Empower yourself! Learn to avoid or achieve pregnancy without barriers, pills or chemicals!

For the first time ever, live interactive classes taught by an experienced Fertility Awareness instructor are being offered online.

Fertility Awareness is a scientifically proven method of avoiding or achieving pregnancy. Womyn of all ages and all lifestyles and backgrounds are discovering this wonderful method. There is no need for prescriptions or fittings, no last minute trips to the drugstore, no side effects. When used correctly, the Fertility Awareness Method is nearly as effective as most chemical methods of birth control (FAM=98%, the pill, Norplant and Depo-Provera=99%), and more effective than barrier methods like condoms (97%), sponges (91%), diaphragms (94%), etc.

Fertility Awareness is also wonderful for couples trying to achieve pregnancy. Not only does simple charting of the menstrual cycle help some couples who thought they were infertile conceive without intervention, it can also assist in diagnosing what type of infertility exists and can help time procedures to be most successful.

But Fertility Awareness can do so much more. By learning more about our bodies and their natural fertility cycles we can recognize this marvel of biological beauty...we can recognize the incredible hormonal dance taking place within us. We can feel knowledgeable rather than vulnerable when we visit our doctors...we can ignore those feminine hygiene commercials, knowing that our bodies are clean and that we are not *supposed* to smell like flowers! We can know that we are experiencing healthy cervical fluid rather than being afraid that anything coming out of our vaginas is suspect, a possible infection. We can get to know our bodies' premenstrual symphony, recognizing PMS for what it is and dealing with it more easily. We can know what to expect when our menopausal years approach and, rather than being fearful, we can relax into this time of Crone-hood, having no need for medical management of this normal process.

Have you heard the cliche "Knowledge is Power"? It's incredibly true. There is a treasure-trove of practical information that in many ways serves to define your womonhood, and that knowledge is available to you whenever you want.

Yes, it takes a couple of minutes a day to access, but it requires no job, higher education, connections, or even a computer. Fertility Awareness is certainly not high-tech. But if you are of (or approaching) reproductive age, the education it provides can reveal an entire world about which you may know so very little: yourself!

If you would like to learn more about Fertility Awareness and how it can help you or how you can join our online classes, please email maka@maka.net or visit http://www.maka.net/fam/

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