aromatherapy in the work place

essential oils can have a specific and positive effect on us and are very useful to address common issues at work

a mix of 5 drops of lavender oil into 10 mls of a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond oil can be dabbed onto a cloth and wiped around the surfaces of your desk and top of the computer. When the heat of the computer warms the oil there is a pleasant fresh fragrance wafting all around. lavender is a great uplifter and if you are feeling a bit under the weather add 2 drops of bergamot to the mix. bergamot is an antiseptic and an anti depressant. It is especially good to burn if people around you have colds. A combination of rosemary and geranium oil in a burner will help the immune system, a good one to burn if you are feeling rundown.

if you have to work in an air conditioned or stuffy building burning essential oils in a ceramic burner or having your own atomiser spray can really clear the air. Mix cypress oil, cedar oil, pine oil and lemon oil, together, 5 mls of each into a 25ml bottle, shake well and leave in a dark place to mature for three to four days. For spraying add 10 drops per teaspoon of vodka into an atomiser, shake well before spraying. For burning add 5 drops to your burner. The fresh smell will be welcomed by everyone around you.

if you are suffering from total burnout and have to keep going basil oil is the one, "it clears the head, relieves intellectual fatigue and gives the mind strength and clarity". Look no further, basil oil is the Net users oil, burn it with lemongrass oil or lime oil to stay awake, with lavender and bergamot to stay germfree, with sandalwood to stay calm and with geranium or marjoram the next time someone suggests you are a workaholic!!

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