An innovative, effective and environmentally friendly, approach to menstrual hygiene.

What is the Keeper?
The Keeper is a small flexible cup made of natural gum rubber which is worn internally to collect (rather than absorb) your menstrual blood. Manufactured by women, for women, the Keeper offers a comfortable, reusable, alternative to tampons which will not disrupt your natural vaginal moisture nor contribute to landfill or forest degradation. The Keeper offers you the freedom to swim, run, stretch, work and play on even the heaviest days of your period.

Small but effective
Five cm long and four cm in diameter, the cup fits comfortably into the vagina and will safely hold up to one ounce of fluid before needing to be emptied. As an average woman's entire monthly flow is about 2 to 4 ounces, emptying the cup a few times during the day is usually adequate. For overnight use some women may need the added protection of a pad or panty liner on their heaviest days. (We recommend Wemoon Natural Menstrual Pads)

Economical and environmentally responsible
As well as it's comfort and high level protection, the Keeper is also economical. In one year most women spend more than $60 on disposable pads and tampons. At $35 the Keeper starts to pay for itself soon after six months. And yet the Keeper has a life expectancy of at least 10 years. Over it’s life time it will have cost you less than 30 cents per cycle as well as dramatically reducing the number of paper products that need to be thrown away month after month.

Easy to insert and remove
To insert the Keeper, you first press the sides of the flexible cup together and then fold in half again. Then simply insert the folded keeper completely into the vagina and release so that the cup will unfold. The rim of the cup rests comfortably below the cervix and forms a seal which keeps the menstrual fluid inside the cup. To remove grasp the pull tab firmly so the tips of your fingers pinch the base of the cup. This breaks the seal making it easy to pull gently down and remove. Empty, rinse or wipe the Keeper, then simply reinsert.

Two sizes
The Keeper comes in two sizes. If you have ever had vaginal child birth, you will need style "A" (for "After" vaginal child birth). If you have had cesarean births only, or have birthed no children, you will need style "B" (for "Before" vaginal child birth). Style "A" is slightly larger in diameter and the rubber is slightly softer than that of style "B".

Three month money back guarantee
The best thing is that you don't need to take our word for it. The Keeper comes with a 90 day money back guarantee so you can find out, risk free, if you are one of the many women who say 'The Keeper changed my life'.

Click here to order your Keeper directly
(money back guarantee if you are not happy within 90 days)


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