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About HgH

by deeyOni

Once upon a time in my dreary days as an office receptionist, my next-desk work buddy and I would often lunch at our desks and surf the web as we exchanged office gossip. Sara (not her real name), then 30 and single, was constantly obsessed with her weight, despite being 5’9” and a size 12 (US size 8). From cutting out carbs to drinking a glass of apple cider vinegar before every meal, Sara had tried it all.

One lunchtime Sara happened upon a site promoting Human Growth Hormone. Commonly known as HgH, the hormone is naturally produced in the pituitary gland and stimulates growth and cell production in young bodies. It also helps to increase height and muscle mass, reduce fat and calcium retention, keep bones healthy and many other important functions. The secretion of HgH begins to decrease in our late twenties and continues to decline the older we get, causing us to look older and experience loss of energy and muscle mass and so on.

I can no longer recall the specific site we were looking at, but it was promoting HGH as the new miracle ‘fountain of youth’. Instantly enthralled, Sara and I searched for and eventually found a local distributor. At $130 (US $160) for two bottles (including the buy-one-get-one-free offer), we agreed it would be a small price to pay for younger, slimmer and healthier bodies.

The stuff was vile. Best described as cross between castor oil and rancid viscous cough medicine, it took Sara and I about two or three weeks to decide we couldn’t stomach any more (besides the taste, it also made us feel nauseous). If only we had the willpower to keep going a little longer, we lamented, of course we would have seen results.

Not so, says Dr Ron Kennedy, featured on Penn & Teller: BS! (Season 2: Fountain of Youth). According to Dr Kennedy’s interview, the HgH drug had still not been properly tested (the interview took place in 2004 I believe – at least two years after I tried it). Not only that, but Dr Kennedy believes that there may indeed be a good reason why our bodies slow down the production of HgH. Apparently there is no concrete evidence that taking the HgH drug slows down the aging process. In fact, Dr Kennedy believes the reverse may be true. In clinical trials it was found that when HgH was given to healthy middle aged people, there was a significant decrease in average life span as well as many unpleasant side effects including hypertension, diabetes, joint pain, fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, gynecomastia (enlargement of male mammary glands) and enlargement of the testicles (see wikipedia for more details).

‘Just because nature makes something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for us,’ says Dr Kennedy, reminding us that nature also creates many poisons such as lead.

The Mayo Clinic agrees that there is little evidence to support the assertion that HgH is the ‘fountain of youth’. They state that synthetic human growth hormone is ‘available only by prescription and is administered through an intramuscular injection. It's currently approved to treat adults with true growth hormone deficiency - not the expected decline in growth hormone due to aging.’ It is also approved for the treatment of children with extremely short stature or muscle-wasting syndromes.

So I guess the message is – don’t mess too much with what the Goddess gave you. You are already perfect as you are, and Mother Nature will be on your side as long as you stay on hers.

Forget fad diets, miracle drugs and anti-aging creams. The only people who benefit are the shareholders of the corporations who plug them to you.

Live life, love life, eat well, exercise and be happy!

by Dione Green


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