Fiddling fumbling struggling to remove your clothes
Clitoral stimulation - "is that nice?"
"yeah, yeah- no.'re pressing too hard!"
He fumbles around a bit more - eventually his efforts only frustrate you and you remove his hands and replace it with his dick.
He tries to penetrate you - he thrusts
"ow! that was my leg!
He thrusts again - you buck upwards to receive him

"fuck not that hole"
He thrusts again - ah finally he enters you - he keeps thrusting but his cock is not budging - "we need lube!"
sticky smelly lube- everywhere. Finally he slides in- ah sweet lubrication.
He pumps away like a jack-hammer for a few seconds- you clutch him, "slow down".
You establish a rhythm- your pleasure is growing- your orgasm starts to mount.
At last everything is working. You prepare yourself for an earth-shattering climax.
"NOO!", you clutch desperately at him as he tries to change position- "don't' move!"
Too late the rhythm is lost.
You thrust away aimlessly for a few seconds.
"This isn't working"
You roll on top to assume authoritarian position. There will be no unexpected position changes while you're in control.
Thrusting- thrusting - "oh baby, that feels so good...oh yeah" - the rhythm is building - the pleasure is growing.
Suddenly he jerks abruptly "Oh shit- I'm gonna blow!"
Too late- semen everywhere- sticky smelly - running down your leg.
"Sorry darling - oh I feel so bad- I'm such a dud- I can't believe I did that!"
You feign empathy- you say all the right things to reassure him that you understand and you still love him, but inwardly you're fuming and your clit feels like it's going to burn a hole in your labia.
He wipes the thick pungent liquid off you and pauses to kiss you, smiling brightly -" I'm off for a shower!"
NO!- inwardly you scream - why was I so nice? why did I bullshit to him and allow him to feel a false sense of security? One finger, a few seconds of tongue action -that's all it would take to finish the job. Too late - he leaves.
Sighing you wait until you can hear the shower and reach under the bed to find Mr Buzzer.

Reality Bites.

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