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Woman grows a child in her belly.
Her body is the vehicle for a miracle.
She has the gift of life.


  • Pregnancy and Birthing
    • Emergence of Soul ~ a poem by Maha
    • Hands that Heal Birth ~ Jeannine Parvati Baker describes her initiation into spiritual midwifery through her own birthing experiences and the views about birthing that she has developed as a result. Empowering material for all women.
  • Mothering
    • Bare Thy Breasts to the Moon - a poem by Mandy
    • An Empowering Journey - Kathy describes her experiences as a young mother and offers tips and rituals for self empowerment for mums.
    • Motherhood - The Oldest Occupation by Jannine Barron. An excellent article on the joys and frustrations of mothering
    • The Gamble by Evelyn Henry. A beautiful story about a mother's approach to affirming her daughters self esteem.
    • Obviously grace ~ Shana's exquisite piece describes the challenge and the beauty of living with her daughter who was dying of Hurlers disease. This is a story that has relevance for us all.
    • Osho Ko Hsuan School in England was a school with an enlightened philosophy on education. Pavi, at sixteen years old, looks back at six years of his education.
    • The Wise Young Breast by Cherie
    • Don't tell your Mummy ~ A mother's account of coming to terms with the sexual abuse of her child

  • Earth Mother
    • Earth Watch - Offering important information for all lovers of the earth and all her inhabitants
    • Before Sunrise ~ Elise Stone Binder's beautiful poem speaks of the feeling of belonging.
    • Canada's Shame - Sue Arnold describes the plight of the Orcas kept in Canada's Marineland Park and suggests some steps we can take to help bring about their release.
    • Mother Gong - Gilli Smyth's lyrics talk of the goddess, the never dying, self regulating life force that flows through us and the whole of nature. She talks to yOni of the importance of aligning to this 'web of being'.
    • Libation - A poem/story/ritual in honor of yOni, the primal female

  • Creativity
  • Abortion


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An audio visual journey through pregnancy and birth
You can download a moving exerpt of this beautiful DVD by Australian birth photographer Katrina Folkwell
Birth is a natural process, not a medical procedure.
The Online Birth Center

offers more information about pregnancy, birth, midwifery, breastfeeding etc.
Motherheart ~ Unconditional love nurtures all.

Motherheart is a delightful resource that encourages nurturing in all aspects of life.
The natural child project

All children grow as well as they are treated
Project Earth

navigating towards a healed planet
US & International listing of abortion clinics

& women's centers including information on abortion procedures, fees, patient instructions, aftercare, gynecology, birth control & emergency contraception.

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