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...I could hear the waterfalls from the path. The afternoon had been wonderful. A hot, steamy day with just enough breeze to entice you to stay a little longer. I laid with my lover and we drank the sun together, becoming drowsy and quenched with the day's heat. Together we gathered our belongings, brushing the sand from our bodies. Our reddened skin tingled from the sun. Gingerly, we walked from the path towards the sounds of the rushing water.

The temperature began to drop as the sun lowered. Becoming cooler, shading the waterfall area. It became mysterious, intriguing.. beckoning us to play away the evening. The waterfalls' energy was enormous. Powerful, pushing swells, spilling it's glittering diamonds into the large pool. Rolling over into a lush, glistening swirl of water.

We could feel the water's eroticism before us. My lover took both of my hands, pulling me forward over the water's edge, dropping our towels on the grass. The breeze began to pick up causing the trees to move, leaves rustling in the wind. Slowly I walked through the water holding his hands. He is before me. His back is very broad and so brown. With hints of the days' sun reddening his shoulders. The skin glistened with his sweat, highlighting his muscles. I witness their play as he manoevers his form through the currents. As my eyes devour his backside, I can feel my lips drying and the need to swallow. His skin is so delicious. The salty, musky, woodsy taste -all his own. I would know that man's taste anywhere. I laugh at myself, I should feel some shame, but only smile at my lover. "He is a wonderful animal." I muse, as I admire his dark, black hair from behind.

His hair is thick with loose curls and I notice the sweat from the days' sunning. Slightly damp and wild in the breeze. His face is roughened with a day's growth, giving him a rugged, dangerous look. Slowly, he turns as though he feels my eyes upon him. Giving me a wicked, gorgeous smile, never breaking his stride through the waters towards the falls. His teeth are very white, beautiful even teeth. He moistens his lips with a quick dart of his tongue. I return his smile, brushing my hair away from my eyes. The wind moves around us, cooling our burns from the day. We edge further into the water. Our laughter floats into the waterfall. We begin to play with each other. Flicking water over each other's skin, watching the ripplets roll over our bodies. His hands drop my fingers and he reaches for my waist, turning my body to face his. The sun highlights his form from behind, shadowing his face. My eyes linger over his chiseled, rugged cheekbones and straight aquiline nose. My hands graze his rough, bearded skin. Reveling in the rough texture, reminding me of straw on an autumn day. My fingers travel into his lips , feeling the wet, warmth of him. His tongue trailed the tips of my fingers... stirring my curiosity, bringing a smile upon my lips. Licking the tips of my fingers, sucking the pads. I move my fingers down his throat, caressing his skin.. letting my palms drag over the rough texture of him. His eyes darken as I twirl his chest hair and trace his nipples with my tongue. I feel his hands caress my buttocks, sliding them over me. Pulling me closer against him, he is parting my thighs with his strong hard legs. Easily, he inches them apart, settling himself against me. He wedges firmly into my cleft and begins to press himself harder against me. All the while, firmly holding my rear, never letting me go. The sounds of the waterfall become louder and the scenery darkens giving us an illusion of privacy. He lifts my shoulder straps with his thumbs and slowly peels my suit down my arms, murmuring in my ear how lovely I am to him. My suit gives way with little effort and floats in his hands. His eyes burn into my skin. He places his hands around my throat, tilts my face to envelop his tongue. Slowly, milking me of my senses. His muscles bunch under my fingertips, as the breathing becomes heavier. I hook my fingers into the elastic of his suit and slide them past his slim hips...watching his form as he bends to remove them.. My eyes are entranced at his swollen sex and the mass of dark curls protecting him.

Desire overwhelms me as I kneel before him. Sliding my tongue over his belly, tasting his golden skin. His ragged breathing increases as he throws his head back, grimacing at the pleasure. I watch as he surrenders to the passion and to my lips. Slowly I take him into my mouth, stroking him up and down, watching his pleasure and abandon... giving himself over to me. His taste begins to pool into my mouth. I close my eyes listening to the falls, my lovers' moans, feeling his powerful arms grasp my shoulders as he begins to shudder. I rise to kiss him fully on the mouth, letting him taste himself. He drinks from me. Our passion is shared between us like a glass of wine.

Roughly, he grabs my body, lifting me into his arms, walking purposely through the water as we kiss. We come upon a large rock. The boulder is warm from the day's sun and has a large open, flat surface waiting just for us. He lifts me up on the rock. Effortlessly, gently, easing me before him. I lay back on the rock surface feeling it's warmth beneath my skin. The hardness of the surface holds us steadfast. He crawls above me, slowly moving up my body like a hunter intent upon his prey. Rubbing his hard, sinuous muscles over my belly. His eyes never leave me as he hovers over my face, bending, kissing my lips. Nibbling my chin, flicking his tongue inside my ear. A sigh escapes me. I can no longer think.

He edges himself downward, placing fervent kisses upon her hips. Teasing her skin with his tongue. Murmuring her name over and over. Begging her to let herself go with him. His moist, warm tongue leaves wet trails down her upper thighs. She begins to writhe beneath him and slowly undulates her hips wantonly. His strong, sun browned hands reach for her inner thigh and gently parts them. Lowering his face, he feels her curls brush past his cheeks, parting her lips to view her sex. Whispering his love and deeply breathing of her. He begins to moan his adoration and begins his ascent onto her moist, private soul. His tongue begins to lick her inner folds, easing her fears and tensions. Over and over he massages her sex with his unhurried, languorous motion. Tasting her, drinking of her juices, coaxing her to move against his face. Farther apart, he widens her legs to allow his broad shoulders to nestle within. Expertly , he gently prys her lips apart to find her small pearl of flesh. He begins to patiently arouse the pearl, holding her rear in his hands, lifting her sex to his mouth as a babe would suckle - milking at his mother's breast. She begins to moan louder and a sheen of perspiration envelops her. Her scent rises for him. Sweet, womanly..and all hers. Freely, she moves her hips on his face, opening herself wider, wanting him even closer. He answers her invitation with relish. Losing himself as he makes her climax, against his lips over and over. He gently slides his finger inside her and slowly rises above her, looking into her face as she shudders for him again. She smiles as he runs his fingers over his lips, watching him experience her again. He places each into his mouth tasting her as if she were the juice of a sweet, ripe fruit.

The waterfall rushes on, crashing it's powerful energy into the river. Protectively, his large body surrounds hers. Easing himself into her curved shape. She feels his muscular tension ease. The lovers slip into a sated,deep sleep. Listening to the falls as they lay upon the warm, solid rock... dreaming.

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