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....standing on the threshhold
....peering into blue space....
....what will woman be?
.....not yet fully seen
....not yet fully revealed
....but coming

....what will woman be?"

Inspired by Circle of Stones. Woman's Journey To Herself
by Judith Duerk. (see booklist)

The journey from childhood to womanhood is one of the most precious a female will encounter in her lifetime. This is magical passage for women. Our bodies are changing and we are developing identities separate from our parents. Unfortunately for many the most we are offered in support is lifestyle manuals/advertisements that instruct us on how to be mass consuming and permanently-neurotic-about-our-appearance!

We would like this to be a place where you can find alternatives to such brain warping publications and enjoy this powerful step. We won't tell you how to have get the perfect boyfriend, hairdo, or summer wardrobe but rather encourage you to celebrate this enchanting transition in your life and help you to understand its more confusing aspects.

In the maiden area of yOni we will also showcase the creative work of women remembering this stage in their life. If you have something to share please let us know ... ENJOY!!!

Maiden Health

Self-esteem. What is it and how can I get some! Some practical advice from author Amrita Hobbs
The Girl Who Didn't Realise She Was Beautiful
- a review of The Circle: Princess by author Melaina Faranda
A Chat with Melaina Faranda - deeyOni interviews the author of The Circle books.
Big Girl's Don't Lie - Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas faked bulimia to cover her addiction to narcotics.
First Blood - The arrival into womanhood was marked and celebrated in older societies at the time of a girls first bleeding. We would like to encourage a rememberance of this tradition and of the rituals that can be used at this time.
Girls Growing Up! - Amrita Hobbs offers a wonderful workshop for mothers and daughters to prepare for and celebrate the arrival of the daughters menarche (first bleeding time).
The Maiden's Guide to STD's - A comprehensive guide for young girls experimenting with their sexuality.
The Big Bad Pap - Your guide to pap smears.
Endometriosis - What is it? An article by Karen Howell, a coordinator of the Endometriosis Campaign.
Bulimia - The hidden dangers

Maiden Poetry and Fiction

A Story about a Girl - Told around the campfire of her gatherings for girls, this story by Amrita Hobbs is a touching and powerful vision for a celebration and honouring of the passage into womanhood.
Lily - This poem by Jenny inspired the discussion on Lilith on the yOni members list.
Anti-nuclear haikus from children in a Nagasaki junior high school.
Mother by Silver.
Daisies - Written by Alice during the creation of "Cloud Catcher", a shamanic theatre piece.
Barbie in a Box - Carolyn's poem takes a fresh look at an old doll!
Osho Ko Hsuan School - A whole new way of growing up. Pavi reflects on this very different kind of school.
Carved Love - A love poem by Priya.
Unfamiliar Places by Mallika.
the Marriage by Rachel.
Reality Bites - A universal female experience. If this hasn't happened to you at least once then you should be put in a museum!
That Difficult Age and Rapture - Two poems by Aletha Zlstrya-Dickenson. The first explores the different growing phases in a maiden's life and the second takes a refreshing look at beauty.
I am me by Sascha.

Feminism and The Maiden

Maidenism and Feminism - Having trouble with your identity? Confused by definitions of feminism? A suggestive piece on how to love your fragmented identity.

The Healthy and Unhealthy Consumption of Pornography - Is it the images of pornography itself or the way it is consumed that is problematic for women?

Books and Music for the Maiden

Getting Real ... about growing up - a resource book for teenagers and young adults
Penelope Swales - One of Australia's most talented female singer-songwriters.

Voices Of Gaia - Music to celebrate Womanhood..
Promiscuities - a book review of Naomi's Wolf's compelling examination of teenage girls and their construction of identity in the late twentieth century.





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