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Divine Woman Retreat

December 27 '08 to January 14 '09

Reclaim and indulge in feminine strength and expressions of love

divine eye

The gathering of women is an ancient and sacred occurrence. In circles large and small women encourage each other to honour the creative spirit which dwells within each of us. Our intention in this retreat is to consciously gather women & mothers who are interested in delving deeper into their own nature in the exquisite landscape of Pushkar , India . Participants will explore the divine feminine energy through dance, meditation, sacred circle and playful interaction with nature within and outside of us. This retreat has been created so that we will experience intensely powerful and life transforming group work as well as leaving space for independent exploration and reflection. Join us on the sacred spiral within! Bookings required to reserve your place soon, and more info on link below.

Please help to circulate this information to other women & mothers

in gratitude,

Suner Ashni & Innica

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