The Emergence of Soul

See me staring into space

imagining , reckoning

with the beauty that lays within

the deepest cavern of my framed belly



though the abstract

is this an illusion or do I carry



somesoul real ?

Gold filters before my closed eyes

and specks of deep purple flush



deeper into the blackness

for a trace of my baby emerging

from the swirl

an image all encompassing

enveloping me

Ma Mother

baby teaches me

the expansiveness of life -of matter-

before the physical emergence of soul

the soul that floats in warm water

I believe in you

you teach me

again and again

the fantasy of the illusion

simplicity in creation

wheel of sentiment

love divine

all stripped to play the pantomime for me,

in your heart

beating strong-


happy to loll and kick and stretch inside of me





enjoy me as

I enjoy you


Maha 11 / 96



Maha gave birth to Kailash Ra 4 / 12 / 96

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