images of woman

by turiya bruce
gallery one

full moon mother

full moon mother

in the times when the great mother was worshipped, human's lived in harmony with the earth. these cultures revered the earth and were part of it, they were not separate from it - nor did they have dominion over it.

dancing owl goddess

dancing owl goddess


mother of all beauty

mother of all beauty

such is the inspiration for my work. they are prayers, enchantments, symbols and motifs that hearken an awakening in our culture to cooperate with simple natural lore.






Butterfly Queen Icon

butterfly queen icon

the deeply feminine imagery of these pieces celebrates the creative force that brings forth and nourishes life.



Herstory Unveiling

herstory unveiling

these art pieces are available for sale and may be reserved on-line

enchantment, full moon mother and samhain are also available as greetings cards

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