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The Voices of Gaia

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The Voices of Gaia have been singing together for nine rich years. Inspired by our love of song, our delight in the feminine and our respect for the earth mother our material reflects our journey of discovery of as women.

This journey has taken us to interesting places, inside and out. It has allowed us to touch the hearts of men and women all over the world and it has taught us much that enriches our own lives.

Our first album 'Womansong' features 17 original and traditional pieces, recorded live in 1992. An uplifting expression of feminine energy, the chants, songs and soundscapes of this recording celebrate the goddess in all her forms and glory. The Womansong CD is been in great demand for use in healing circles and rituals and sacred space.

Our second recording 'The Voices of Gaia' was birthed late in '96. A more fully produced album it still retains an earthy flavour with a passionate message of womanpower. As well as celebrating her beauty this album explores some of the darker faces of the goddess. We were delighted when two tracks gained recognition by winning music industry awards. "Gaia Rap" won the 1995 North Coast Entertainment Dolphin Award for Best Environmental Song and in 1996 "Heart Mother Crone" won Best Devotional Song.

Since 1997 the main focus of our attention has been on creating and hosting celebrations for the the ancient earth festivals which mark the changing of the seasons. Inspired by early Celtic ceremonies and drawing on goddess traditions from all over the world, these ritual theatre events take participants on a healing journey. Ceremony and ritual have been used throughout the ages as tools to de-stress, solve problems and allow access to creative and visionary abilities. We find that simply removing ourselves from our busy daily lives and entering a ceremonial space is in itself rejuvenating and revitalising. With toning, soundscapes, chanting and silence we are guided toward ancient wisdom held within and without and invited to return with understanding to daily life.

A Voices of Gaia event can be tailored to individual needs, presented in a concert format or as a ritual theatre event, on stage or "in the round", inside or outside, with varying degrees of audience participation. Creating sacred space within our circle we will escort you on an inner journey to discover the mysteries of the feminine and bring the gifts of Gaia back into everyday living.

For more information simply e-mail us at gaia@yoni.com

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The Voices of Gaia - Goddess Music for, by and about Woman