honour, mysteries held deep inside. Receive the gift of your life.

Woman, oh, woman I see your joy. Woman, oh, woman I see your light.

Woman, oh, woman I see .... woman, woman, woman.

Lyrics: Janelle Stein


Let Your Nature

Life is blowing the changes through, can you feel, can you feel it?

Whispering words of wisdom to you, can you feel, can you feel it?


High above the ocean, flying free. Raging against the storm, the pain in me.


Let your nature feel the changes, let your heart lead the way.

May your soul be filled with wisdom to guide you through your day.

Lyrics: Christine Dubens.


Into the Waters

Mother you take my hand, lead me into the water.

Bathe me in sparkling light, depths of ocean blue.


Mother earthed, living within us now. Feet on the ground, touching the soil.

Planting seedlings, watch them grow and flourish. Nurturing children, show them a way to be.

It is the strength of the mother. It is the silent voice that holds the way.

Seeing the violence of struggle. Some stand firm while others sway.


Woman crying, holding a child in her arms.

Visions of life dying, with a grief that would swallow the earth.

Stand strong in spirit, unite in our passion,

We are women. With the wisdom of our being, we live in love of this earth.

Lyrics: Christine Dubens.


Wild Woman

I came face to face with my wild woman just before my 40th birthday. I had spent my life before this walking the underworld corridors of Persephone. I was sexually and physically abused as a child and the realm of dreams and imagination offered me sanctuary. Even though I was anxious and afraid of the outer world, I longed for sunshine and I craved to express myself, I wanted to live. And so it was at this time that I did a very powerful woman's rite called the "Unveiling". The mysterious female alchemy took it's course and before the loving and accepting eyes of my sisters ,"Kali" the dark Goddess rose within me. From the depths of the earth I raged and grieved and roared and howled . My Persephone citadel could not withstand the terrible fury of the dark Goddess, and it crumbled. In that moment I saw her. From the stillness inside of myself I watched. Her eyes were feline, instinctive, alert, alive. Her lips curled and snarled over her teeth.. Her tongue cleaned and licked. In awe I acknowledged this wonderful and terrible creature for I knew I was in the presence of the most primal force inside of myself. "Wild Woman" was my first song. Since then I have written many more. I delight in the flow of my creative juices and my soul now breathes freely. I hope Wild Woman can inspire all women. I hope she can burst the banks of your creative river and take you on a wild and wonderful journey through the wild terrain of your female soul.


I came upon a clearing and listened,

sat upon my haunches waiting,

and out of the dark and dusky wood she came.

And though she spoke no words,

and though she spoke no words,

and though she spoke no words ... I knew her name.

I hear the sound of a wild woman,

running through the dark on a full moon night.

I see the shadow of a wild woman,

dancing through the flames of my soul.

Do you hear the call, hear the call?

Wild woman singin' over my bones.

Do you hear the call, hear the call?

Wild woman ... she's the one who knows.


She said, "Sister for so long you've lived in a cage, hiding your spirit suppressing your rage.

Howl at the moon and feel the power of your wild woman."

She flows in the streams of your wildest dreams, your passion, your fury and all you love.

She is your Shakti power as old as the earth, she is your birthright.

Dance with your sister, feel the beat, dance sister ...

Lyrics: Gyan McDonald.


So Deep

You say you want a lady to love you,

One who'll give all that she's got.

Well then you'd better hold onto your hat

'Coz woman, she's got a lot.


So deep you could sink in for ever.

So hot you could melt on the spot.

So soft as she soothes you and calms you.

So wild as she ties you in knots.


So smooth as she wraps her legs 'round you.

You could forget who you are.

Take care she can hypnotise you,

Making sure you don't stray very far.


Do you have what it takes?

'Coz when she gives her heart

She's offering you

The whole, not just part.


Do you have what it takes?

It takes the whole of your heart.

Lyrics: Laura-Doe Harris

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Alone again, all by myself, alone again, there's no one else.

And I wonder .... as I watch the rain. And I wonder .... as I feel my pain.

It's a mystery .... sweet mystery.

I've cried and cried since you've been gone and now it's time to carry on.

I reach out to the light .... I watch it grow.

I feel the love surround me, and deep inside I know.

Its a mystery .... sweet mystery. Alone, alone .... sweet mystery.


Lyrics: Diti Dickson.


Sacred Trees

Before the Romans invaded the shores of what is now called Britain,the native people of the island had a mother orientated religion. This song refers back to those times


While we run in our confusion in the ultimate illusion

Of this planet we call life, what kind of sacrifice

Will bridge the gap we made so our souls could be saved?

By the god of Christian feasts we traded power to the priests.


And the children grow in fear and repress their angry tears.

That they should feel such shame within the circles of this game.


As we turned from the mother, gave our love to another

Who said he loved us true doing as the priests say to.

And they told us a tale, so devotion would not fail,

Of a man who walked the earth. And they promised us new birth.


And of woman born in sin, man's burden used to bring

A screaming child into the arms of the churches powerful charms.

Longing to run free with the joyfulness of youth.

But trapped into the power of a painful Christian truth.


They cut the sacred trees and made the Goddess bleed.

Pagan Gods turned to devils, our Priestess', heathen rebels.

Our ceremonies of the earth were laid to rest and nature cursed.

And falling into churches hands, man turned his anger on the land.

Lyrics: Christine Dubens.



If you want to stop the pain, take a look at your addiction.

Got to crawl down in the dark and feel the cold.

Well they say, "No pain, no gain!" and I guess we need the friction,

To etch into the strange beliefs we hold.


You say you're living on the edge. Well, that's the only place to live now.

Challenge is the force that helps us grow.

There's no point in turning back from the depths of your own being

It's here we find the truth we need to know.

Burn me. Burn me. Burn me. Burn me.


So gather up your fears and throw them in before you

As you jump into the mystery of the night.

Say goodbye to what you know, the rules have all been broken.

There's no-one here to tell you wrong from right.


Burn me and you will see I'm rising like a phoenix from the flame.

Lyrics: Laura-Doe Harris



I say sista, I've got something to share.

A little something that will loosen your hair.

C'mon and let your mind go and feel that beat.

Let the rhythm go movin' your feet.

I'm feelin' the pulse surging up through the earth.

Feel the life force and give it new birth.


Gonna get that feelin', feelin', freedom, yeah.

Just want that freedom, freedom, freedom, yeah.


Just want that rush - well I accept you. Just want that touch - do you accept me?

Just want that ooh, ahh - will you love me when I'm totally me (free)?


I feel that sound, rising up to your heart, lift up your voice and give it a start.


I'm looking at you, looking at me,

looking at life's responsibility.

To be free to fly, to be who you are,

to honour each other, your sista, your brother,

Your children, your parents, grandfather, grandmother,

To Manu, my son, this song is for you, for me and to anyone else who wants to be free.


Lyrics by Sonya Want.



I find the rhythm of the forest, enter into it.

Become the breath, become the earth within the breath.

I find the rhythm of the ocean, enter into it.

Become the wave, become the water within the wave.

I find the rhythm of the birds, enter into it.

Become the wing, become the wind within the wing.

I find the rhythm of the fire, enter into it.

Become the flame, become the sun within the flame.


Lyrics by Carmen Pearson.


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