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Peace & Anti-Nuclear Haiku Poems

by Nagasaki Oshima Junior High 3rd year students from 1998

Destroy or dissapear
Everything, in an instant
Give me back my father and mother !

Hisako Nakagama



Life or Nuclear Test,
Which is
More important ?

Eri Kawagishi

Victim's heart
Is still hurt

Yuya Shirakawa




Since that terrible day
We hope for
Eternal peace

Yuka Kaneko

We live
Very happily
Don't kill us

Manami Hirota

War is
Please stop

Saori Sakaguchi





Victims of A-bomb
Deep wounds
The hatred
For the weapon

Makoto Iwata


Hand in Hand
Reach to the heaven
An appeal for peace

Naomi Furuki


No more wars !
Never !

Yuka Kaneko



Peace is
What we can make

Tomoe Tasaka


Dear friends,

Since the end of May 1998, India and Pakistan have conducted their Nuclear Tests, a deadly weapons race appears to have begun in Asia. As teachers and schoolchildren there is little we can do to stop the policy of governments, but we can express ourselves.

We made these Haikus to appeal to the world to stop all the weapons and claim for peace.

In Nagasaki we feel it's our responsibility to send out anti-nuclear appeals continually. The A-bomb horrors are still with our parents and grand parents. We know the reality of nuclear war-fare, and understand the hatred and antagonism that might provoke it. The world has changed since the end of WW2, when people were thrown into pain and war by over-zealous leaders.

Now governments must listen to opinion and reason. The pain and sorrow of nuclear destruction and the after-effects should never again be felt anywhere on earth.

No country should consider creating such weapons, and those that already possess them should co-operate for disarmament.

Please listen to our voice !

Class 3-1

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