Sensual Zen Art by Priya C Link

'Sensual' & 'Zen' may seem unlikely descriptive partners but a closer inspection of Priya's art reveals that she is making a purposeful marriage of these two adjectives in describing her work. Inspired both by the erotic nature works of Georgia O'Keefe and the meditative colour spaces of Mark Rothko, Priya's work displays a sensitive, sensual physicality conveyed with a fresh, economic, calligraphic style. She works from life, aiming not to represent the figure itself but rather the effect it produces. Her intention is to bring the viewer into a state of being with and feeling the work rather than thinking about what they see. "As in Tantra, the body is transcended in order to reach higher realms."


The animated sequence to the right offers an insight into Priya's artistic process.It may take up to a minute to load fully.

Priya has two current bodies of work. Her 'Sensual Abstractions' is a series of vibrant paintings designed to be hung together. Her 'Zen Drawings' are exemplified by a sparsity that manifests in a range of poetic and graceful imagery. Click below to visit these galleries or visit Priya's home page.
Sensual Abstractions gallery
Zen Drawings gallery




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