Do the Kegel (the pelvic squeeze)

One of the songs that we often performed but never recorded was a song called 'Do the Kegel' designed to inform and inspire women to do their pelvic floor exercises. As mothers we are all aware of the post childbirth effects of a weak pelvic floor and often reminded one another to do our kegels. Laura-Doe wrote a song about it which we performed as a rap number to one of Ross Pepper's funky backing beds. It went down especially well at the midwives conference in Byron Bay ( midwives of course appreciate pelvic floors and the value of kegels). We have often been asked whether it is available on CD.....

...and finally it is. Laura-Doe has recorded a solo version of 'Do the Kegel'. Its a bit different from the version we used to sing but it's got a really catchy tune and the same cheeky lyrics. She puts a health warning on it - This song will get stuck in your brain and improve your health!

Check out the lyrics and more about the song at
You can get it as an mp3 download to squeeze along to!!


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