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The 2009 Moontime Diary

Connecting with our bodies' cycles and relating them to the cycles of the moon is a very empowering process (see 'charting our cycles' by Felicity Oswell). But the moon influences more than our moods and bodies. Before the onset of electricity, allopathic medicine, chemical fertilisers and preservatives our ancestors managed not only their their health, but also their homes and land by timing their activities with natural cycles. Daily activities like body care, gardening and house keeping have different outcomes at different times.

yOni is now delighted to offer our readers the Moontime Planning Diary which provides daily practical pointers to suggest how to be in tune with the natural forces around you

The Moontime Diary 2009 features all the diary essentials plus

moon time diary* Introduction on how to fine tune to the moon
* Daily moon phase and position
* Ingress times
* Daily moon and planetary aspects
* Moon aspect interpretations
* Moon void of course
* Monthly moon guide to assist in creatively initiating each moon cycle
* Helpful tables
* Monthly ephemeris ( planetary tables)
* World map to convert times to your location
* Printed on 100% recycled paper

Click here to order your Moontime Diary (originally US$30 - now discounted to US$20)

Care holistically for your body with the Moontime Diary 2009

Our health depends largely on how we take care of our physical body. Nutrition, exercise and hygiene are vital to our health and self esteem. By learning about and employing simple principles we can increase our well being with less effort and better results.

For example:

While the moon wanes our body is primarily in letting go mode. Those two weeks are very good for fasting, as one takes advantage of the detoxifying mode your body is in.

While the moon is waxing the body is primarily in absorption mode. Those two weeks are a particular good time to eat fresh organic food rich in nutrients. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be balanced more effectively now.

Toxins, stimulants and fattening foods are also absorbed more easily.

If you suffer head aches or migraines avoid stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, red vine, cheeses and chocolate while the moon is waxing or full, particularly while the moon is in Aries or Pisces.

You can apply these principles to:

* cosmetics and hair care: nourishing & moisturising or deep cleansing & rejuvenating
* massages: relaxing, lymphatic drainage or reflex and invigorating massages
* exercises, meditations and mental activities and basically to all other activities.

Keep your surroundings beautiful with the Moontime Diary 2009

While the waxing moon phase brings good results in garden activities, the waning moon phase lends itself to maintaining and beautifying the home environment. As the keeper of your surroundings you can use natures energy and the space around you more efficiently by fine tuning to the moon. Appropriate maintenance at the right time helps you create an intact, healthy and beautiful home environment. with less need to use harsh cleaning and preserving chemicals.

Eg. take advantage of the two weeks when the moon is waning by

* Organizing, maintaining and repairing when the moon is in an earth sign like Taurus.
* Dust or vacuum while the moon is in Gemini which is an air sign.
* Watery jobs like laundry, plumbing and water installations are favoured while the moon is in Cancer, a water sign. (You will find that when the moon wanes you need less laundry detergent and stains will lift out easier.)
* Mop timber floors and clean windows and mirrors while the moon is in Leo, a fire sign.
* Organize and attend to your correspondence when the moon is in Virgo,
* Beautify when the moon is in Libra.

There is a good time for everything and you can choose it.

Growing abundance in the garden with the Moontime Diary 2009

During the waxing moon phase the earth is exhaling, releasing. The lunar gravity pulls water and nutrients released by the earth up and causes seeds to swell and burst. As the moon gets bigger, the intensity of the reflected light encourages plants to absorb available nutrients. Planting and sowing above ground vegetables at this time promotes healthy leaf and fruit growth.

The full moon marks the change of the moon's impulse from waxing to waning and generates strong energies. Herbs collected at this time retain more of this energy and their potency is enhanced.

When the moon wanes, the gravitational forces pull moisture down into the earth, the earth inhales, absorbs. Irrigating and fertilising are especially effective when the moon is travelling through a water or earth sign. Cultivating soil, harvesting, preserving and eating root crops is also best when the moon is in earth signs.

The new moon again marks a change of impulse, this time from waning to waxing. The earth is in resting mode. Cutting back sick trees now helps them recover quickly.

It is easy to apply these principles to all gardening activities. For example when is the best time to mow the lawn? It depends on your aim: If you want to encourage strong and healthy regrowth, mow in the waxing moon phase.
If you want to retard the growth of your lawn, because you don't want to mow so often then mow in the waning moon phase.

As the moon travels through the zodiac it spends about 2.5 days in every sign. Every sign relates to the elements as do the different parts of plants. The roots relate to earth, leaves to water, flowers to air and fruits to fire. It is easy to see now why it would be an excellent day for transplanting your lettuce when the moon is waxing in a water sign.

Let the insights of the moon planting phases turn into a magnifying glass that bundles your intentions together and assists your outcome effortlessly.

Click here to order your Moontime Diary (originally US$30 - now discounted to US$20)

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