The Unborn Child


Here I am.
I haven't got much time here
so I'd better get this down.
Just a short span this time
on the earth plane.

Here I am
journeying with my mother
into the bush,
into the desert.

The wild earth's energy soaking through my mother
into me
rejuvenating me.

to feel wrapped
in happy nurtured cells.
by experiencing
my mother's wisdom and femininity...
Rocked in the womb.

Reassuring my mother.
I never chose to be born this time.
Her choice is perfect - reflecting my own.
Already knowing as she tries to tell me
that she is sending my body away.
I'm glad she chose to not make this abortion a drama.
How pure to know one's path so simply
Loving me and yet carrying through to the physical level
the knowing that we must part.

Here I am.

And as I leave
I bestow my creative energy
upon my mother.
To empower her visions and dreams.
Aiding her as she turns them into reality.

Goodbye and Thank You.
I have been truly honored to be in your presence.
Om Shanti.

© Jacinta 1995

For information on abortion procedures, fees, patient instructions,aftercare, gynecology, birth control, emergency contraception see the US & International listing of abortion clinics & women's centers.


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