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Post your vision on the vision board and you are one step closer to manifesting it in reality. Formulate your vision carefully ~ you are likely to receive what you have asked for. Please vision only for yourself.

yOni's original vision board has grown too big to fit on a page so for the new millenium we have a new interactive vision board. New visions will be posted automatically to this board but the original board is still available for you to look at.

If you are unfamiliar with the art and science of visioning, check out Laura-Doe's article "The Power of Visioning".

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The Vision Board

this. You
and me and
all of your friends
and all of my friends
CREATING a way to get
paid to do what we love to
do. Imagine the invitation to
to a global audience. Imagine
CREATING a whole economy
based on you and me and
all of your friends and all
of my friends ... each
offering our unique
GIFT, each
what we

you see
this picture
too? Mail

I just want someone who can accept me...all my faults, my ego, my pride, and my passion.

I choose to create a beautiful lover. A man centered in his own being, who can meet me and receive all that I have to offer and who will still be ready for more.

My vision is to be a popular person. People wanting to sit next to me and wanting to be with me . Does anyone else wish that this would happen to them? I would always pretend that people really loved me.

I choose to have in my life a lover who...

... makes me laugh uncontrollably
... turns me on outrageously
... makes love to me exquisitely
... supports my creativity
... challenges my intellect
... values my freedom and his own
... nourishes my feminine
... desires and goes for growth and intimacy

and is my bestest friend.

NB. I wrote this vision over five years ago. My beloved and I have now been married for four years. See "The Power of Visioning" for the full story. LD

I envision myself a powerful woman--actualized and confident.
I envision my company a nurturing place where women are mentored and supported in coming into their power.
I envision my family a nest of comfort, a shelter in the storm.
I envision my partner happy and comfortable in her own power.
I envision the women who have paved the way for me and my sisters with the knowledge that their labor was not in vain, and know we are grateful.
I envision the girls who will be women after me never knowing limits.
I envision our future as women increasing our power from within.
According to free will, and for the good of all, so mote it be!

My VISION as inspired by the others I have read...
My VISION is for women to stop wishing for others to validate them and to make them whole.
My VISION is for women to realize their individual strength and beauty, without and within, and to trust in their womanhood, as an individual woman, not as a partner, a friend, a lover, a sister or mother BUT AS THEMSELVES ALONE
My VISION is for women to happy with what they have to offer and to know they have the right to withold as well as to give...That they are not always seeking outside of themselves for peace.
My VISION is for women to have a STRONG PRIDE and FAITH in their womanhood, in their personhood, and to stick together for the sake of all humanity, all life.

I enVISION a world where the mother-GODDESS is fully alive. Where the GODDESS no longer has to hide from the warring patriarchy. Where every WOMAN (and every MAN) will know the GODDESS within, the feminine within, the peace within, the love within. There's so much need for it in our world - and it is really only a step away...if we'd only pay attention and listen to our hearts.


Blessed Be, Beautiful Sisters!
Feb. 1, '96

My VISION is to love a woman with everything i have and hold to be most true...

To have her take my soul...
To have her take my heart...
To have her take me:
and talk to me as friend.
and have sex with me as lover.


My VISION is to grow in Truth and Spirit.
To learn about Mother Goddess whom I have just met.
To stop wanting to end my existance in this lifetime and to understand my reason for being here.
To open myself up to Love of the Mother
Mar 18, '96

My vision is balance.
My vision is free.
My vision is to love my lover with impunity.
My vision is music as a conduit.
My vision is to be surrounded by animal company, and to nourish them.
My vision is a sisterhood I've never felt.
My vision is to make peace with my mother and my Mother.
My vision is strength in my body again.
My vision is to be a warrior; powerful, merciful.
My vision is to see woman heal man with love.
My vision is dark/light, woman/man, life/death, and all around me.
My vision is to write, and paint, and be known.



I live in a very beautiful and very safe place. I am loved by a wonderful woman. She has been through some kind of terrible fire, and she has the wisdom to know and to see what is really important. She loves me and accepts who I am. She understands disability. She loves me and nurtures me and shelters me with her love. And I love her without reservation. And together we have a circle of strong, trustworthy, healthy friends whom I know I can count on. I am sheltered. Sheltered. Sheltered. Sheltered. Sheltered. Sheltered.

It seems I never get to do what I want...for the guilt, for the miriad of reasons any of us can think of... I have so many dreams unfulfilled...I WILL do them.. one day... glad I found this website.

My Vision is for me to be a happy, loving, responsible person; someone who cares about people and situations, and acts in an appropriate manner to each.
My Vision is for a wonderful career that fulfills my needs and makes a difference in the world around me.
My Vision is for a loving partner to share these with.

peace and strength
balancing all facets
of my life, my five
daughters and two
sons, all loved for
who they are and will
be, strengthened spirit
to weather the storm

Monica - USA

I want a baby! A beautiful, tender, healthy and lovely baby, created by God. I want to touch the hands of God as I did when my son was born. It has been eight years and I want it again! I want to see the face of my baby, to feel my baby grow in and come out of my body. I want to nurse the baby with my body, to feel her, or his, hands, toes, nose, back, feet. I want to watch my baby smile, grow, learn to laugh, say I love you. I want to nurture. I want to give love.
I want to heal. I want to release the blocks that block the way of that love, that keep the eggs from reaching my womb. They can go. It is time for them to go now. Thank you blocks for protecting me from pain, or trying to, if that is what you have done. I want to be ready to love, to give love to the baby that will be my child. I want to mother that little child and watch her, or him, grow. And be alive. A dream made real, made flesh, made life.
Thank you

am a strong woman of 23 years. I have this bear a child. I want to feel her/him growing in my belly....I want to feel my breasts swell.....I want to feel life being created.....I want to see a new life come into this world....
BUT I do NOT want a man to be a hanger on in my life. I want him to "do his deed" and move on never to file claim against the child.....or me for that matter. I do not know how to find such a man. (I do not want to be artifically inseminated). Many men will "volunteer", but they are only looking for a quick fuck.
Any of you who have felt this way....or perhaps who have done the same....please share your thoughts with me.....
thankfully yours, Babs

My vision is to look the way I want without people calling me a freak.

I create a Placid, Whole Space for me to heal my Self, feed it, delight in its Growth, and when I am ready, I shall burst forth fearlessly, Knowingly, creating more and more Life.

I take these first steps on my own spiraling path.

I am the Leopard, the Jungle, the Pool. I am the Source.
I create Me.

A world that understands its connections and interdependence that lets wise women lead. persoanly to be healthy, traveling on aa creative mission. doing useful creative work and feeling enegetic.

I want to stop making stupid decisions and stupid excuses. I want to hold my head up and have respect. I want people to stop treating me like I'm stupid. I want freedom. Now. I envision a world when this will happen. Can't we all get along? All religions, all races, etc. I see myself doing one thing at a time, one little thing each day to make this happen, and so does everybody else. Soon, the days of hate, poverty, war are gone.

I see an old woman with long gray braided hair sitting in an old rocking chair on the front porch of a wooden house up on a hill. She is looking out towards a lush valley. She begins singing and as she sings webs flow from her lips. She sings all night,I see the stars and moon in the clear sky. She sings and sings until dawn. The valley is covered with glistening, gossamer webs and she is at peace in the rocking chair.


Mother, I vision myself in a situation where my talents and abilities are being used in my daily interactions in a creative work environment.

To become a writer for fantasy fiction.

Also to be a stronger woman. A person of deep thoughts. A person of knowledge. A person of wisdom. Allow myself to open up to knowledge, yet retain the innocence. To be unwavering in my beliefs yet willing to listen to new ideas. I want to become a women intune with nature and her inner self. To build up my inner defenses, yet know when to lower them for intimacy with others. To be able to connect the highermind and open myself to the unknown.

My vision is someone who will love me for who I am. Someone who will not want to change me, who will accept me in spite of all my faults and shortcomings. Someone who will laugh, cry, and just be with me as my lover, my teacher, my companion and friend. Someone that I can be one with.

to love
fully and

A truly sensual spiritual lover

my vision is to find a lover who sees me clearly, who respects me.
my vision is to find that love iniside of myself.
my vision is to find a job that allows for creativity.
my vision is to bring creativity, activism, and a sense of myself to a job, regardless.
my vision is to have children,
but also to nurture other children.
my vision is to spend much time in solitude,
but also to nuture the energy of community.
my vision to to be weak and strong,
quiet and screaming,
birthing and empty,
fully alive.

My vision is to be happy as me.
My vision is to be warrior,healer,nurturer and mother.
My vision is to accept my darkness and cultivate it in the reflection of the Goddess of Darkness.
My vision is to be whole.
Blessed Be to all sisters and brothers

my vision is to allow my self to be
my self
without judgement
without criticism
without fear
with truth
with honor
with pride
with beauty
as expressed
in my writing
in my painting
in my sculpting
in all my creations

My vision is to prosper financially every year for the rest of my life
My vision is to continue to raise my children to be honest, intelligent, spiritual, self-confident, kind, loving, independent women
My vision is to be in control of my life, my finances and my legacies with a positive impact
My vision is to keep focused
My vision is to be rich - financially and mentally
My vision is to complete my accounting degree with honors
My vision is to get accepted to the Wharton School for my graduate studies and receive my master's degree
My vision is to be kinder to people- especially those close to me- no matter how they treat me
My vision is to be peaceful within myself and with others
My vision is to succeed at work
Myvision is to exceed all quotas at work
My vision is to heal my body and be healthy
My vision is to no longer eat flesh
My vision is to be self-disciplined
My vision is to work smarter not harder
My vision is to value and cherish my temple
These are my visions for the present and future
I will make them REALITY!!!!

I would love to become a fiction writer. This has been a dream of mine for many years now. The only problem is that I am very shy . In order to write a story you need to talk to people. I would love to be out going and self confident so that one day I will be able to talk freely and with ease to every one.

thin,self confident,energetic, rich,healthy,vibrant,loving,understanding

I see the land, moist and dark with tall trees...
Those Before gently enfolded in the rich loam of Mother,
the monuments we have placed to their memory:
a stone cairn, or carvings, a circle of trees
or a rose bramble, a mask hanging on a staff,
a seeded pattern in a small meadow,
an earthen mound or stones upstanding,
a chair or a bed placed so you or I
might quietly, conveniently,
reverently, joyfully or tearfully
bespeak the dead.
I see a place where both sides of the veil
may visit safely, happily the other,
and beauty, peace and contemplation
may be all about and in us all;
where children play with Grandma in the wind
and friends dance a happy circle greeting, and
lovers may embrace the tree their beloved has become.
I see a sacred place, where each of us will one day
return to our Mother's womb, to await the next adventure;
a place still friendly to those who come to say hello.

My dream is to make a low- or non-profit cemetery where we may return to the Mother in the manner we wish, and our friends and beloved may make such remembrances of us at that site as they wish. With harm to none...

A world where my political leaders do not talk of getting women back into the home as a desirable thing.

A world where contract employment does not threaten equal pay.

I see a me who is totally balanced in my feminine and masculine energies, aware and grateful in my every move, focused in my direction, light in my head, open in my mind, positive in my attitude, loving in my thoughts, gentle in my touch, thoughtful in my actions, compassionate in my ways, empowered in my being, smiling in my eyes, joyful in my step, and here to humbly serve.

Great Goddess;
give me the strength to see out the thought and feelings that I know to be true in my heart! Give me the strength to insure the clarity is true and the truth is seen with clarity! Give me the patience to ensure this understanding!

thank you Goddess
so mote it be!

Bob McKenzie-Canada,
Before I pass on, I would like to see myself and four hundred and ninety nine other people (my choice on who) populate Venus. I'd create vegetation able to survive in the current atmosphere so it could convert all the CO2 into Oxygen, then we'd pack up and head out. Aaah! To be isolated with 499 of my favorite people on Earth, but without the pollution, crime, bitchers, corruption, and other crap available on our current world, I cannot concieve a more desirable situation. We'd play sports all one day, farm all another (for food), create really good t.v. shows and movies, and live in a (pardon my clichÈ fantasy) Utopian world, where only good happens and there is an incredible amount of tolerence and the air is clean and everythin is just peachy. That is my vision and if you don't like it, don't get in line to be interviewed for the 499th spot on the shuttle to happiness.

jo - Canada SISTERHOOD an end to the infighting that serves the purposes of only the one's who have the power already I envision a world where I can accept what other wimmin tell me know that it is true know that it serves the good of all I envision speaking to wimmin without needing to justify my existence I envision SISTERHOOD

Vivian -England
To see myself as others see me, Not to change too much but just be me Without pain to myself or causing the ones I love to feel pain Through any of my actions. Difficult though it may be I try but sometimes get engulfed with what other people want from me. I must be ME

kostya -USA To be economically self-sufficient for the rest of this lifetime. To be independent of the patriarchy. To earn my PhD in Women's Studies, operate my business, Aylah's Pistachio Tree and serve the Goddess all of my days. So mote it be. Blessed Be.

Martha -USA
I have a vision of a world where women will be safe. Where they won't be raped or beaten. Where they will be valued equally from birth onward. Where the dying rooms cannot exist anymore. Where clitoridectomies can't happen. Where little girls can grow up to be whatever they want to be. Where children won't be abused. Where the elderly will be revered for their wisdom. Where everyone will have a home and access to health care. I have a vision

Lisa -USA
Health; physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. A safe, supportive space to raise my son.

my vision is art my hope is love my will is poetry but i need help to make explote the power of my dreams Tanks friends for your eyes and ears

I envision a life filled with equality. To find the woman within myself that is strong, creative and treated with respect. Life on earth should be as if we are all equal and men will never abuse another woman from this day forward. peace between the genders....

My vision has four parts:
A career that encourages
my creativity, that allows
me to connect fully with
many others, that gives
me a space to nurture and
mentor the best in all.

A home that is simple and
sound and beautiful, with a
porch swing, a garden, a dog
named Gus,lots of light,and the
warmth of wood. It will serve
as a haven for those I love.
A man who has done his soul
work, who is playful, strong,
kind, bright, funny, warm,
commited to me, passionate
about life.
Continuing personal growth
through travel, my painting,
storytelling, friends, work,
giving of myself to others,
connecting with my friends.

My vision is of me teaching in my own history class. My vision is of me for once not being judged by my physical disabilities but by my mental abilities. My vision is of one who shares my life with me and my visions too. My vision is not of being rich only of being happy.

Debbie-United States
In all the visions I have read on this sight only one thing came to my mind.....visions are what have created our world today. Someone had a vision and put it to work while the rest of us passively stood by. Our visions of peace,love and harmony have been too passive. It has only been a dream for everyone to behold! It is also our reality ....if we choose to become active. We out number the powerful visions of the greedy and unloving. My vision is to unite as a whole in love and passion and bring the world back to our original God creation.

I wish I had the nerve to be myself and just relax and enjoy my life. I want to be free to scream if I want to or just sit back and be silent. I want to be able to enjoy the sunshine and love myself even if I'm not perfect.


I am spirtually one with the universe,
I am confident in my role as a mother,
I use my time, talent and skills to "Stand for Children" daily,
I allow myself time for me and honor the special person that I am.
Jamie - California, USA

Envision a safe, happy home for all my puppies. My beloved dog Daisy had a litter of 8 puppies, and they all must find homes. I refuse to give them to the shelter. Envision loving secure homes for all of them - Pluto, Tigger, Zero, Astro, Hershey, Bandit, Brisket and Pretzel.
Ivy - usa

I envision my home - beautiful, woodsy, private, and secure. It is filled with all my cherished things that have wandered so long, and with my animal companions. Birds sing, feed and bathe themselves, the wind rustles the trees, sun pours thru the window. it belongs to me, and no one can take it from me.
Ivy - USA

To be happy, for my life to be filled with happy people.
To be strong.
To be loved for being me!
To be successful.
To be focused.
To overcome my fears.
To love myself.
Kelly - USA

Everything I need is coming to me easily and effortlessly. I live in an abundant, prosperous, lush world. I paint, I write, I garden. I am creativity and Love and contentment. Peace and joy are my constant companions and I am fulfilled in every way, as are my friends and family. I am able to share and give freely-- the more I have the more I can share and offer to this world. I can dance, I can laugh-- I am emotion, I am beauty and I am compassion. My poetry is the essence and my painting is the substance...lightness and trust are the path in my garden where hope flourishes for everyone who enters. I have all the resources I need to create the life I want.
Wendy - Canada


self sufficient, herbalist,home schooling good nature mother to my children. priestess of the forest wood.
jennephyr - usa

I want a woman who accepts me as I am, who appreciates my creativity, who rewards my loyalty, who appreciates my honesty, and treats me the way I treat her. I want someone who shares of vision of spreading love and laughter while we're on this planet, someone who gives without taking and who receives my love with grace and courtesy. I want a woman who sees who I am and doesn't judge me based on their own selfish motives, but rather on how they can meet me half way in a relationship without complaint. I want someone who is loyal, honest, who is passionate, and has dreams that I can share and support. I want to make breakfast for her in the morning and wake her up with kisses on the back of her neck. I want to love and be loved. Why is this so hard to find?
Dave - USA

My vision is to always live the life path I know is mine. Wife, mother, artist, witch, beat-wild mind... it all comes together. This vision is mine to live only in the context that my family, actually part of me, find their paths and freely follow theirs. This vision I claim and affirm and call to me as my right. Right now.
Shannon - USA

my vision is to be myself.
my vision is to be smart and do well in school.
my vision is to be beautiful and confident.
my vision is to have friends who care about me.
my vision is to have a boyfriend who truly loves me.
my vision is to suceed in life and make my family proud.
my vision is to be safe and take care of myself.
my vision is to be healthy and strong.
my vision is to be myself....and not let anyone hurt me.

lauren - usa

I want to embody the yoni spirit
In all my heart and soul.
To listen to the spirit guide
Who shows me who I am
Beyond words
Beyond visions
In that hidden place
Where we define our essence
And through which we are led to discover
The feminine principle
In each big and little thing we do each day.
For that, I apologize to no one,
And neither should you, girl.

Christine - USA

I put forth the prayer that my life bring healing for the Earth and all Her children. I see a strong, focused path where my feet sometimes dance, sometimes step carefully. I see the faces of all of you, smiling. I see my spirit sturdy in wisdom, graceful in compassion, and shining in faith. I am pleased and satisfied when I lay my head down for the last time on this earthly path. May my life be long, fruitful, and an utter celebration of being alive. Blessed Be. Kym J
Kym J - usa

My vision is to follow my truth wherever it leads. To have the freedom of choice ,self love, and courage to hear God speak and to joyfully respond. My vision is to live my truth that others may draw faith and courage for their vision.
Cherisse McCoy - usa

Work for which I am suited. Reasonable pay. Software that is bug-free.
A world in which everyone wins a really big jackpot at least once.
Clean air. Sanity. Timelessness.
Feel-good movies winning Academy awards. Slasher movies being panned.
Confidences kept. Organized religion outlawed.
Choices being honored. Life seen as more than existence.
Cultural diversity acknowledged every single day of the year.
Education replacing acquisition/domination.
Most of all, awe, wonder and hope replacing cynicism.
spider - Canada

I create a person in my life who is at peace with him self and others. A person who accepts me for who I am and supports all my goodness and bitchiness in the same way.
Gundi - New Zealand

I will very soon realize the dream that I have worked so hard for.People will quit being prejudiced against me.I will have all my family and friends share in my joyful existence.I will be filled with spiritual strength and fulfillment. I will be filled with love that will radiate to everyone I meet.I will never be poor or lonely again.The past will be put behind me and I will be unafraid of anything ever a- gain. I will be free.
Pearl - U.S.A.

Everyone living in the moment without past regrets or future fears, living in harmony with each other and with the earth.
Diane - U.S.A.

I walk in JOY.
I interconnect passionately with others.
I help bring group dreams into reality.
I love and I am loved.
Susan - USA

to fly/to be seen & loved///
to fly/and to turn invisible//
to be cloaked indigo
and smile at those despised go to Neptune whenever it suits me.
99, the leopanthers roam in love*8*
nancy - america

everything dances around Mother earth peacefully, and with joy now! so dont stop til yur body rocks...dont stop til u get enough...dont stop til l u r body drops...oooh....i just made a horrible musical reference....but...that was pre cyberguy....okay stop.
majah - america

I see myself, in the desert of New Mexico. I am currently deeply in love with my husband. We have a beautiful healthy child who startles us with their intelligence. I am running a center for self-acceptance though the explorations of coming-of- workshops and retreats. I am much more at peace, we have enough security feel safe. I feel centered and like I have found my place in life. I am thoroughly involved in my center, where people come to accept themselves and empower themselves--in a way I had to find myself. People breath sighs of relief when they enter, and feel that there is hope and that they are beautiful, and their body can be their teacher!! And in the evening, my family and I watch the desert sunset, and cook an outrageaously delicous meal.
elaine - Korea

I envision A place of solitude, peaceful. A place with trees and animals. A place with a house and barn and good water. A place that will be a testament to my belief in the Mother. My place. So mote it be.
Diann - USA

My vision is a simple one really....I vision a world free of hate and full of love. I vision beautiful streams and green meadows w/ wildlife grazing in it's green pastures. I vision children playing w/o the threat of violence and drugs. I vision a world w/freedom to be who you are and not keep those skeletons in the closet. I vision a world w/o prejudice, stereotypes, and racism. I vision a world free from disease, and poverty. I vision a WORLD OF PEACE AND LOVE.
Ivy - USA

I see myself in 40 years time and know that there were no more wasted opportunities from this day forth.
Amanda - Australia

to heal mySELF, living in the love and light of my HIGHER SELF. and to have what on need on my journey. The most important to help children in crisis.
jan - U S A

Vision: I support myself in a healthy way. I am clear. I use the gifts I have been given to effect change in the world - and that world includes my self. Women connect and make love visible. Life is celebrated.
Linda - Canada

My vision is to become pregnant with a lovely, healthy baby or babies that will bless and continue to nurture and expand my husband and my relationship with each other and our new children. I am ready for this vision to be fulfilled now.
robin - USA

I envision a world where people are free to do as they please without danger of harrassment from those who've been given the power through the all mighty dollar. One day peace shall be realised and weaponry will be a thing of the past and the only thing you'll have to worry about is which fruit to eat from which tree.
Adam - u.s.a.

I want to bring out the deepest layers of the womanhood in me, to reveal and express what is deep inside that is female and most central to being a woman. I want to share this with other women and with my soul mate. I want to overcome the personal and cultural barriers to reaching these goals.
Christine - USA

My vision is to be happy with myself. I want to be focused, know what I want, know how to live, believe in something, be in perfect control of my faculties and not feel as lost and angry as I sometimes do. I want to love my husband unconditionally and feel that all is well in our relationship. I want to know who I am and not feel so estranged from my native culture. I want purpose and balance. I want to know the meaning of life or to at least be connected to something that gives me meaning. I want to become a mother and be healthy and confident in my ability to bear a child and raise it. If there is a Divine Being, may my prayer be heard and answered.
Brownwoman - USA

my vision is to regain balance... yin and yang- all i have *always* sought in life. i want to create myself again at the age of 40, which i have been forced to do, but this is healthy. is it okay to hate people? never trust anyone again? i want to relearn my innocent love and trust, but now, i've got to work on BALANCE.

Women shall know Men shall know We shall all know that half our souls have been forgotten And we shall dance in ecstatic celebration for we shall have found the goddess within Yes, we shall know again.
jenn - USA

I clearly see a vision of myself and my husband living in his native Scotland, far from the noise of the city. I have a vision of a wonderful garden with herbs and vegetables and flowers and soft green grass. I can smell the fresh air and hear the sweet songs of the birds in the trees. I see a lovely view from our home. So lovely on a summer day, and so cozy near the fire in the winter. This is my vision. This keeps me going.
Brenna - UK

To become the woman I know I can be. I shed this old body and find the true beauty that lays underneath. To learn to except my faults and to grow in my strenghts.
sherry - USA


I envision Laughter and Bliss I envision Bravery of Heart,mind,soul,body I envision life lived as a sacred event daily I envision being soulmates with my husband giggling with my sister... exploring with my brother... openess with my mother... humorous wisdom with my father... I envision someone figuring out how Einstein used so much of his brain I envision declaring once and for all that dandelions are really flowers,that make magic happen I envision sowing fields where parking lots now stand Balance... kitty smooches, and soft puppy ears the sweet smells of babies The Courage to Live Life fully, without regret,fear,degradation and much more.. And lastly,to find a way to write about how amazing life is, and can be,when you realize that the moment of deepest most serious contemplation,and the moment of the jolliest, heartful belly laugh, are the same, and that they, and all moments like them are just a glimmer of the timeless radiance of life all around us and within us I envision Life
Cyn - usa

I want to be happy. I want to be loved, Both for who I am now, And who I may become. I want to learn to love myself, And see myself as beautiful.
Dragoness - USA

a house in the country with flowers and a gazebo. books on worship and the goddess. celtic music playing. windows open, breeze blowing. peace. study. aromatherapy. studying. no television. peace. i am seeking peace.
Debra - U.S.A.

My vision...... having veryone who I hate, everyon who has ever done me wrong die a miserale, horrible, painful death. That all my dreams, wishes, and hopes come true, and that anyone who is like like me will have there visions come true...... I'm out 4 now...Peace + LUV!!!!!
Kelly - Canada

To let my true self emerge. To share my wonder, creativity, uniqueness, humor, love and warmth....without holding back, without embarassment. To just be and have others know me for who I am. To find my voice, always. To express my self and be loved as myself. To fully be the woman I know is insided of me.

I see respect for living things, and the choice to choose life or not.
I see children growing without conforming to cruel ideals of beauty, set free by love of the inner self.
I see a world where we give back some of what we take from the Earth.
I see people respecting each others choices in life, not destroying each others dreams.
I see freedom from religion, but a growth of true spirituality,
I see a hut in the country where I can grow my vegetables and my herb garden, where I will live with my beloved and children, if we wish them.
I see time for the soul, time to reflect and mull over one's thoughts,
I see time for the Dark Goddess as well as the Maid and mother,
I see cats purring happily as we sit on the back step and watch the Earth change from dark to light.
I see my beloved coming home and gathering me into his arms,
I love you, mae 'ngariad ,mae fenws, says he.
Rhianwen - Australia

Just an easy, practical and simple vision that would save you money - nothing like stopping all hunger in the world or replant the rainforests (that would be great but a wee bit difficult). My vision/wish would be to abolish VAT or any type of tax on the so called *femenine hygiene* products - this tax would never have existed if men menstruated (ooops! that's one for the bitching section...). Plus my bigger vision: the usual respect for all types of people, openness about communication, love and care for the Mother Gaia, and have tons of fun! NO CENSORSHIP - BE WILD Blessed be the women and their men, children and cats! xx
Iris - UK

To be in a heavenly beautiful space where there was no time or outside influence, but a place of total supreme love and power. It would be of ultimate giving and pleasure a very sexual place and you could feel every emotion possible to the senses.It would be a place of more than one spirit there would be many spirits and you could see the most awesome things there and when you were there that would be all there was, Not many could go there but only the chosen few, and together a new love and higher power could be shared and expressed among the group.
Nena Cherry - usa

I feel very secure in my relationship. I feel taken care of and happy and I know I'm loved. I can ask for my needs and they get met. any issues of hers that are problems for me -- I can handle easily without feeling insecure -- or she'll change 'em. My career continues to grow -- and at a faster rate. My bank account grows. I have a good relationship with my ex(s) and my best friend and I create a larger circle of friends -- who are supportive. I give freely to the world --- and I know when toi sop giving. I enrich the world.
Liz - usa

My vision is to be a channel for stories. I wish to write and illustrate my own books. I want to write the kind of books that I have lived in. Stories alive with characters I interact with. Stories that offer others the same sort of magic and toeholds I have needed at times.
Sher - USA

I want my boyfriend to realize I can't have a smile on my face 24 hours a day, I want to be happy and successful, most of all I want to feel wanted!
Penny - Canada

in search
Tiffany - US

My vision is for one day not to be looked at like slut or a bitch, but for who I am.
SATERN 6/5/1997
Kassie - USA


To be a light, to be a lover in the true sense of the word, to serve life, to be creative and always growing.
Sara - U.S.

We touch the earth with gentleness, humans are rooted yet free we share in the beauty of life. Plant medicine is strong because we are one with the planet. The dancer in each of us is acknowledged so that we stand like precious jewels of different hues reflecting the light in our own way, our patterns paint pictures which everdeepen. We can touch each other with our eyes, with our hearts and with our fingers. We know the softness of the moths touch and the muscular strength of the tiger. There is space in the world for dreaming, there is time for peace and remembering, there is energy for musicmaking and fun. All my relations. Ho.
Amanda - united kingdom

My vision is to have a place like this, only in Portuguese, where we woman can meet and talk, and grow together. My vision is that we have a huge contribution to give to the human kind, right now, and that each woman will start to find her way to give this contribution, teaching peace and teaching strength and leading humanity to a new step of conscience.
Ligia - Brazil

to simply feel........ whole.........again and to not judge others and feel that even if others are judging me - that it does not reflect on me personally and probably has no relevance or meaning except for their own ill feelings and jealosy and to be able to let go of it....... just let it go....... do not let it play on my ever lasting quilt that somehow did not emerge until I was eighteen..... I was some how turned upside down and inside out ...... what I should have now I had in my teens ...... wisdom, love, unconditional and non-judgemental......... where did you go my friend - myself ......... If i could only find that child within me again ........Oh and one other small vision to find the mate that matches that childs wisdom and strengths and power of love..... not too much to wish for ...... to see it happen ......... I'd be satisfied with truelly loving and accepting myself again Lizard aka Shaktea 7/10/97
shaktea - usa

'My vision is of a women-centered community/education centre where nurturing and connecting/supporting women in all stages of life is the central activity. This is my current vision for South Street Centre, which I have been running as a facility for homeschooling families for the past ten years. ' Tis time for transformation!
Betsy - USA

I want to finish my first draft by Yule 1997, and keep the fire to write always. I choose to let the excuses and apathy go, and take a stand for what I believe.
Addie - USA

I will be beautiful, gracious, kind. I will be the sort of teacher that my students remember fondly, someone from whom a positive comment or a compliment can give wings to the heart of a girl who is told over and over that she isn't supposed to think for her self. I will be a respected scholar, the sort whose understanding--rather than knowledge-- embraces many different areas. My writing must be full of wit and grace, and deeply moving, the sort that can be read and appreciated by other researchers and people on the subway. I will be the kind of colleague that others come to for suggestions, or for soundings. I will be a good lover to my husband, the only companion he'll ever need or want, someone whom he can't wait to see at the end of the day. I will not be angry at people who have tried to stunt my growth along the way; I want to be kind to them, but to let them know that I don't care what they think. I want to have a daughter. She will grow up believing that she is beautiful, and brilliant, and good, and extraordinary, and capable of doing anything she wants, and that it would be a joy beyond measure for me to see her go where I was not able to. I will be the sort of person who makes the people around her feel serene, happy, accepted without quite knowing why.


Mother Gaia, Help me to see past my weaknesses and to recognize my strengths May I honor others in this way as well. Help me to bring into my life those things which my heart desires May I know full well the desires of my own heart. And may I not be ashamed of what I wish for May my goals be ones that bring me pleasure and happiness My successes the same. May my being generate love to all those I meet That the world will be a brighter place before I leave it. May those who love me and whom I love Not hold a moment of darkness for me nor I for them. May our hearts be open to the truth of each other That we may fully know who it is we are And that we may know all is good. Mother Gaia, Help me to see past my weaknesses and to recognize my strengths That I may honor you and others as well. So mote it be. Om shanti
Kristina - USA

My vision is one that has taken me a long long time to envision...My vision is that one day I will be completely healed from child abuse. I will be able to know who I am and have some understanding for the purpose of my life. That I will have healthy loving relationships with my children, husband, friends and family. That I can walk on this earth with the confidence and security that the lord up above bestowed on every living creature he created... My 2nd greatest vision is one that incorporates the people that live under Gods eyes...That we all will wake up and end child abuse. Don't let the little children suffer at the hands of people who hurt them. If you suspect a child is being hurt or abused. DO SOMETHING, anything to help stop the cycle of abuse. Report the perps. Tthank you!!!
sylvia - usa

My vision is to never feel anxiety, never be hurt again, never to feel unsure...just to be happy within be treated with the respect in the way that I respect most others....but also to fall in love...but I feel that in order to feel love I must risk the things that i fear the most ...... I cannot see a solution...
Maxine - Australia

I want to achieve all i desire to do. The wisdom to know if i'm making the right choices and the courage to stand by my decisions. I want love, romance and passion. I want strength to carry on through all of the bad times. Bit most of all i want love, peace and happiness.
Janet - Canada

I am going to get thru my current situation as best I can without making myself more miserable by sweating the things I have no control over, take control of what I can and get the hell on with my life. My boyfriend and I have plans to start a life together in a home of our own in about 6-8 mos. I am going to concentrate of what is good in this relationship, savor the good, and not let old habits of codependence take over. I will be happy with mysef, then he and I will be happy together. Thanx
Chelli - USA

I have a vision of myself as a successful illustrative artist and mother. I work in my studio during the hours that my children are at school. When they arrive home I have the time and energy to really be with them and to guide them into becoming themselves. I can be home for them because I have a reputation as a brilliant artist. I am asked to produce paintings for book covers, magazines and other clients and I am very well paid for my work. I have gained my independance and created a financially secure home for my children and myself. We are free to travel and explore the world together in our time off. I enjoy my work so much that it is more like play than work. This is my it is...and so it shall be!
Aura - Canada

my vision is to work hard at being successful and confident with myself! I want my son to grow up not wanting things in life. I want good love from a kind and caring man who is willing to listen when i have a problem.
kendra - usa

I'm working on a master's degree in counseling. My vision is to have my own practice, where I help people express all their feelings, not
Jill - usa

I just want to be happy. I want a comfortable life. I want to travel a little bit. I want a man who wants this too. I want him to want every part of me, one who will listen to me when I need to talk. One who cares what I think. One who does not do drugs or smokes cigarettes, for I want him to be healthy--to be there for me. I want love and passion and respect and trust. Money is not as important as these things. I want total spiritual contact with him. I want to make love to him in a spiritual way. I want to connect completely, to bond. When I have this, I want to have a child with him. Until I find him, I guess I still wait
Michelle - USA

I would like to be a woman who is totally free to be herself at every moment, expressing all the aspects of Yoni as they become manifest in me, only for the good of all.
Christine - USA

to be able to feel and hold the soul within be able to know the emotions of women be able to feel my body with its softness and to caress ones self into exticy. to feel that only you,a women, can bring life into this be able to be beautyfull in the ,eys of others. to be able to hold a child as no man be able to comfort and calm another soul be male or be able to cry for sadness and be able to satisfi the wants and needs of a be able to confide ones feelings to another be able to look into the eyes of god and feel comfortied. to be able to llive with a free flowing heart and be as one with the earth and sky. to feel finally liberated in body heart mind and feel the freedom that has so long evaded me. to come to terms with my inner self so that there is no longer that dreadful urge to destroy myself. to now that i want to live the peaceful life that has eluded me for so many just be free of pain that i had no control over. to be able to say that is my vision
jean - u.s.a.

To realize and fulfill my purpose
To express all the love and gratitude I have in my heart
To create from my soul
Glenna - USA

my vision is that i find my true authentic self. that i have clearity of vision and peace of mind. that i fullfill my highest aspirations as an artist. to see and experience different places in the united states and abroad as part of my work. i also long to be with my own pack.
vanessa - america

Psyche - USA

My vision is simply that we all have the vision to be able to HAVE visions and keep them alive. Succulent Wild Women we are..!!!!!!! Today I shall wear a purple dress and an orange hat :)
Kim - Australia

I want to be the person I once was - strong, energetic and healthy. I miss myself. I wonder if I'll ever feel like that again. Time will tell.
karen - Canada

To live in the wilderness. A warm cabin, river running by it, a gorgeous view of valleys, mountians to climb, lots of sunshine, lots of trees to talk to , a space for my garden of sunflowers and fairies, no noice of cars, planes or motors of any kind, and a companion who loves me as much as I love them.
Linda - Ireland

My vision is for good health for all my family, including me, andhappiness and contentment of life. I wish for love that is everlasting, that will never die, and the means to enjoy it.
Siobhan - USA

I am the black lioness of my dreams sleek and brimming with power I stalk the beast that seeks to destroy me and hold me enclosed in this cage I am force to be reckoned with and I am my own success!
Lenni - Australia

Powerful, respected, appreciated and rich in my field. Living in elegance and grace in a beautiful large home
Carolyn Jones - usa

I see all children, wanted children. All children.
Life in harmony with God's will and God's will in harmony
with life. I see a world of beauty, plenty,& peace.
I see you choosing to see this too.
kathie - usa

it is feeling the seasons change
the nearly neon mellon tips
from the yellow and still green depths
standing screaming
the sparsely-leaved branches showing their bare
catching light
silhouette the flaming red
there are few pleasures in this hard life
it is seeing them where they are
finding the strength and clarity of purpose within yourself
to search out the goddess in life

Shana - usa

I invision myelf to be able to express the importance of gentley birthing spirits into this world fully conscious and connected to the Infinite Intellegence. When we are able to reach people and share this knowledge that all of us already Know all, deep within,this will bring to our planet peace and harmony. When everyone consciously chooses to surrender fear and work out of our love emotion, our collective consciousness will free everyone and we will begin a whole new wonderful world. Lets all get reconnected. Peace and Love
Donna Losoya - USA

I envision my life filled with only women. The only standards of beauty would be honesty and love. I envision my life filled with touches of affection and smiles. There would be no anger or sadness, only hugs, tenderness and love.
Leigh - USA

My vision: Open, empowering, loving and respectful birth for all womyn. Allowing womyn to deliver of themselves the new life they themselves have created with power and love. That all womyn will feel the power of SISTERHOOD! SISTERBLOOD! My vision is that no more children will experience sexual domination, pain, damage and fear. That all children male and female will grow with the knowledge that they are powerful and creative and can love and be open to love. All womyn will see the womyn community around them and begin to share the wonder energy there for them. Supporting and creating together. Blessings, ritual, love, baking, drawing, dancing ART! Power-be Sisters....
Kim - USA

My vision for myself is in the words of the self written epitaph of my now departed friend, my mentor, my teacher....Paul Y. After a shakey start He became A man A loving husband A wonderful father An artist His focus was quality
Larry - USA

I am frolicking in a field,
with all of you,
And we are laughing wildly,
A laugh that is free,
free of all
the chains that once held
us back.
Lisa - USA

my vision...

to empower and educate others to embrace vegetarianism and veganism... to co-create a more compassionate, cruelty-free, ecological world. xoxox blessed be.
amy - usa

i envision all of mother earth's rainbow children living in harmony. i envision humans respecting and learning from the ways of our younger (perhaps wiser) relatives. as humans, sometimes we become so absorbed in our own relationship "Problems" that we forget about our other relations... what about the winged ones and the two-leggeds? fortunately for us, we share this lush planet with billions of other species. however, they are in trouble and desperately need our support and cooperation. listen and you will hear our young friends crying. we, the daughters, hold the ancient secrets needed in healing our mother earth. in healing the earth we shall heal ourselves. amen. oh yeah, i also envision the day when computers do not beep and buzz in such an obnoxious manner that scares the shit out of me at times. just had to add that!
jennifer - usa

I choose to create, with my beloved, a beautiful garden of Eden in Dingo Valley. A luscious food-forest, a permaculture haven growing many many varieties of delicious abundant organic fruit,veggies, nuts and grains to feed and support our extended family. A beautiful model of sustainable agriculture it will include bushfood plantations, regenerated rainforest areas, cabinet timber and organic free range poultry and other farm animals. We generate our own power, and live in abundant self-sufficiency also offering well needed commodities to our neighbours, thus supporting a healthy and prosperous barter system throughout the area. I ask that the core of our vision be in place within two years and that it grows at a pace that astounds and delights us. I ask that my beloved and I are priviledged to enjoy the fruits of our visioning, together, in harmony and happiness for many many years and that we may ultimately leave Dingo Valley as a wonderful legacy for our children and their children.

I envision employment that I enjoy, with women I love in a feminist space full of respect and coffee. We earn enough to be happy and my job energises me. I have passion again and inspire positive change in my position. In work creatively and in harmony with the earth.
carolyn - australia

I envision that I will become that person who sees herself as the one she was meant to be. As that person who is not afraid of being powerful, loving, earthshaking, no longer fearing that she may let herself down. I see myself no longer fearful of not being able to live up to my true self's rights to happiness, success, wealth and love. I see myself as being loved, as being able to change the world and people for the better by contact, by communication and communion. I envision myself being able to utterly destroy hate, to negate fear, to dissolve uncertainty in everyone she befriends. I see myself as truly being one with the moment and with myself.
Agustina - USA

My vision is simply to provide as a single mother. I want to increase my income substantially doing things that I enjoy. I want a safe, clean house for my children and me that will be easy for me to mange financially. I want also to be the most positive inspiration for both my daughter and son. So that they may grow and live in harmony with themselves and the universe. I would like to continue to respect and nurture the new relationship I have discovered with the most wonderful man I have ever met. I envision ultimately an extremely powerful, prosperous and loving family unit that embodies all that the Goddess represents.
Evangeline - USA

The ability for ideograms to be put into a matrix for telling stories, wherein the conductor may design and define/querry the matrix for alike attributes. My Page The Vision of the Artists being able to care for humanity as a bartering benefit as the millenium approaches new worries.
Robert - usa

A complete halt to the mine at Jabiluka

Everything I need is coming to me easily and effortlessly. I live in an abundant, prosperous, lush world. I paint, I write, I garden. I am creativity and Love and contentment. Peace and joy are my constant companions and I am fulfilled in every way, as are my friends and family. I am able to share and give freely-- the more I have the more I can share and offer to this world. I can dance, I can laugh-- I am emotion, I am beauty and I am compassion. My poetry is the essence and my painting is the substance...lightness and trust are the path in my garden where hope flourishes for everyone who enters. I have all the resources I need to create the life I want.
Wendy - Canada

I envision the following: * Get a job in advertising as a planner in an international advertising firm by at least November 1998. * Having a really honest, happy, fulfilled, romantic, profound love and commited relationship with Jason from july onwards and forever, if this is the best for me. If not, I will meet someone who will meet my needs and I can be totally happy with and feel even more contented and fulfilled in all areas of a relationship than with Jason. To be able to have the choice to be in a commited relationship from August 1998 onwards. * Many opportunities to date and have a good time, and being showered with lots of attention and gifts. * To get be proposed for marriage in 2-3 year's time.And it is always second nature for my husband and I to support and enrich each other in all areas of our lives. * My husband is a wealthy, powerful, and dependable, and highly respected by his peers and his career. He adores me and is very generous of his love and money with me. * He respects me and is proud that I am a woman in my own right and is famous in the careers I choose. * To be able to bring out the best in every man I come in contact with. * To be in total control and feel totally in control of my sexuality, aknowledging the beauty and sacredness, bringing it to the best enjoyment and fulfillment without guilt , from now onwards. * My concious nature and self will protect and respect my feelings, working together to bring the best in me in every area of my life, from now onwards. * I will trust my instincts from now onwards. * To be able to buy a house in Singapore in 3 year's time. * To be able to buy houses in Australia, London, USA, in 10 year's time. * Be able to have abundance of energy and enthusiasm to work towards my writing career, and my pursuit for a PHD. * To have endless opportunities to get support and money in a honest and quick way, from now onwards. * To have peace and balance within myself in whatecer circumstances, from now onwards. * To be able to be assertive to speak up for what I want and what I do not want and feel absolutely confident, from now onwards. * To be able to feel complete freedom to enjoy being a woman. To anticipate each change with enthusiasm and excitment from now onwards. * To be the best in whatever I do, like a shinning star. I will then be able to give to those who are in need, beable to inspire them through my work and lectures. * To be in perfect health. To resent cigarettes increasingly more and more till I naturally want to stop smoking by August 1998, and never have the desire to smoke again. * Be able to stand on my own two feet, and latter help my family in thier needs. Be able to know my own limits in helping them. * My family will be proud of my achievements and we will be united from now onwards. * That I will not have any enemies, but people whom I can share my wonderful life with. To be able to recieve great fortunes, and give some of it to charitable causes. * To become more beautiful, elegant, graceful, sexy, alluring in both my inner and outer self.
vivian - uk

My vision is pretty simple. you see I'm only 18 but I really have a strong desire to see the youth of america come to the full knowdledge og God. My vision is to get an army of youth (when I say army I'm refering to our group slogan/name) Lord's Army Soilders and I desire to form bands, rappers, drama, street ministry, prision ministry. Jeff Fenholt said that the youth will Evangalize themselves and that's exactly what is going to happen. so basiclly my vision is to get involved in the full time ministry strictly dealing with the youth and prepare the youth of America for battle and give them strategy and allowy them to reach out to their peers. So what I'm saying is to open a doorway for the youth of America to fufil their vision and make their dream a reality. I'm on a journey of Faith and I will reach my destination. And my vision is a reality because I'm a winner and a winner looks at what he's going to not what hes going through
jeffrey korte - U.S.A

My vision is that someday I will find my true self and true calling. That I can live my life free from the fear that someone else will try to take it from me. That no one need use religion, or race, or sex, or sexual orientation, or nationality, or ideology as an excuse to fear and hate. That people will see it's just as OK to be a bisexual (and married) vegetarian pagan as it is to be anything else: "an it harm none, do what ye will."
Gina - USA

KaliMa has led me to work with women. I want to move ahead in my work with women and their children. KaliMa has led me to help women to heal. I want to reach more people. I want to create and grow a television show and a nationally-broadcast radio show to speak to all who care to listen for the good of women, and their children, and their men. KaliMa has led me to the pain-filled inner recesses of my psyche. It is time to make sense and make use of what I know. I want to fulfill the prophecies and promises of my childhood. I believe I can continue to lead people to important understandings. I want us to heal.
Carletta - United States

to take my dreams by the hand and
walk into their manifestation:
to write my first book
to publish my first chapbook of poetry
to have my first sculpture show
by the time i move to the city next year
and by doing this, to voice my truths as a woman
who has come into her own identity, her own
Goddess divinity, her own survival, her own
sexuality, and to encourage other women to do
the same.
to be a good mom

april -

i want to be able to support myself with my writing....that means i have to finish the things i start and not get side-tracked.As for the side-tracked, I know i don't need a man for validation but i can't shake the desire for one...the trouble is i attract and am attracted to men who run away or don't understand why i don't get a real job. so to feel completer....i want a man who wants me for who i am and what i am and is not afraid of my witchy side (doesn't think it doesn't exist either). A man who won't let me fall in love with him and then run off cause he just can't handle me. I don't want to feel like there is something wrong with me anymore.....i'm tired of feeling empty inside
lee - usa

My vision is to attain through spiritual growth and life's experiences patience, wisdom, love, trust and compassion and through these experiences I will gain serenity, heart friends and abundance. My goals are to help restore a sense of the sacred to the world (along with the like-minded) and hence value to our lives and commuinites, to plants and animals and therefore our planet. Through this we regan the power to shape our lives and our reality. Blessed be. Meriel
meriel - australia

I wish to spend time with my solmate in hawaii "alone"!!! We need this time together alone and undisturbed... we need to nurture each other, learn from each other, plan our future love each other hold each other and fulfill this deep yearning within to melt in each other's arms

I will emerge into my true and full self. I will throw off the shackles of selfimposed limitations. I will be surrounded by stimulating people to whom I will contribute to as much as they to me. My life will expand into all the areas which will nourish my soul. I will feel secure and stable and my environment will reflect my inner harmony. My creativity will continue to flourish as I create the sculpture which not only feeds my soul but those around me. My relationship with my family will move up into a higher octave to become richer and more fulfilling than I ever dreamed possible. I will find my true home where I will be truly all that I am. I will live my life fruitfully and with purpose.
Susan - Australia

Inner peace, respect for myself, happiness for my soul creativity, courage, and strength
misskim - australia

I Am Healthy now. I don't need my weight anymore. I see myself at a weight of 175 pounds by Easter 1999. I am achieving that weight healthily. My Friend Free is prosperous and abundant. Money is flowing into his life now. I see him with 175,000 dollars in the bank with all debts paid by Easter 1999. Healthy and Wealthy we are.
Stephanie - USA

My vision is to love myself unconditionally. To know the Goddess that lives within me and to honor her perpetually. To live in a place of beauty surrounded by Nature and all her glory. To have a circle of friends who explore, love and create with reckless abandon. To surrender to the deep love my husband has for me. To allow others to love me as i learn to love and cherish myself. To earn a tremendous abundance of money merely by creating beauty. To have horses again and apply kindness to their training. To give the gift of love to the elderly and the unwanted young. My vision is mainly about peace for myself and for all the inhabitants of the earth.
Christi - USA

That I make it to his side quickly, that the hurdles that present themselves are overcome by my beseeching Gaia and Cernnunos! That once I am there I will not have to leave his side unless its the coroner that takes me away!!! That all my sisters everywhere find the man who is thier other half, and hope for our species reigns once again! BLESSED BE!!!
orodrago - usa

I envision myself gathering the self-esteem I had misplaced at age 10 and instilling it in my daughters -- never to see it lost again.
Lisa - USA

i envision a small victorian house in the suburb of a large conflicted, enriched, multi-cultural city. (i currently live in logan utah.) i envision a garden where i grow the majority of my food. i envision being the only feminist on the city counsel, i envision school cafeterias where i care to vote for P.T.A president and sheriff.
desaray - U.S.A

My vision is to receive $50,000 from the Universe. With this money I shall create a beautiful living space for my pet rabbits and abandoned rabbits (bought at Easter) from Pet Mills. With this money I shall advertise my tarot business and buy First Rate computer equipment, a fax & copy machine. With this money I shall have a new start and shall have Freedom.
lee - usa

I have a vision of marrying the man that I am currently in love with because my spirit sees this particular soul as my soulmate. I dream that together we create a beautiful loving relationship, a family, and art which brings healing to the community. I dream that we are happy, at peace, and realize our higher good in the will of the Great Spirit. With LOVE, thank you. Wenona
Wenona - USA

I choose to love you, to learn from you and to laugh with you.

I choose to be honest with you and to support you to live and speak your truth.

I choose to respect your needs and wishes, to listen to you with an open heart and a present spirit and to be with you and support you through the heights and the depths of life's unfolding journey.

To be happy.... To find someone who is my complete other half... To dominate the media outlets so I could portray realistic images and ideals... Sexual freedom... To exceed my own expectations instead of latching onto someone else's expectations of me... To have concrete goals.... To be a size three again... To passionately care about myself again...
ches - america, for what it's worth

tim - EARTH

I wish i had the power to change my outlook on life my attitude and my facial scars!
amie - usa

Iwish all on this earth could live without the burden of finances,and If none of us human beings had jobs,but still ate 3 meals a day,had beautiful homes,and could still raise our children on nothing at all(no money at all),I TRULY WOULD BE HAPPY THEN!
missy - united states

in my vision, all those who have a vision for the good in their lives [whether posted here or not] comes true. for me: my vision is for all the wonderful, powerful, positive things tht the goddess has instilled in me to have that come forth NOW. let my strength,in all areas of my life increase for my good and for the good of those who may have need of my skills. let prosperity abound in my life so tht i may take care of those that i know and love; and so that i can be a positive ray and guide for those who need to know that there IS HOPE. let my creativity abound and be prosperous, let me reap the rewards of my positive ideas and recieve what is just, instead of being ripped off, and remaining in a state of lack. in matters of love, let the man come forth tht will love me AND my children as we are, and let him be a man of substance in the areas of spirituality, sexuality, wisdom, emotionality, and finances and all things good tht i may not have mentioned. for once i need someone to be there for me [us]. let him come forth tht i can listen to, laugh with, share with and care for, and let him be able to share the same with me. in matters for health, let the things i need and desire for our health come forth in our lives; the longed for exercise plans, programs, and machines! LoL!!! let us use technology and health knowledge to our benefit and then help to inspire others to their ideal. in matters of my children i ask they always be prosperous and healthy and protected. most of what i ask for in this vision is for love of them and to be able to care for them and help their good dreams come true. for the world my vision is that prejudices of all kinds would be done away with, and tht we all could see each other as the ray of light and love that the god/dess intended us to be, and respect each other. and that those who would violate the code of the good for all would come to see the detriment of their ways and not commit them anymore. i pray for the strength to stand and appreciate all the good tht shall come upon me for myself and the benefit of others tht i may be able to help. as i will it, so mote it be.
c.l.w.h. - u.s.a

I want to have love and peace enter my life. I want to find honest and loving friends who value me as I should value myself. I want to find a man who loves me. I just want peace, love and knowledge and to successfully pass everything at UNI so I can get my degree, become a psychologist and help others so I can tip some of the water in the well of pain out.
Carol - Australia

My vision is for a scorpion female with hairy underarms arms and huge muscular legs to love me and teach me about obediance and sexual depravity .We will learn about ancient religions and question societal norms.when she gets home from work my body is hers for the ritualistic release of all her frustrations.
t - USA

i dream that i find know my self love be my self with courage
Michelle - USA

my vision
is to build my
to have my son
my vision
is a strong,
loving, joyous, LOOOONG
my vision
for me,
for my son,
for my husband,
for us.

aly -

peter and i living in Whidbey Island, in a house facing over looking the ocean to the west and the mountains, too. we have a hot tub that we share and we take long peaceful walks hand in hand.
paula - usa

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