the menstrual lodge

"How might it have been different for you,
if, on your first menstrual day your mother had given you
a bouquet of flowers and taken you to lunch
and then the two of you had gone
to meet your father at the jeweller,
where your ears were pierced,
and your father bought you your first pair of earings,
and then you went with a few of your friends and your mother's friends to get your first lip colouring;

and then you went,
for the very first time,
to the Women's Lodge,
to learn
the Wisdom of the Women?

How might your life be different?"

(From Circle of Stones - by Judith Duerk)


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Recommended Books:

Sweet Secrets - Stories of Menstruation
by Kathleen O'Grady and Paula Wansbrough.

In her diary, Anne Frank describes the coming of her period as a 'sweet secret', a step toward womanhood she anticipates with wonder, joy, confusion and fear. Girls today often experience this time of their lives with the same mixture of emotions. Focusing on their concerns and questions about menstruation, and supplemented by clearly articulated health information, this unique collection of short stories aims to reassure and enlighten. Coming from different generations and cultures the characters in the stories ask questions all girls ask, such as 'What's going on with my body?', 'What does menstruation feel like?', and 'How will my friends react?'. Unlike the standard 'just-the-facts' approach, this book of short stories and factual information provides the reader with her very own confidantes, others who share a common experience. This book is particularly ideal for initiating discussions between parents and their daughters about sexuality and growing up. It dispels the myths with current, up-to-date health information about menstruation. A unique and reassuring collection, it empowers young women to celebrate this rite of passage with informed confidence.

Curse: A Cultural History of Menstruation.
Janice Delaney, M. J. Lupton, & E. Toth.

This book provides invaluable information for women and men. It takes you through the history of menstruation from culture to culture, detailing the superstitions, myths and eventual understanding of all phases of menstruation.The latter part of the book dwells on our current perceptions, as seen not only socially and culturally, but through literature and film.The authors also evaluate current feminine products, from douches to pads and tampons, providing an actual analysis of their usefulness and dangers that is rarely discussed in other forums.

Blood Magic: The Anthropology of Menstruation
edited by Alma Gottlieb & Thomas Buckley

Listed by Choice magazine as one of the ten best books in anthropology for the year in which it was published, this book is a collection of articles by (mostly) anthropologists about menstrual practices around the world, from Beng farmers in West Africa to Yurok people of native California to peasants in Portugal.

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