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Phoenix - Lyrics

If you want to stop the pain, take a look at your addiction.
Got to crawl down in the dark and feel the cold.
Well they say, "No pain, no gain!" and I guess we need the friction,
To etch into the strange beliefs we hold.

You say you're living on the edge. Well, that's the only place to live now.
Challenge is the force that helps us grow.
There's no point in turning back from the depths of your own being
It's here we find the truth we need to know.
Burn me. Burn me. Burn me. Burn me.

So gather up your fears and throw them in before you
As you jump into the mystery of the night.
Say goodbye to what you know, the rules have all been broken.
There's no-one here to tell you wrong from right.

Burn me and you will see I'm rising like a phoenix from the flame.


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Lyrics by Laura-Doe Harris


The Voices of Gaia - music for lovers of the goddess