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This beautiful story is told by the author Amrita Hobbs in the circles of her gatherings for girls and women. A story about a young girl and her first bleeding time, it is a heartwarming vision for what is possible when we return to a deeper honouring of the rythmns and cycles of our body and of the earth.

Amrita's Introduction

A Story about a Girl

Questions to ponder upon

Amrita's work with young women

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Many of us desire gender equality, increased value of feminine power and spirit. If we give it to ourselves, our friends and our daughters, the power we have will spread, through and down into future generations - it starts with each one of us. ‘A Story About A Girl’ is about weaving new futures, dreaming new ways of living. It is offered as a gift to all girls and women who vision and dream of a different way of life for themselves. The story of Alicia is offered to plant new seeds in our minds and hearts. Hopefully in the times to come the girl-becoming-woman, will be welcomed as she deserves to be, by her parents, family and the larger community.

In hearing Alicia’s story we can feel the beauty of soul that the girl is blessed with. We sense that she has much to give to the world, because of what she has received as she was growing up.

This story speaks of my own dreaming: a vision of how I would like it to be for more of our children. That we co-create a society where young people are welcomed and initiated into their growing-up. Living a life where the cycles and seasons of life are celebrated.

This story offers an ideal. Something that may only begin in our dreaming but which in essence can become a reality for future generations. Take ideas and bring together women, to celebrate and be creative in your community. Be willing to serve the girls as they are growing up.

I cannot begin to tell you of the influence of a very simple ritual. I know they can change so much in the young girls mind and heart. I want to give girls growing up the welcoming they deserve, do you?

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See Amrita's book for young people Getting Real ... About Growing Up

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