Sex and menstruation

A particular tantric initiation involves making love in a graveyard to a woman who is bleeding! What do you feel about making love while you or your partner is menstruating? This is the original discussion board for you to check out.

What you said:

i had been married for two years, have 1 child (girl). Making love to my wife during the menstrual period was for us the best time we both had. Neither of us thought that it was immoral.In fact we would look forward to her menstrual period for the best sex of our lives.yours truly jean - USA

Having sex while a woman is having her period is fine with me. I adds even more lubrication and makes things even better. Now, I LOVE TO EAT PUSSY, but i have yet to do it while my girlfriend was having her period. Something about that doesn't excite me all that much. the vampire john - USA

I think sex during a woman's period is perfectly natural and cannot understand others revulsion at the topic. tim - usa

My wife and I have been married for 27 years. We have had many years of beautiful sex during her periods. We still get really turned on when she is flowing. Even at age 46 she is very regular. Over the years she has gotten really feisty and plays little menstrual games with me. She has kept her feminine area clean and smooth shaven for the last twenty years. We both love the bare look and feel of a soft and smooth vulva. While menstruating her favorite choice of protection is a tabbed napkin worn with a sanitary belt. She fashions her own belts from lace and elastic. She loves to dress up for me in a nice skirt, garter belt, stockings and slide sandals while wearing her pad and belt beneath her skirt or dress. No panties, just a snug fitting pad gently pressed against her shaven skin. And yes she will go about the house like this and we have even had dinner or movie dates in these same outfits. She normally gets me by slowly inching the hem of her skirt or dress above her stocking tops to the point where I can just see her white pad. More than once we have slipped into the back of our van and had great oral sex as I slowly remove her flow laden pad. It's fun dressing her in a belt and pad also. Anyhow there is true love and acceptance with this God given human function in our lives. We are grateful for each month that my lovely lady has her period. We are a little older but we still have a really great time. My wife has at least a half dozen handmade sanitary belts. They are her special line of menstrual lingerie and look stunning with stockings(black full-fashion seamed) of coarse, garters and high heels. She normally adds a dash of Emeraude in there also! Have a nice day folks and be good to your ladies, they deserve it! Bill - USA


I tried every pain killer on the market and even some prescription stuff for cramps until the first time I had sex during my period. And my dear spouse of 30 years understood and always brought me to several crashing orgasms with handiwork before actual penetration. That took care of my cramping problem. I loved his consideration. And he never made me feel dirty or needy, just very loved. Liz - USA

I stumbled on this forum wondering what yoni was. I've got to admit at 56 years old I thought I read everything but this is great . Before my wife went thru menopause 2 years ago, she did it early, we enjoyed sex at her onset and during much more than other times. I agree climax's are more intense and a way around the mess is either in the shower or go by gerneric bed size incontinence pads. They wont leak like towels. Another way is to use a belt and pad and pull do it from behind and pull the belt aside. It's sexy and helps control the mess. Unfortunately since my wifes menopause we haven't had sex. But the memories are still there.
ron - usa

Sex during menstruation is the BEST cure for cramps! A woman's vaginal secretions smell and taste lovely, no matter what point of her cycle she is in. I know the only time I ever stink 'down there' is once my partner's smelly semen's in me. Then I pong something awful!!
Seeker - Australia

My hardest thing with sex and menstruation is the smell. I don't like the smell of blood, and smell is a big part of sex. Other than that I think that every man should try it at least once because it really gets you in touch with the whole process (no pun intended) -a process misunderstood by most men!
George - USA

My wife and I have had sex during her period on numerous occasions and without fail she comes down with a nasty infection every time. Neither of us has any qualms with sex during menstruation but her problems after the fact make it not worth the trouble. Interested if anyone else has run into this problem. You are welcome to email me directly Thank-you Paul - U.S.A.

Geoff - Australia
My greatest fantasy is to share sex with a lady who is menstruating. The sight and smell of her flowing blood is like a magnet to me. I cannot wait to lap her vagina and use my tongue to lick her out. I love to drink the fresh flow knowing that I am drinking the very seeds of life that flow from within her body. offers?

yes, we make love during menstruation. Some months I am very sexually aroused during my menses
Marie - USA

After reading the response from BABS USA, I had to respond! Though I have never created "body paint" from blood and semen, I find something incredible about the mixing of the 2. Since I bleed 2 weeks out of the month, I frequently have sex during this time. The tampon usually stays in place for the oral portion. My dog once got ahold of it after it was removed and left on the bedside table.. When I discovered this, the tampon was almost new again. It must have been a gourmet meal for him. I'm usually more sensitive during this time and my orgasms are more intense. My favorite part is afterward. I sit on the toilet and watch the mixture of blood and semen float into the water. It kind of has the effect of a lava lamp. Sometimes it just hangs in the water like a stalactite and it looks really cool. My boyfriend thinks I'm really nuts but he also gets a good laugh. Once, I created "tampon art" to freak him out. I put a bloodied tampon in a clear plastic case and surrounded it with dried flowers. I thought it was really cool but I think I offended my friends girlfriend in New York when I sent one to him. Oh well ; )....

Nueman - Malaysia
The first time I had sex with a friend during her period, it didn't shock me my girlfriend (the first ever) had taught me about menstruation and that it was harmless. But she was English and had no hang-ups. Asian women, however, have a great hang-up and subsequent encounters with Asian women showed me that the hang-up is so great. But they did try it once and it blew their minds that I would also lick them. I have no problem with sex during menstruation and just wish women would not have such hang-ups. Nueman - Malaysia

I find the last few days preceding and the first few days after my period has begun that I am at my most aroused.To me, in a loving relationship nothing is "banned" that is acceptable to either partner. Lovemaking during my period is exciting and almost a celebration of my femininity. It's great with someone you love, but highly uncomfortable and embarrassing with someone who is turned off by it. I really don't think i would be able to be with anyone who cannot accept me as I am on EVERY day of the month, bleeding or not. I find it relieves cramps and makes me feel wonderful at a time when I'm highly emotional. I would have to say it's probably the time I'm most amorous, and most womanly. I'm not ashamed to be a woman, I revel in it, and am proud of my femininity,....why shouldn't I be?
Juliet - Australia

Having to wait 5 -7 days for sex was like pure torture for me! But, I never let this on to my boyfriend because I did not want to make him feel pressured into having to satisfy me at this time when I felt dirty. I thought that my bleeding would make him disgusted, and he would be repulsed by just the thought of entering me. But boy was I wrong! In fact, he was the every one who brought up the idea because like me, he too could not wait that long. I was a bit uneasy at first, but he made me feel so comfortable. He was so gentle, it was wonderful. The bleeding was like added lubrication, and my orgasm was the most intense during this time. The experience can be a wonderful one as long as you have the right man. It is not an issue of disgust, or grossness. It is a bond between two individuals who love each other intensely.
Juliet - Australia

I like sex -- regardless. I having sex during my period is a real turn-on, except for the mess. But that's easily solved with towels, and doesn't present any problems. I have only found one man that wasn't turned off by it, and that was because of the magical potency of menstrual blood. In his opinion, the mingling of the male and female secretions was very powerful for bringing desired changes into one's life. He didn't even have a problem with cunnilingus during that time, although he and I were never lovers, we discussed his opinions at length, and I wouldn't have had a problem with it. I am turned on by my own juices, and so find nothing "dirty" about them.
Maja - USA

My first boyfriend (who I to this day don't like to talk about) was always like, "Are you on the rag? Is Aunt Flo paying you a visit?" He was so horrified with the idea of having sex at "that time of the month" that I dreaded when it would come because I had started seeing it as a source of embarrassment. It kind of carried over after that relationship was over, with everyone having the same attitude. So one day when my current, lovely, wonderful boyfriend said, "Why don't you ever want to have sex when you're having your period?" it kind of shocked me. But I'm still not comfortable with it. The idea makes me squeamish. Like, I'm afraid he'd puke or something. I wish I could get over it.
Jessica - U.S.

I have the greatest admiration for women who feel comfortable with sex during their period. Not only is it a turn on for me to see her blood on my penis but I actually like the smell and taste. A woman should not apologize for her period.
kevn - Canada

The first time my boyfriend had sex I was having my period. I think he was a little shocked to see the blood but he did not say anything about it. He came faster in me then than he has since when I have not been bleeding. Like others, I felt very much in tune with myself and my femininity. We talked about it afterwards and he said that although he was surprised to see the blood he said it was the best sex he had ever experienced.
Jenny - USA

I think sex during menstruation is one of the most fascinating things in the world you can do with a woman. I have got some experiences with women having their "bloody days", and they were all great. I think the sexual contact in these times is more instinctive, anomalous and almost interesting. The women I¥d get to know have been much more horny and where wet all the day. My wish is that any woman who has got her menstruation should have sex with anyone she wants with. So, join the red muff-divers association !
Wolly - Germany

I am always greatly disappointed in a man if he is unwilling to have sex with me when I have my period. I think this reflects a lack of maturity and a lack of acceptance of my femininity and a rejection of who I am. I've yet to find a partner who isn't squeamish about the topic!
joanna - Australia

Having SEX while your gushing with blood is truly trifling. If you don't have enough self control to to wait until, your period is off,then obviously you are not mature enough to be doing it in the first place. Disgusted in Atlanta
Kim - USA

The first time my lover and I made love while I was menstruating was a truly magical experience. It is a very sacred time and a time when I feel very sensual and energized. He actually had a crying orgasm during our love making which was very special. The blood that I had released was not seen or felt by either of us as dirty, rather, sacred. Even though there was a piece of my uterus on his stomach!
elke - australia

After reading this section, I had a huge erection! I didn't know that so many people like the vampire sensation!! However, it appears that my dry right hand will have to do for now.

I love to make love while I am bleeding as I feel much freer at this time. It has taken me a long time however to feel comfortable with this.
Genie - Australia

I personally don't like to have sex when my flow is heavy(first few days).That's also when I'm most physically uncomfortable.I don't mind after it eases up a bit though,and neither does my Mithuma-USA

A day or two before my period is over, I love to have sex. My sex drive is much more intense at this time. My partner also likes to eat it. Hell, as long as one is clean and not flowing heavily, I think its the best kind of sex one could have. Plus, you don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancy (NB. Be careful! - I know some women who have conceived during their bleeding time - see the pages on the Lunar Fertile Time . Ed) . You know...I lke sex at all times anyway, so maybe I'm a bit bias. Those of you out there, please try EVERYTHING there is to try in this life. You may not be here too long.

I find my libido sometimes goes into overdrive just before my cycle starts and may continue through out my menses. Although my husband and I don't engage in intercourse during flow, I wish we would. I find that now that I am off the pill, my level of discomfort has increased to an almost unbearable height. Just like exercise is supposed to help with the muscular discomfort (cramps), I would think exercising the muscles directly would help alleviate the pain.
Vania -USA

I get very horny just before and when I first start my period. I feel very sexy, have stronger orgasms and get very turned on at this time of the month. Problem is my husband no longer likes sex while I'm menstruating! Susan -USA

My love SO really likes to have sex during her period. I can take it or leave it, Blood bothers me, as long as I don't look at the blood I'm fine... Geoff -usa

In a discussion dominated, so far, by women, I think a man's opinion might be appropriate. I feel that during a woman's menses, she is closest to reaching the intensity of a man's sex drive. The increased flow of pheromones/hormones and the like has an equally intoxicating effect on me (speaking only from my experience, of course.) And being only one genetic anomaly from a cro-magnon, blood still excites my taste buds as well as my dick. Sean -USA

Try anal during the period time. Much less a mess. She will appreciate you. You will appreciate the tightness and intensity of the program. Borne -France

I read with interest the fact that many women feel intensely horny during the period right before and during menses. I know that I am the same. I have met many men who have no discomfort with intercourse during this time, but have never had a lover perform cunnilingus on me during this time. I am no prude by any means, but if I had a lover who wanted to, I might feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, I might enjoy it very much indeed. I can only hope I find one at some point who will be willing to give it a try, be the one to suggest it. I know I never have. And if I find such a man, I will probably marry him! LOL!

it may seem strange, but during my period is when i have been most sexually "active"...... my partner and i like to have all our jucies..... my "girl goo", my shedding walls and blood....and his cum all mix together...... the VERY unusually part of our activities is that we like to use the mix as "paint" to paint our bodies!! Babs - PS if you try this type of body painting....and have a dog as a pet.. lock her/him/it outside the bedroom....we found this out the hard way!!....

I am a male, age 44. I like sex at all times, even during the flow. There is something sensual and animal about sex during this time of the month. It also changes the sensation for me a lot. The vagina is feeling very different, slippery, even more tender, soft, and puffy than usual. The sight and smell of menstrual blood has never been a problem for me. I am a hunter and on occasion the "blood and guts" of animals has been uncomfortable, but never a lady's flow. I will admit that now my preference is to make love to a wonderful lady without a uterus... lovemaking is more predictable, she seems to have fewer inhibitions, oral sex is better, and the fear of pregnancy is past. Gentle

This is a grand topic because for so long, it just wasn't talked about. As for me, sex is wonderful during my time of bleeding. My whole body is more responsive, and as for cramps, sex is the perfect medicine. Ruby-USA

As with most things in our marriage enjoyment of sex during menstruation varies from time to time. Lots of towels on the bed, freshly bathed, in a slow part of the day or after gardening allow the period to be part of a larger event and not the point of focus. It relieves my wife's pain on some occasions and that, alone, would be reason enough to be there when needed or wanted. It is unthinkable that she would be less desirable but some men, I know, are uncomfortable with the period. They need to learn. Bill-Hawaii

My wife is always horniest right when she starts her period. We get out an old blanket, put it on the living room floor and make mad, passionate love, completely unconcerned about any possible mess. It's like a celebration of love and freedom. Robert-USA


I have a strong sex drive, anyway, but it increases during my period. I don't know if it is caused by hormones or just that my attention is drawn to my yoni during menstruation because of the warm blood there and the pad (if I'm not using a tampon). Whatever it is, I often find myself feeling the sexiest when I'm the bloodiest. I've noticed my SO of seven years gets quite amorous the day before my period. Coincidence or response to smells picked up subconsciously? Before we were married, we would have sex even during the heavy flow days, but now we wait until I'm tapering off. Sex during menstruation is messier than usual, but it's worth the mess. None of my ex-BFs cared for the idea of having sex during menstruation; one in particular was very schoolboy-ish about the whole thing. I find it a real turn on when a man is mature enough not to be turned off by a woman's natural bodily functions and scents. I also think penises look beautiful when they're red from menstrual blood after sex; it's almost as if they've been painted specially with red ocher or something.


Having sex during the first two days of my period is almost a must. My husband of 25 years brings me to several crashing orgasms with his fingers. Increases blood flow a bit but totally relieves the severe cramping i get. I love his consideration. Elizabeth-USA

It's good to know so many other people are exploring this topic and enjoying the experience. Like others, I have found my libido increasing as my period approaches and remaining intense until a few days afterwards. My orgasms tend to be more intense at this time. For me, sex during this period has the same stress-relieving action as vigorous outdoor exercise like mountain hiking or cross-country skiing. One thing others haven't mentioned is if they experience a lessening of libido during the week of ovulation. I've experienced this. It seems to go against biological programming. Jenny-Canada

I'm most libidinous about two or three days before my bleeding starts. Sometimes it carries through to while I'm actually menstruating. Whether or not I enjoy intercourse while bleeding depends on a lot of little things: my husband absolutely will NOT perform oral sex while I'm bleeding, so I'd better not be interested in that; if it's one of my really heavy flow days, I don't get much stimulation -- there is such a thing as too much lube, be it blood or AstroGlide; and while it does make the cramps not bother me during, afterwards they return worse than before, so I have to take lots of Aleve right afterwards. Generally, I'll do it, and I'll probably enjoy the experience, but it's not something I make a point of doing.

from this fella's perspective "if you ain't got yer red wings, you ain't bin home". wombin is the finest at this type in my experience. as a matter of fact a g-spot gusher is usually much more likely to occur usually 4 to 12 hours prior to menses in my experience.

I love having sex during my girlfriends period. I have a major fetish for menstruating women. I got horny just reading this page. I love to talk about sex during menstruation
sean - us

Earth-centered spiritually sees the menses as a woman giving back to the Mother. I have been married for two years now and am uncomfortable with the idea of penetration with my wife during this time. It's not the sight of blood, that is not an issue. I feel that this is "holy time" for the woman. There is a reason for the this cycle and I don't believe that intercourse is proper (no, I'm not Catholic). I'm just going on a feeling but would like to understand it more. If you have any have information that might broaden my understanding...many thanks.
Randy - USA

I'd like to have sex with my boyfriend all time, even when I am bleeding. I have strong libido especially a few days before and during my period. Having intercourse during menstruation is very exiting to me and also my boyfriend. I can get 10 times of excitement than I have sex with my boyfriend in 'normal' day. My boyfriend enjoy it very much, too. He said that it can bring him an great enjoyment.
June - Hong Kong

From reading the comments here, I'm frankly surprised to find so many people... women and men who are squeamish about having sex during a woman's period. I get EXTREMELY aroused when my SO is having her period, so horny that it practically drives me out of my mind! :) To me, that is a woman's most feminine time... when she is most opposite from a man... the heavier the flow the better. When I'm eating her, the sight and taste of her blood, mixed with the lusty smell drives my animal instincts wild! And during intercourse, my cock is in pure heaven... a man that hasn't experienced the incredible heat and wetness of a menstruating pussy hasn't lived!
Jack - USA


I think menstrual blood is great to eat.My life partner says she likes it too
Christy - USA

I have been involved with a man for three years. Around the time of my period, he starts to pick on that.I think he is more aware of when I was going to bleed that I was. He wanted to be with me at all times during my period. I don't know of many men like him. He and I have the most erotic lovemaking during that time than other times. He had commented once that he couldn't keep his hands off me during that time.
Bonnie - America

I adore making love when I'm flowing. Everything about my body at that time is positively ripe and luscious. My boyfriend loves it, and tells me that I am at my most receptive and inviting then. He is not the least bit squeamish about oral. Every act feels exquisitely intimate . . .
Joan - USA

This is something I've been working on for a while. My husband loves the "rosy" smell around me, and would not turn me away if I was swimming in blood. It's my own personal taboos that hold me back, but each time I push my self, I feel better about myself in general. A took me a couple months of masturbating alone before I could "come out with it".
Shan - US

One of my finest experiences was during a beautiful "nude" hike with a lover in a remote desert canyon. After stopping for lunch on a large rock, I massaged her genitals, which were then seeping with menstrual blood. We both appreciated the sight, which was ineffably lovely. This woman, who was 50 years old, had only recently begun to enjoy relationships with myself and with other appreciative men, after having spent decades in a bad marriage with a spiteful man. I was so happy to have had the privilege of enjoying her wonderful femininity.
Jerry - USA


It is delightful to see the interest in this topic. My wife and I have reveled in this activity from our earliest intimacies. It draws us closer together since it something that neither of us has ever shared with anyone else. My concern now is that as she experiences her menopause, she is concerned that her libido will decrease and that I will consider her less feminine since she will no longer bring her menses to our lovemaking. If anyone has experience with these concerns and ideas on how to counter them, I would be very appreciative. I love her very much and do not want to see her worries come between us.
Paul - USA


My wife love oral sex, both giving and receiving! During her menses, especially the heavier stages, she will offer me fellatio willingly, as she would any other time. After awhile, I felt a bit of guilt for not offering her the same release and opportunity for orgasm. Two solutions to this dilemma arise: 1) Simple tongue-clit stimulation are 2) have your lover wear a tampon and clit lick her. The orgasmic intensity is not lessened, and if anything, it is increased. Additionally, anal sex and vibrator assistance on the clit will help. For those of you who fear to try the banned "hershey highway", ease your lover into it! (no pun intended) After our first experience at this, my wife begs for it now!!


I love to give cunnilinus especially on my friends heaviest days.. the taste and scent is especially pheromatic at this time, plus she seems to be even more responsive.. calendar marked
mark - usa


Please excuse, but my english is not very good. I like to have sex with my my wife, while she has her menses. She is very horny at this time. I think the little bit of blood don't disturb.
wolfi - germany


I was really surprised that so many people like to make love when opposite partner has menstruation.I have to agree with many of you that making love in that situation is very exiting.From my experience I have to say that from my point of view woman are more horny than in regular time,so it makes me horny too.Girls are more wet so I can hear some sounds from inside like (plumbing the pipe)----Hlup,hlup!!!!and I also like to see my cock all in red and juice!!!
Robert - Canada


Menstruation does not lessen my desire for sex, it enhances it. In honor of this cycle that I experience every month, I treat myself to any form of goodies that I desire. My body is exactly that, my body, I find beauty in all aspects of it. menstruation is just another aspect. It has taken me a long time to accept my body, due to the many influences of today's society. Yet I learnt, don't look without for someone to fill you with love, look within. Celebrate your body and it's menstruation by having the best sex that you can give yourself, who says a gift has to be wrapped in ribbons? ..
Karen - Australia


My current boyfriend is the first who would have sex with me during my period, but the blood grosses him out a little. Sometimes I put in my diaphragm, especially if it's the 1st or 2nd day, but my cervix is sometimes really tender. The only liver I've had go down on me when I was bleeding was a woman. I would do the same. Menstrual blood tastes yummy, just like all a woman's juices. Elinor - CANADA


I dated a girl from Sydney when I was in Australia. One Saturday afternoon she came to the flat I was renting. She was going on holiday for two weeks and this was our last time together before her trip. She didn't use birth control pills and she had this beautiful blood red flow that had just begun as we started to have sex. She looked a little shocked when she first saw the blood on me (perhaps she thought I might be shocked) but she totally laughed and loved it when I took my fingers, dipped them in the blood and painted "war paint" stripes on my cheeks like an Indian. She told me later that evening that she loved me for the first time. It's a really fond memory of mine. The only slightest regret is that there is no way in hell (that I know)to get the sheets clean again.
Jeff - USA


Sex during a woman's period is the best. I love having sex with my girlfriend during her period. We both cum so much more. We have sex 3 or 4 times a day when she is menstruating. Washing her blood off my genitals and pubic hair means that I have been closer to her than most men ever get to their mate. She was really impressed when I said I would do it and has become much less inhibited sexually. Guys, if you really want to impress your woman, help her remove and insert a tampon or maxi-pad. If you choose a tampon tease her with it by gently pumping her pussy with it while putting it in. Try removing it orally and listen to her scream. But be ready because you will be so excited that you will be cumming all over her blood soaked pussy lips.
Mark - United States


I had a boyfriend once who loved to go down on me and have intercourse during my period. I have a rather heavy flow with lots of cramps but after sex with him I always felt great. The orgasms were spectacular! Messy sheets were a problem though, so we used towels. I haven't dated anyone since then who loved my menses as much as he did-- but I'm lookin! I thought my ex was unusual, so I was really happy to read here that some guys love it too. My period, although painful, makes me incredibly lusty and I feel quite Goddess-y . A tip- getting stoned makes the experience even more sensuous and erotic! Damn, I miss it!
el - USA


I think having sex during menstruation is a really femininity acceptance. I think menstruation is a part of being woman, so it's totally normal doing it during their periods. Besides, I love the smell of fresh used pads...
Francisco - Mexico


the only time my boyfriend and i have sex anymore is while i have my period, it's a long story, but it's because i tend to get paranoid of pregnancy (even with condoms) because i'm not on birth control pills anymore (also a long story) but i think sex is wonderful at any time, but i was surprised that my boyfriend wasn't squeamish at all about having sex while i was bleeding, when i asked him about it, he said it was only natural, and nothing disgusting. although he doesn't like giving me oral pleasure while i'm bleeding, we found a solution for that... tampons.. no blood.. well, that's my story.
katy - usa


If you are in a relationship where you really,truly care about the other person,these things are of a trivial nature. If i am going to enter into a relationship that is all consuming (Im a Scorpio,Sorry!!) menstruation isn't going to hinder my love for my partner.I don't feel like "hey look here,this is how much I love you", or anything like that,its just a matter of fact thing,part of nature,what have you.If you love your mate, it shouldn't be a problem.
Steve - USA


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