This area is dedicated to women who are expressing their creativity in the world. We talk to women who run businesses, women who produce and market their creative work, women who raise their families whilst also finding time to offer their skills in the work place. We look at the unique contributions that women make to the traditionally male domains of business and academic pursuit.

The goddess Athene (Athena) is the patroness of the business woman. In pre-hellenic myth she appears as the Goddess of Wisdom. The greek stories tell of her birth, fully grown and clothed in armour out of the head of her father Zeus. To them she is the Goddess of War, Patroness of the Arts and of the city which bears her name. She is certainly able to hold her own in a 'man's world'. But is this at the expense of her feminine nature?

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Art Piece Gallery - Another wonderful woman, Nadine Abensur, divides her time between art and food and has excellent taste in both these arenas.

Waris Dirie - Desert Flower and Desert Dawn. "If genital mutilation were a problem affecting men, the matter would be long settled". Dione's review of Waris Dirie's autobiographies is important but unsettling reading.

Sensual Zen Art by Priya C. Link ~ It is quite a miracle that Priya finds time to create such delightful art work in between mothering her five year old and creating delicious raw food for her private clients. The results are here for you to enjoy.

Working from home - Elena Fawkner, editor of A Home-Based Business Onlineoffers practical tips on how to stay sane for the work-from-home woman.

Wemoon Natural Menstrual Pads ~ Susun's concern for the environment and women's health has led her to develop a range of washable menstrual pads. She reports that by connecting more with her blood at this special time she has become more atuned to her body, the earth and to the wisdom of women through the ages. Her pads are available through yOni's unique gifts catalogue.

Lessons in Living from Extraordinary Women - inspirational articles drawing on the lives of extraordinary women to inspire us to transcend our limitations and learn to live to our highest potential

Sally through a Veil of Pain - Injured by a chiropractic treatment in 1993 Sally's courage in dealing with her life of constant pain is an inspiration to all.

Yantra Composer, musician, performer and director of her own company 'Rapture Music Unlimited', Yantra talks about her work with music and her research into the healing vibration of sound.

Shamanic Theatre - Kerry Dwyer describes the process of creating "Cloud Catcher", a play which explores a group of teenager's rite of passage into adulthood and the use of shamanic principles in theatre.

Aromatherapy at Work - Feeling tired, burnt out, too much work to do? Read about how aromatherapy oils can soothe and rejuvenate your working environment.

talks about the process of creating her beautiful CD, Letting Go.

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A day in the life of a yOni shaman - Laurie describes her shamanistic healing sessions using her yOni as her power tool.

Bring your soul to the surface - Anji talks about the work of a tatoo artist.

Gilli Smyth - The 'grande dame' of trance music discusses her career as musician and the politics of her art.


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