My Blood my blood,

My blood's a flood.

My blood's a raging sea

my bloods a hundred hissing cats

communing inside me.

My belly's plump and swollen

my belly's round and full

my belly's rising with the sea

the sea is inside of me.

Rhythm of the ocean

rhythm of the water

Mother moon who drags the tides

bare down upon your daughter.

I birth a balm for the Earth

it's trickling down my legs

it's mixing with the empty dirt

and turning it to soil.

I write my name

rich and red

in sacred circles

where i swear

with intent and holy word

I sign my prayer

in blood.

I marvel at it's mystery

smeared across my stark white sheets

and long to let it run so freely

in rivulets coursing down the street.

My blood my blood

my bloods a potion

brewing up my true emotion

boiling in my belly pot

and unwinding the strangling dragon

struggling from it's choking knot

bursting forth in all it's fury

bursting forth a tender storm.

Who dares deny the power

of me raging in my bloodied hour ?

Who dare's reduce it with excuses,

"Oh it's just that time of month"?

I will not treat it as a curse

I crown myself in blood

my right of birth

and bless it upon this aching Earth

who drinks the wine that She deserves.

Tis blood for gain

not to be flushed away

with such disdain

as if it were some nasty shame

as if it were some tiresome bother.

This blood it honours our creation

to bring life into gestation

it joins us with the Moon,the Sea

Sisters of the powers that be

Daughters of the Holy Mother

dare we share this treasure...

with our Brothers?

Oh let it rain red

let it pour

let the oceans rise and roar

let our fury run it's course

vulnerable with our aching force

Let the rivers in our wombs

cast their ruby jewels around the room

so the streets turn red and flood

flowing freely

with our Blood.



Shana Grace

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