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Our first album was recorded September 1992 live to digital at the Mushroom Factory, Possum Creek. We created a sacred space, setting up our altar with flowers, crystals in the centre of our large circle. Then we toned and opened our circle and our hearts and mouths to sing as one. By the end of the day we were dancing naked around the room freely vocalising the joy of our creation!! Somehow Womansong seems to capture our unique energy as we expressed through song.

The Gaia Choir (as we were then called ) was made up of Shanto, Noni,Linda ,Helene, Jani, Veet Diti, Jacinta, Natano, Christine, Janelle, Gyan Adeema, Angela, Barbi, Deborah, Ayla, Kaaren, Louise, Tonia and Desma.

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Womansong is still available as an mp3 download - click here to purchase

The Voices of Gaia

As the years rolled on some women moved on to other things and other women joined us. In early 1995 we were inspired to begin our second album. By now we were writing all of our material. Nearly two years in the birthing this second album was a journey for us all. Whilst we mothered our 12 children, tended our homes, relationships and careers, our inner lives grew, weaving, dreaming, flowing on the creative river of the wild and sensual world of the feminine. We laughed and played, stormed and wept. We experienced the joy of a new birth and the conception of another and the grief at the loss of our beautiful sisters Damini and Noni. Damini, our musical director, was killed in a freak aeroplane crash. Noni, our beloved friend and long term member of the group, died of cancer. Support came when we needed it and Andrew Cox took the place as our musical director. Tarshito offered us countless hours of time at the amazing Kittani Music Solar Powered Studio as well as his production talents for much of the album. Each individual song attracted it's own team to birth it. Beautiful men and women, supportive of the feminine, mysteriously appeared to offer their outstanding musical and technical talents.

The album Voices of Gaia is our gift to you. It is our dreaming, our creation, our expression. It is our process and our transformation.

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The Voices of Gaia is available on CD (AU$ 28) - click here to purchase


What people say about us

"Your beautiful music was the highlight of the Woman and Earth Conference. Many thanks for sharing your unique energy. You were an inspiration to us all. We look forward to seeing you wonderful women again."

Tatyana Mamanova (Founder Woman and Earth)

" I was reduced to tears after hearing your inspiring lyrics. I feel as if I have been redirected onto a path of self-understanding. I will be forever thankful"

From a letter received after a performance.

"An earthy revolution of today, Individuals singing as one, for women, the planet and just for fun."

Angela Aheren, Coordinator, Byron Bay Community Centre

"These amazing and beautiful women have a very profound and timely message for planet earth."

Tarshito, Producer, Kittani Music Studio, Mullumbimby.


The Voices of Gaia - Music for, by and about Women