Stained Glass Goddess Shrines
By Diane Thompson

All designs shown on this site are the property of D.Thompson and are original.

pele shrine

spiderwoman shrine


Hawaiian Volcano Goddess with Lava coming from her Mouth into the Sea

$165 footprint 1'x4" height 10" 50 pieces



Spinning the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars into Existence, with Rainbows coming from her Hair

$180 footprint 1'x3.5" height 9" 43 pieces


hecate shrine

urania shrine



$195 footprint 8"x3" height 9.5" 54 pieces



The Muse of Astronomy, holding up the Cosmos

$165 footprint 9"x4" height 8.5" 29 pieces


she shrine

shakthi shrine

She Who Is

EarthMother Goddess with the Earth in her Belly and Sun Rays behind her Head

$120 footprint 9.5"x4" height 9.5" 29 pieces


Dancing Shakthi with the Snake of Energy in her Belly

$180 footprint 9"x3.5" height 9.5" 53 pieces

These beautiful Goddess Glass Shrines are available from the yOni goodies catalogue
Each shrine is signed and numbered and comes with the goddess' mythology or a meditation
For shipping and insurance add $15 within the U.S. or $35 International.
Washington state residents add 8.6% sales tax.

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