Lily (My forever child)


Dark Goddess image by Turiya

Leaving paradise,

but is it really paradise..?

Especially when all I am is your slave

I am not an object..

Don't shove me to the bottom;

For I want to be on top

Flee to the crimson sea..

Make babies; become evil..

For it was two against one in paradise

And I was the one left out.

You may replace me..

Wear your brambles around you,

Keep me from visiting in the night.

Long for me though, as I know you do

As I know you will

In the end, who wins?

You, master of your domain,

were brought down by one like me

(although she lacked imagination)

You left the garden, mortal man,

I laugh at your self pity.

And I, Lilith? Ah, yes..

I, Lilith, I reign immortal..

Over creatures of the night.

From the recent dicussion about Lilith (on the yOni members mail list) I found many things I hadn't known, and it was enough to be an inspiration ....

Jenny (age 15)


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