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The vulvalicious yOni pillow

Celebrating the vagina as a symbol of feminine beauty, power and creativity

the vagina pillow - US$ 55
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badmimi yoni pillow - lips view

Our sumptuous yOni pillow is a must for every goddess and goddess lover. In the tradition of the 'naughty' goddess Baubo, this vulvalicious pillow is a sumptuous celebration of feminine power and beauty

Lay her casually on your lounge and delight (or disturb) your guests!

Keep her on your bed to remind you each day of your luscious feminine essence

Make her an altar

One woman we know has her pussy pillow on a pedestal in the foyer of her mansion, declaring to all that enter her home her reverence for the source of feminine power

Hidden among folds of silky satin, a secret zipper reveals a hidden sanctuary for your personal treasures

And those in the know can seek and find the elusive g-spot within!

A beautiful rhinestone is strategically placed for any vagina challenged individuals in your life.

The vulvalicious yOni pillow is a grand 24 inches (70cm) by 12 inches and features more plump kissing lips on the reverse!

A queen among cushions, a pillow for a princess, this gift will delight any woman who appreciates the blessing of being born with a vagina.

Dare to be different!

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