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Scent of you

What role does smell play in sexual attraction for you? Do you prefer natural body odours or particular perfumes or oils. Do you feel comfortable with your own particular smells or do you try to disguise them. This is the original discussion board for you to check out.

What you said:

For me the most exciting part of sex is the natural body odor of female. I especially love the strong and musky smell from the bushy armpits of an excited female. I love to rub all the armpits sweat all over my face as it is an essential and exciting foreplay for me. I have masturbated on many occasions after seeing the hairy armpits of a woman. I have imagined all my neighbors, my girl friends, my wife's friends hairy armpits. I love the natural smell from their armpits and hate any perfume.
keshav - India

The fragrance of a woman can be a powerful aphrodisiac for me, with a strong emotional component.Love,lust,serenity and comfort all wrapped into one.Certain blonde woman exude what I maintain to be the most wonderful fragrance in the world. I don't know what it is but man-made drugs pale in comparison to a beautiful woman who possesses this scent. I am a brown haired male and my parents were as well; so, I don't think it has to do with associations to maternal nurturing There was a female playmate that possessed this essence, but I don't remember her or the scent being a source of arousal then. It seems to be prevalent amongst woman of Scottish descent.While this is not the only aspect of attraction by any means, it couldn't certainly sway me to overlook other aspects of physical attraction and to some extent bias my emotions. It certainly fuels my passion. I would be interested if anyone else has made similar observations. I would also be interested in a blondes perspective on this. Is this the real reason they say,"Gentlemen prefer blondes"? I also wonder how strongly scent is a factor of gender Preferences? I don't presently have a subscription to Yoni, so please send me a copy of your responses!
Robb - US

I think most women smell best just being natural. Throw away your deodorants please! A lot of men, including myself like to kiss a woman's armpits during sex, and the musky aroma of clean sweat is most alluring. Even if a woman's scent can be detected from 5' away, say on a hot day, in a park, it is most exciting to men knowing that the woman is bold enough not to wear deodorant to attract her mate. The scents of the underarm can be enhanced further if a woman chooses not to shave. Hairy, sweaty armpits attract me the most. John
John - USA

I love the smell of my husband and I together after we make love. It can turn me on so much that I am often in need of further stimulation and satisfaction which he is willing to provide, even if it's too soon for him to become totally aroused again. Having him satisfy himself and rub his ejaculate all over me so I can smell it sends me right into orbit. (watching him do it isn't bad either)
Liz - USA

I love to see a lady with hairy armpits. Especially sweaty, hairy pits that get all matted down from the wetness, either from a hot, humid day, or during lovemaking. The scent of the sweat gives me tremendous arousal, and I enjoy mutual licking of each others armpits. No deodorant of course! The armpit odor also will help men with slight impotence, and may even give problems of pre-ejaculation! As a professional businessman, I find this subject most erotic. Women, please share your views.
John - USA MDDRJOHN@aol.com

Has any one done any research about a person's responsiveness to body smell in relationship to whether they are kinesthetic, auditory or visually dominant?? I'm really into aroma therapy, and as much as I enjoy my husband's smell, I find my life and my home a much richer sensory and emotional environment by using natural plant oils. They heal and nurture! Blessed be!
Seeker - Australia

I've find smells some of the best parts of intimacy. Since me and my #1 are into the natural thing I've had a lot of experience with body smells. Two things can alter them~ ...eating a lot of meat & ...being sick Meat is the big thing, because if I don't eat meat I can easily go a week without a shower. I sweat, but it is clear and pure, and no bad smells linger. Most people assume I've had a recent shower even after six or seven days!
John - jradawsk@sfc.edu

Sam - US
You guys are ALL right. One's meat is another's poison. Smell is definitely one of the integral parts of sex. I'm at college and I have one of my girl's shirts from back home. Whenever I smell it, I get so turned on and any memory of her that is lost through time is brought back with VIVID clearness. Unbelievable. During sex, the way she smells, be it her neck or her...yoni, as you call it, drives me crazy. If she didn't smell at all, it would take so much away from sex. I read somewhere that smell is the most memory inducing of the five senses. They were right. I was in the elevator, and someone who happened to use just the same laundry detergent walked in, and WOW. Scent is great. Let yourself smell. Don't cover it up. Natural human scent will turn you on like a machine.

Marie - USA
natural is always more sensuous... I love the scent of my husband...

I have always been in tune with my olfactory responses, and have been fortunate to have been with women who appreciated that after running, I did not shower. They loved to inhale my scent, and even were able to distinguish the subtle differences in aromas between this part of me or that. Very arousing, for me and my partner. I would like to hear from women who appreciate the importance of the sense of smell and the erotic. John
John - USA

My sense of smell is extremely acute and chemical perfumes have a tendency to irritate it. But I also find body odor quite gross, so I prefer essential oils. Whether worn as a singular scent, or used in a blend for witchcraft or ritual purposes, essential oils provide the wearer with a "state of mind" to exist in for the day. Depending on how I feel in the morning, I will put together a blend, and say a small affirmation, so the scent provides not only a nice smell, but a purpose.
Sammi - Australia

Feetsies - USA
As far as I have seen, people have been discussing armpits and genital scent. And while a number people I've encountered seem comfortable with the scents of these regions, few seem at ease with another scent-intensive area -- the feet. I have from childhood often found women's feet a strong turn-on (though not all women' feet). I was thought quite a gentleman in high school for giving foot massages to many female friends (snicker). A few however had pungently smelly feet which I did not care for -- a result of wearing polyester socks or sneakers sans socks. Worse was one girl who wore the same canvas sneakers without socks every single day. Augh! Some years later however, I met a beautiful, sensuous "granola"-type woman with whom I instantly hit it off. As she had already kicked-off her Birkenstock clogs, I slipped off her tie-dye socks to rub her feet. I was surprised however that her feet smelled really good! There was none of that stinky "Elmer's Glue" or "landfill" scent I had previously encountered. In reality it is often the synthetic materials in polyester socks and shoes which cause bad foot odor. The natural fibres of this women's socks and footwear allowed her natural scent to flourish. It was a delicious smell -- like honey. Feet are a wonderful source of sexy body odor -- provided they are not encased in synthetic socks or the same shoes day after day. Birkentocks and leather sandals, or cotton socks worn between foot and shoe permit the natural smell of feet to remain. I am not however public with this particular "taste" of mine. Very few people understand liking armpit scent, let alone foot sent!

I like the natural smell of a woman, no perfume unless it's just a little dab of patchouli. When I was traveling in Alaska, living in a tent, and showering perhaps once a week, I ran into many women who were doing the same thing. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than a woman who hasn't showered for a few day and has their natural scent going. Most women today wear way too much pollution on their body. I'm sorry but a hundred dollar bottle of perfume doesn't do it for me. If you want to turn me on it's ... au natural.
John - USA

I have to reveal my love of body, specifically vaginal smells. I love to smell a pussy after it has had an orgasm. I especially love the aroma while a woman is on her period. There is no bigger turn on than the smell of a menstruating female. If more woman would be aware that this is a turn on for some men, both sexes could benefit as a result. Also a few days without showering can be a turn on. I don't mean on a regular basis, but for a special erotic time. One of my favorite sexual experiences were when my late wife and I would go camping for several days. During that time we would have sex numerous times. There would be no shower facilities. I would enjoy her aroma and perform oral sex on her especially the last morning before going home. I knew that upon arrival home she would immediately take a bath. The smell and taste of her vagina after numerous days and numerous sexual encounters was intensely erotic to me. She had had a hysterectomy so I was not privileged to smell her during that special time of the month. However previous to our marriage I had a girlfriend that loved sex during her period. The aroma was terribly sexy. The taste was even better. If any one is interested in more talk e-mail nklodeon@psln.com

I love a woman right out of a shower,with no perfume or deodorant. The smelling, licking & sucking of her shaved armpits (shaved so I can get right to the skin), her asshole & vagina is VERY exciting to me,sexually. Perfumes & deodorants are fine at work,or in public,but in private there is no sexier smell than a woman's armpits, anal & vaginal area
Kirby - usa Eliminohpe@AOL.com

Please keep all my information confidential. Thank you. For me the sense of smell is a vital cog in sexual stimulation. On any given day, any one of the senses can prevail over the others. A beautiful smile and body come to life with the visual sense. Hearing can titillate based on anything from an encouraging response to a suggestion of romance to a whisper in the ear expressing one's most banal desires. Touch can stimulate whether its an erect nipple, soaked tummies pressed together in a missionary position, the feel of soft stomach giving way to tight oily pubic curls to the hand's discovery of a soaking wet crotch and pair of drenched panties. Touch also encompasses, I suppose the feelings of body heat one encounters inside a vagina or often radiating outside such a spot. The magical unproven sixth sense of extra sensory perception arguably comes into play during the courting ritual and intimacy, as two souls simply yearn to connect and share, and each partner knows the right moves intuitively. But scent is perhaps as strong and pleasurable a sexual stimulant as can be found. I believe there are many reasons for this: First, chemistry. I firmly (no pun intended) believe that pheromones play a huge role in human sexual stimulation. As evidence, I have many times found myself kissing and fondling my partner, with my penis in a state of semi-arousal, all of a sudden instantly stiffening up and getting a heavy throbbing erection within, say ONE SECOND of getting a whiff of a strong body secretion. Typically, this is from an armpit. I actually find that the armpit scent gets me in the full readiness position faster than any other part of a woman's body. My own armchair scientific explanation is that the armpit is more proximate to the nose of a nearby upright individual than the vaginal area. Thus, the body prioritizes this higher site for greater allocation of sexual scents. In my mind I cannot separate taste and smell. I will thus add that after gaining sudden throbbing hardness from a deep inhalation of armpit odor, I can achieve an even greater state of excitement by licking the sweat from the armpits. While I have commented already in your hairy armpit discussion as to the scent advantages of a hairy female armpit over a shaven one, I simply want to reiterate, for new readers, that a hairy armpit, which traps odor, is many times more stimulating than a shaven pit. This transcends olfaction and taste and also provides a major visual turn-on. Whereas a hairy pubic area is expected, a hairy armpit provides a hidden surprise and immediately communicates to me that the woman enjoys her body and recognizes that others truly appreciate this natural state. It also communicates daring. When one espies a pretty woman with hairy pits in a public place such as the beach, a pool or a sauna, one can hardly suppress the assumption that the woman is personally and sexually confident and likely not uptight about unbridled naughty sex. But getting back to the subject, I clearly find the chemicals taking full command after smelling a ripe female armpit and then a total up welling of desire after bathing this area with my tongue. One day, when meeting a new girlfriend at lunch, we kissed and her sweat's aroma from that hot summer's day wafted up for me to be able to breathe it in and savor it. It was mixed with a dash of perfume. As we kissed, I became erect. When we let go of each other and started saying goodbye, I looked down at my light poplin suit trousers and there was about a one square inch wet stain where I guess my pre-ejaculate had come through my underwear and soaked into the light colored fabric. She noticed it also and later told me it was the cornerstone of many private sexual fantasies she'd had. While the scent of the armpit reigns supreme as far as I'm concerned, I also delight in the smell of the hair, the taste of her mouth, the smell of her neck and clothing. As for the lower area smells, this is a separate subject. Perhaps one of the most exciting suspenseful moments in any new sexual encounter is smelling and tasting a woman's pubic and vaginal area. While I find that most women's odors here fall into one of several basic varieties, there is always a subtle difference to be savored. Perhaps a woman's odor in this area (as well as the look, feel, hotness and wetness), is one of the hardest things to guess at and thus one of the most intriguing things to explore. I've found dark hot-blooded looking girls of Mediterranean descent fairly dry, not particularly odoriferous and actually disappointingly non-hirsute. On the other hand I have been surprised by Irish girls of light complexion who have had some of the heaviest bushes imaginable, as well as strong personal scents. I have slobbered over women's private parts that ranged from basically neutrally antiseptic, to strongly pungent. One girl of Greek heritage who I dated smelled so overpoweringly aromatic, that it was almost amazing that this wonderful odor was only noticeable either when I was eating her or having sex doggie style. That it would not permeate her clothing was amazing. Yet, this supports my earlier assertion that armpit odor is more stimulating. If a girl has worked up a strong underarm scent, you can smell it through her blouse. But this does not seem to hold true for pubic odors. Actually this is to bad. How nice it would be to be able to probe this secret part of every strange woman simply by breathing deeply. While typically I find that darker complexioned women have stronger scents, this is by no means an absolute. Each woman is usually a surprise. I find the best smells to be in the morning. I believe that over the course of a night's sleep, there are many sexual secretions from various parts of a woman's body - totally at ease - and that in combination with bacterial action over the night, the strongest sexually stimulating odors occur in the morning, before bathing. I have been disappointed after exercise and a sauna -- the sauna sweat washes everything away! Waking is the time of "morning mouth". I have actually accepted this as a fact of life and realizing that my mouth smells no better, I find that heavy tongue kissing in the morning is tantamount to a mutual acceptance of each other. I thus actually have educated myself to be stimulated by the taste of a woman's mouth in the morning. No discussion of scents would be complete without addressing other more private scents. I have smelled the urine of various women and find it remarkably similar. In fact, it smells similar to my own. I've never engaged in any "water sports". But I have been in the bathroom while a (not shy) woman is peeing. I unabashedly admit that out of curiosity I have leaned over to take in the "fragrance". I have often, during cunnilingus nuzzled my nose right up to the anus' of many women and I find this very adventurous and mentally stimulating, but in no way as stimulating as the armpit smells, and to lesser extent the pubic smells, which I believe are heavily steeped in sexually attract ant chemical pheromones. I think the charge I get there is due to the fact that a woman has let me get so close to such a verboten area. On two or three occasions I have actually performed analingus, although I haven't done this in years. The tongue is clearly no match for the tight sphincter, but even the tiniest taste sensations during maximum penetration (not much at all), have been very adventuresome. Although I am the first to admit that a good mouthwash and shot of whiskey is usually in order after such activity. This experience has been the most adventuresome when I have, on two occasions been with what you would on the surface consider very straight proper women. One girl, who I met in my first year of work was the summer receptionist for our executive floors and was attending an Ivy League school. She had gotten close to 1600 on her College Boards, was as sweet and polite as people got and dressed extraordinarily conservatively. The idea that this clean cut ambassador of our floor would actually allow a man to insert his tongue inside her anus as far as her sphincter would allow, was unbelievably exciting. What was also so great was that she was very open about talking about her sexual needs and feelings -- I can not tell you how good it felt when she would call me on her break and tell me how absolutely soaked she was. I may also add that she allowed me to break her "anal virginity", which was an exhilarating thrill. I never had a virgin, but I had this as well as two girls who previously had never administered fellatio and swallowed. Virgin enough. The other wonderful thing about this girl was that after the summer when she returned to school, she stopped shaving her pits and that fall was a time of many a supercharged erection for me. Getting back to the original topic, there is without a doubt, a major stimulation that I receive from pungent armpits (NO deodorant) and to lesser degree, tasty pussies. I would be curious if any women experience the same. I can tell you that I have personally gotten many women into the odor of my pits, as well as my balls, which seem to get aromatic even 10 minutes after a shower. They typically have stronger and more numerous orgasms. One of the things about exchanging tastes and smells, is that once such "ice is broken", inhibitions fall. There are very few inhibitions or secrets to keep after a woman has let a man stick his tongue as hard as he can into her anus! Good sex to me, is a multi-sensory adventure, with the imagination and the ability to communicate one's secret desires paramount. The beauty of admitting to secret desires is a partner will often own up to her own, which sets up basic barter!
Rourke - USA

Civilization has brought us to the point where we have forgotten out mammalian instincts. Most mammals use scent to convey several messages including sexual turn on for a female to a male...and territorial markings for a male to a male. Ever looked at a lion or a buffalo or a goat or a lamb or a dog...What is the first thing they smell..? Its the Genitalia of the opposite sex which determines the turn on or turn off as body does have its own chemistry. A young woman definitely smells great (between 15 - 30) generally as the hormones are definitely emitting the necessary pheromones to attract the opposite sex. However prolonged exposure of pheromones also causes odor which is a turnoff in the case of elderly women or men. One should also watch the dietary intake in order to maintain the proper level of pheromones as most non-vegetarian diet emit pheromones which are more likely to attract bacteria then vegetarians. The difference is very very proven in many journals and magazines that vegetarian die t is also important for prolonged beauty which is only maintained by the body's ability to produce hormones. So the above general explanation is used sorta to provide a hint that deodorant might be looked upon as a good thing where one cannot afford to have a 'worked up' or 'turned on' work force walking around with smirks all over their faces or hard pants. However, one should maintain a clean body in order to enjoy the smells of different body parts such as the YONI, CROTCH, ARMPITS, Portion just above the ANUS (crack) and sweat spots between the chest and breasts. Naturally the scent of a woman is just as important as the scent of a man. One should really consume plenty of plain water to clean the sweat glands naturally to keep the pores from clogging and producing bad odor. Clean glands will help remove the dirt and also increase the release of 'pheromones' more effectively for people who think that body odor or scent is disgusting. Body Odor is the only thing we mammals have/had/will even after r a Nuclear Holocaust to attract opposite sex. Body is an Art and Science. Please nurture the body along with the mind by consuming more natural diet such as Leafy Vegetables, plenty of water and periodically washing the body itself to wash away the body's dirt and bacterias and help release the necessary pheromones to enjoy a happy sex life. Ever wondered how the orientals always had a way of maintaining a young looking skin and body..? why does that culture is so dedicated to maintaining a healthy body through healthy diet and herbs...? One Simple Answer.... A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body..which ultimately leads to a Healthy Life which includes Sexual Lifestyle as well....so Please promote BODY SCENT in a more scientific and natural way and not as a means of sexual exploitation. Thankyou Very Much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HP - u.s

i once dated a guy who constantly smelled of a combination of cigarettes, beer, and strong b.o. his beer smell told me that he was lazy and his b.o. and cig. smells represented uncleanliness. i was completely disgusted. after his roommate confessed that he had not ONCE seen him take a shower/bath, i left. for good.
jeanette - USA

All the past relationships I had my boyfriends insisted upon cleanliness, no odor etc. etc. This has all changed with my current boyfriend. He is very into smell. I love his smell, I love wearing his T-shirts to bed after he has worn them all day. He loves to smell me, his face gets a beautific look, his eyes shut tight, with a blissful smile on his face. I find him intoxicating. When he comes home from work when I have a day off, I like to hold him and just drink him in. it gets me quite powerfully turned on. It must to him as well because I usually find myself swiftly divested of clothing and hauled off to bed. I love the smell of his genitals, it is an earthy smell. He likes how I smell. I like kissing him after oral sex, when my smell and his get all mixed together. At night when he is asleep, he will smell my hair and pull me tight up against him. It must be an unconscious reaction. He also will become instantly aroused, rock hard after smelling me. Does anyone else's experiences mirror this? Cheers.
brandubh - CANADA

Every time the love of my life disappears from my arms I am intoxicated. His breathtaking smell of deodorant,cologne and body is such heaven for me. I think a man in its entirity is the most beautiful and intoxicating scent on this earth (unless of course you're a man, then it probally would be a woman.)
Princess - USA

I am 19 years old and am well aware that natural scent, whether it be male of female, can be very attractive. The wide-eyed look of joy when I kiss a man who has just performed oral pleasure, is a huge turn-on. I recently had a memorable encounter with a scent-oriented partner.The morning after, he called me and said that he had been smelling his sheets all morning, remembering me. Now, that may not sound romantic to some, but I highly suggest for anyone to try it! If your partner is as flattered and turned-on as he made me, you will not be disappointed!
JLDAVID@bell Atlantic.com
Patricia - USA

I think body scents are really hot! I had a boyfriend who's scent always turned me on. He did not use any sort of deodorant, but he always smelled clean, even when he'd been working out in the hard. I loved the smell of his arm pits, and his hair. He also gave me one of his tee-shirts to keep, but I insisted that he wear it for a time first, so his scent would be embedded in it. After he died, I still had it (and I still do), and when I want to remember him, I small the shirt. I also find my own scent to be erotic, and love to smell the mingled scents of my own, and my lover's bodies. I also love the taste of myself, and licking my own scent off my lover's body. I love hairy armpits, and never shave mine. And I love to bury my face in my lover's armpits, and have their scent all over my face, as a reminder of our lovemaking.

Smelly and wet is OK at the gym, but when I'm close to a woman, fresh out of the shower is attractive to me.
Fresh and Clean - Good Old U.S. of A.

I really love the smell of my partners body. He smells of a combination of sandalwood, musk and sex, all naturally. He is even better after a few days without showering. neither of us shave or use deodorants, and we find the smell of each other to be both powerfully stimulating erotically, and comforting. I love to wear his shirts when he is at work just to feel him near. All the deodorants, perfumes and colognes in the world cannot possibly come close to the perfection of nature.
Rhianwen - Australia

When I first saw this, the tears flowed. I really am not alone. I can't believe it. I am so grateful. I have searched the net for over two months looking for an area such as this. Why is this the only one? Are there more? Can anyone help me find more? You see, everyone that I have talked to all my life thought that the aroma from a man's underarms was disgusting, that it was unclean, that I was crazy for being so excruciatingly turned on. Two years ago, a millionaire friend of mine asked me to marry him, and I have to say that his entire smell actually repulsed me. Everyone thought I was crazy for turning down his proposal "you can have everything you want" and "go for it". I hastened to say 'Not everything'. The truth is that a man is a man and should smell like one without being perfumed and deodorized. I am a beautiful woman and I am the one whom looks and smells pretty. Since I was a child, I have had this thing for men with big biceps, bushy armpits beneath them, and that sweet masculine sweat smell that came from there. It is sexually overwhelming. If it is the right aroma, I totally lose it. I freeze. That man could do anything he wanted with me- to me- for me- and on me for all that matters. I have no control over such a fantastic arousing aroma. I have yet to find the right man whom understands and revels in his power over women. It is so totally out there for most people. I could talk for hours about this, but I guess I should hush for now. But PLEASE if there is anyone out there whom understands and would like to talk, contact me at GINGER1@GOPLAY.com as soon as possible.
Ginger - USA

When I'm rubbing my wifes back, and butt, I always rub my hand through her crack, and her vagina gently a few times, then I smell my fingers then lick them. This turns both of us on. I also am so turned on by the smell of her underpanties, she will wear them all day ,and night, the next morning she takes them off and puts them in her dirty clothes pile in the bedroom before she takes a shower, and I will come home some afternoons and get out of my dress clothes, and I will pick up her panties, and it is the most beautiful smell, so natural,and sometimes strong after a full day but I love it. I'm 32 healthy,handsome,horny.......Got to love that smell. rlw
Rod - USA

I've read and have enjoyed all of your comments. It's been my recent experience that I love and crave the smells of my woman's body. Her scents are always best and most intoxicating at the end of a day or after a hot, sweaty workout. Her vagina smells stronger, sexier. And, even more difficult to admit, I actually enjoy the aroma of her sweaty feet and anus. Her foot odor is strong, noticeable, but not foul or unpleasant (at least not to me). When we're having sex with her legs over my shoulder the smell of her feet usually drives me to a huge orgasm. At the end of the day her anus also smells wonderful. It's not what you think -- it's not shitty or gross -- just very musky, sweaty and naturally aromatic. All of these strong aromas are a huge turn-on for me. Luckily, she understands and enjoys my love for her natural odors. In fact, she loves the smell of my scrotum and perineum!!
Aaron - USA

Since I have been a little girl, when I am going out to dance or on a date with someone I'm interested in, or even on a day which just feels erotic, I put my finger inside myself and spread my perfume on my neck, my wrists, etc. It smells better than anything I can buy, and whether it's my own imagination or little pheremones frolicking through the universe - it seems to create a response...
Michele - USA

Actually, I think that scent and smells are the most natural means of attraction. Well, maybe it cements the attraction. Our society is visually oriented. Magazines, fashion models, films, and what not, are the true fetishes. There's no guarantee that there is any substance to the image. I imagine that both men and women have been disappointed when the vision doesn't match the reality. Now, scent reaches something that we try to hide or ignore. Something akin to 'racial memory'. I've found that some women's scent is so powerful that I can't keep my hands off them. Some I couldn't stand. Smell is the one sense that we least understand scientifically. It's the least 'rational'. Personally, if the scent is right, I can't keep my mouth off her...

Scent was always exciting to me. When I was younger, it was limited to a scent that reminded me of someone. Like a type shampoo. As I matured, it was more the PARTICULAR scent of a woman. I prefer musky, earthy smells in perfume. However, when lovemaking, nothing beats the natural scent of a woman especially when she is excited. It breaks through the layers of civilization to something primordial within. Interestingly, not every woman's scent excited me. It seems that some were more powerful than others, and some repelled. In the former, I just couldn't keep my mouth of them, and my desire increased exponentially...
Douglas - USA

I'm Paul, a gay man from New York City, in my early forties. I'm generally turned-off if a man is dirty or hasn't bathed in several days. However, I find that I'm very attracted to men with strong body odors, especially under the arms. Of course, this is possible - at least for some people - if they don't use deodorant, and wash only with non-deodorant soap. Naturally, I may like or dislike the smell of a particular individual. In general, though, I like men with a strong sharp body odor, perhaps even an odor that other people would consider overpowering. I'm also turned on by hairy and visibly sweaty armpits. The hair may be an independent stimulus, as I like men who are hairy elsewhere too. When I see a man with sopping wet armpits, I get aroused too. I don't know if I really find this sexy in itself, or if the wetness is just a signal for the likely presence of (or at least potential for) odor. As you might have guessed, I'm very turned off by perfumes and cologne!! . I also don't like smoking, since the tobacco odor interferes. As far as myself, I bathe almost every day. I try to avoid deodorants, and generally have at least a mild odor by mid-afternoon. I would be interested in meeting such men in New York City (gay only, of course).

I am an inquisitive person by nature--hence my "name". Recently I went dancing at a night club and here in the South it is hot and humid, so we dancers were obviously sweaty. Anyway, I randomly selected a young lady from the crowd and asked her to dance. About half way through our dance I noticed a very strong.... us....sweaty smell. At first I was continuously searching for the origin of the odor, but eventually found it to lead to the young lady with which I was dancing with. When the dance was over I escorted her off the dance floor, but for the remainder of the night I could not stop thinking about her. It has now been 3 days since our encounter and I still cannot quit thinking about her. After a little research I found that the human body odor can be an aphrodisiac, as well as many other things. After a net search I ended up here, but now I leave with knowledge. I am convinced that body odor--not grotesque b.o., or "I haven't showered in a couple of months" b.o.--is sexy.
Curious - U.S.A.

I think a persons smell in sexual attraction should be discussed. I had a Filipino friend who liked the smell of my sweaty armpit ! Dennis - USA

I feel really comfortable with body smells. I love to nibble away at my girlfriends armpit - even after a couple of days of not showering. I also love going down on her and walking around with the scent on my face. I think Yoni is the best possible perfume a guy can wear. You'd be amazed at the effect on other women!! I think it has something to do with pheromones (?) BD - Australia

I am extremely picky when it comes to finding a man I feel is desirable. As far as sex goes, I can't be physically involved if their natural body odor turns me off--no matter how visually stimulating they are. On the other hand, if someone's natural scent smells good to me--watch out! A few months ago, I was sitting next to a guy I found to be extremely attractive. Not only did he LOOK beautiful, he SMELLED wonderful! Knowing it wasn't from a cologne (which I hate the smell of), I asked him what kind of deodorant he was wearing. He told me he wasn't wearing any--in fact, he was allergic to deodorant! His scent was all natural. Wow! Since then, we have become sexually involved and the smell of his body drives me crazy. I have gotten dizzy just from the scent of him. For my birthday, he has promised to give me one of his "freshly-worn" t-shirts. Can't wait!
Salty - USA

I don't mind natural smells,if they are not from being unclean in general.One day's honest sweat is okay.Every man I ever knew closely had his own smell and I can recall his scent whenever I think of that man.I know my husband's smell and it evokes certain mental pictures of him as well.I also particularly love a man who smells of nice cologne or after shave. My husband wears Caswell-Massey colognes and i could just eat him up when he does!

I dated this guy in High School who had the most intoxicating smell. He wore cologne, a leather jacket and he smoked cigarettes. The three of those things together on him was intense! A friend even commented on it once years after we graduated.
Shalen -Imemine27@aol.com -USA

I think natural body smells are a real turn-on. I know that at times, for me anyway, someone's scent can be repulsive, and in such cases, it turns out the person was sick or something. So, if the person is healthy, body scents are wonderful. I also want to comment on the note from BD of Australia. -WOW!- I like the way you phrased your words! I date women as well as men, and a woman's scent is the most wonderful thing in the world (besides the women themselves). I am so glad I am one!!
Maureen -USA

I really enjoy the smells from a woman, particularly when she's aroused. although I do have to admit that there have been some women that their smells turn me off. I really prefer natural smells to perfume and cologne (although there's one perfume when it combines with a certain 'type' of woman's scent that has an almost hypnotic effect (by type, I mean that certain women's scents combine with it)
Geoff -kyrie_fern@hotmail.com -usa

natural smells are the best. oils, perfume etc are fake smells

I think that our sense of smell is one of the most important as far as recognizing other individuals. My husband's smell is one of the things that I find easiest to remember, after he died, for the first few weeks, ever now and then I would smell him and know that his spirit was near me. Smell's are intimately associated, for me, with strong emotions, and even, sometimes, when someone is thinking about me, I get their scent and then the phone rings and it's that person. also, for me, lovemaking is best at the end of a day, before showering, the smell of a sweaty man is one of the biggest turn-ons I know.
Heather -Australia

When I am in love, there is nothing I love better than to snuggle with beloveds pillow when he is not in bed. I walk by his shirt from the previous day, hug it to me and just sink my nose into it. I also like keeping one of his worn shirts around, and wearing it myself. I love the scent of us together. Being psychic, I have always 'felt' people that repulsed me, and when I realized that I also was repulsed by their own particular body fragrance, it made great sense to me. When I like someone, male or female, their scent pleases me, perfumed or non-perfumed. There are also particular colognes which I detest, some which I love immediately and can pick out of a sea of smells in a room. And it usually turns out that I feel the same way about the person wearing the fragrance, (adore the ones wearing the ones I like, can't stand the ones wearing the ones I hate.) There is nothing sexier than the smell of my lover, aroused as I make love to him. He says the same about me.

Body scents are sexy. the scent of my lover is a turn on for me!!!!

It's been my good fortune to have enjoyed many wonderful women over many years. Frequently after the most sensual times there has been an overwhelming odor of the ocean, a fresh and salty wave of aroma that is very much like a fresh, quivering oyster on its shell. It's amazing, doesn't always happen but, when it does, it's universal, the same wonderful fragrance no matter where you find it.

Hi everyone....it's great to find a site where there's actually people like me......grins, I've always love the scent of a woman's body especially when the weather is slightly hot and she starts to sweat....the saltish taste & her natural scent will drive me up the wall....and if both of you have been together long enough, you both get accustomed to each others scent...probably pheromones....the scent lingers on clothes, the bed, pillows...yeah you can actually miss her smell.....i've convinced a few ladies not to shave their pits....I trim all their body hair & love doing it.....I get So High when a sexy woman who keeps her pits for me...snuggles her face & smell my pits after I do hers....when we kiss, the scent is so intense....Ladies don't shave, just trim your pits....Any sexy females with comments, mail me.....

craig-usa the perfume of yoni is one of the most blessed aromas on the planet. after being sexual i often will try to keep the smell on my face, hands and lingam for awhile afterward. i especially look forward to doing the laundry and checking out the scent of my partners worn underwear. what turns me on the most is a woman who enjoys her own yoni scent who likes to smell and lick the face of her lover after oral honoring.

Body scents are sexy. the scent of my lover is a turn on for me!!!!

Every man i've fell in love with or (in lust) was because I loved the smell of them. When I was 15 I slept with a sweaty t-shirt that belonged to my boyfriend at the time. I took comfort in this and always found myself stealing T shirts of guys I liked and wearing them unwashed. Its like everyone has a different scent and people cover it up by nasty smelling deodorant. I've never worn deodorant because I think It only makes ya smell worse. Luckily I choose men who prefer not to wear it either. I don't think it makes you dirty if you choose not to wear it. If anything use a little oil of some sort. (threes others besides patchouli) Im not saying don't take a shower and cover it up by using a ton of oil or perfume. Too much of that could make one nauseous and so could not bathing for a week. But threes nothing better than the natural smell of someone you crave. I also don't think women should use those feminine products that cover up the natural scent only to cause a yeast infection. There's nothing wrong with smelling like your suppose to.=)
Amber - USA

My boyfriend loves the smell of me. I also get turned on by my own scent though I admit it sort of gets annoying sometimes when you can't turn it off and you are trying to work...


Natural Smell of a Woman is the best aphrodisiac there is.

Try making love after an intense work out.

Monteczuma -USA



I think mild smell is better than think one. I like girls with good smell. Talking about perfume, CK one and eternity are very good, providing it is not over-dosed.

Thomas-Hong Kong



The scent of a woman turns me on...especially if she keeps her armpit hair....drives me crazy...nuzzling her hair as we make love but not if her scent is overpowering then it turns me off... love the smell of a clean wet pussy with a little sweat... simply delicious...if any of you ladies enjoy sensuous body scents like I do....mail me....

RAZ - rrw@pc.jaring.my -KL


There are many colognes, scented oils, and such that I like, just as I like various kinds of incense or flowers. But nothing beats the natural smells of a clean, healthy person. Why any woman would even consider trying to cover up the smell of her yoni, I don't know; I have loved the smell of my crotch ever since I hit puberty. The only smell I like as much as the scent of arousal on myself is the smell of my husband's armpit. I liked his scent from the first, but over the years my love of his smell has only increased; it's gotten to the point I rub my face in his armpit every day. This is not the sort of thing that it is socially acceptable to confess--thank goodness I can say it here! Liking each other's smell is a mutual thing; he was rubbing his face in my crotch from the first. I love the smells that fill the room right after sex, too. Over the years, I've also come to like the smell of my own sweat, but I prefer the smell of my husbands'. Neither of us use scented deodorants; I use the deodorant stone--a stone you rub on the flesh and it kills bacteria so there is no scent to the sweat--and he usually goes without. I use the stone because there are so many people who are offended by the smell of sweat.


I know a lot of people don't like perfumes and cologne, since many are cheaply produced with chemicals and such. However, there are certain scents (usually the expensive type) that combine with a person's natural scent and enhance it... I happen to be extremely sensitive to scents, and each person has their own 'smell' which isn't the sweat or otherwise, it seems to be their own special scent. One of the things I love about my hubby is his natural scent. The key, I think, is keeping clean- a dirty, sweaty person is a real turn-off- and moderating the use of artificial smells like cologne and deodorant. Have you ever smelled a person who seems like they're drenched in chemical "preservatives"? (Especially 'plastic' people- you know the type- the unnatural ones who 'need' to look like barbie dolls...) Anyway IMHO, a natural, clean scent is the best... :)

Hi.I am a 15 year old female who wants to know whether or not this is normal.Okay,I remember being about 7 and *touching myself* for the first time. It was very innocent,just something that kids do.Anyway,even at that time I noticed a 'fishy scent' which was strange for someone that age. This never happened again and now I am 15. Ever since I started the discharge associated with puberty. I know that it is supposed to smell normal but I still experience a bad smell at times.I shower once a day but sometimes this is not good enough and if I accidentally miss a day,God help us.Is this normal? What can I do about it? BTW-I am not sexually active

Like I pointed out before,Im 15 and I don't have sex yet. But I can tell you that the biggest turn on to me will/is be a nice good looking guys who is clean shaven,freshly showered and wearing either Hugo or Polo Sport. Yumm! =)
Heather - Pfeiffer02@aol.com -USA

The Scent of a Woman.... Primordial smells have become a nasty taboo in our society. The way some of the above ppl have "confessed" to their fetish for natural wonderful body smells is indicative of our fear. I am a well educated, intelligent person, and I am not afraid to say: I LOVE THE SMELL OF MY PARTNER!!! The olfactory memory of him, even when I am far away is extremely overpowering. I was once on holiday for three months, and I stopped in a cathedral (touring Europe). I was sitting there, thinking of nothing in particular, when I suddenly sensed or smelled him behind me. The sensation was so strong, I was sure he was there, and turned around fully expecting my dearest to be right behind me. When I turned around and no one was there...sadness!!
Krista - Canada

i love to sniff and lick sweaty smelly pits of young muscular men/
30/12/96 Tel Aviv

when my wife wants me , she proceeds to expose her sweaty, hairy, smelly armpits. This brings me to a rapid, furious, violent orgasm. I cant explain it. It just does....
roy - usa

I'm only 16, and I haven't had sex yet, but I have a boyfriend. Words can't describe what he smells like. He smells so good, and whenever I walk past him, ect., I can smell it and it drives me nuts!! I just want to hold him close and breathe in his heavenly aroma. Sigh... :)
Amber - USA

Matt - I don't get armpit odor until I'm long past due a shower. I don't like the smell of my own armpits, but I do like the smell of some men's if I'm sexually attracted to them. What I do like to smell on myself sometimes, like on the weekend for instance when I'm not around people, is the scent of my circumcised penis where the remaining fold of skin sags down just over rim of my glans. While my deodorant keeps my armpit odor in check for more than 48 hours, my sex organ begins to emit that odor that hits my olfactory senses when I take a leak. Sometimes I get a big wife of it when urinating in a public restroom next to another guy. I figure if it's hitting me in the face he's probably getting it, too. If he coughs a little I figure he got a face full and doesn't really care for it. If he breathes deeply through his nose I figure he like what he knows what he's smelling and likes it. Don't get me wrong - I've never allowed myself to get to to the point that it's overbearing. I just sometimes like to smell that way just enough to get a little more than just a faint hint of that odor. I don't get moist with any buildup at all. My penis isn't that type. Another smell I like is my crotch after about 48 hours. The crotch odor mingled with the penis odor makes me want to go out and find a man who is turned on by both smells so he can have a feast and wear my natural odor around on his face in public for as long as he wishes.


The natural smell of a man is the sexiest thing on the planet. I love the smell of my man's armpit! After working out the gym, his smell is intense: natural, healthy and masculine. Glad to read that so many women like their man's scent too. I've convinced him not to use deodorant on weekends, but on weekdays he has to, to avoid offending his co-workers. Myself, I use it during the week too, so as not to assault my colleagues with my body odor. I'm curious about having sex with a woman someday and exploring the scents and aromas of a females' body...
Gustavo - USA

A word on "fat" as well. Fat is a relative term after all. What's one man's fat is another man's joy. Size eight people are locked in their regimen. They're afraid all the time; afraid of eating too much; afraid of gaining weight; afraid of displeasing the man they love who may love size seven women. No. Give me a zophtik, zesty woman who allows her appetites to be fulfilled. The question of smells and attraction is a question of common scents. Natural scents. Body scents. We are turned off - at first - by so-called body odor. But in the intimacy of love-making, the animal smells of the human female animal become aphrodesiacal. We grovel in the smells and the sweat and earthiness of it all - as children making mudpies. What joy there is in being natural. rob
rob - usa

Once natural perfumes have been experienced, (such as Madini Perfumes-see their site), it is impossible to enjoy commercial perfumes! Sometimes I like to wear perfumes & sometimes not. The natural scent of a woman can have its own sweet perfume. I use a natural alum salt stone for deodorant, and it helps with odor, but doesn't block the natural perspiration. I do not mind the natural scent of a man or woman, especially during intimacy, it can be quite scentual. I recently did a sexual massage with a woman, and the essential oils (sandalwood, frankincense & patchouli, with a hint of marjoram) blended beautifully with the scents of her yoni :)
Leah -

My husband has the most wonderful smell of any man I've met. Until I met him I never knew what all the fuss was about, I thought men had a rank smell and that cologne was the only solution. This is because I got involved with a guy when I was only 16 and was with him for 10 years and knew nothing else but his smell which didn't do a thing for me. Now that I have a man whose natural scent is intoxicating I can't imagine making love with someone whose smell isn't sexy. There is this place right in the center of his chest (he is very hairy) where his smell is strongest and I'll just bury my face in there and inhale deeply. He thinks I'm silly but it's like a drug, comforting and sexy. When he is out of town I'll smell his pillow or wear one of his unwashed shirts so I can get my "fix"! Angel
Angel - USA

Sexual scent is the most powerful turn-on. Any scent of my girlfriend and the power of my orgasm is multiplied by 10. Especially when in a mutual oral sex position. After oral sex the combination of scents can push me over the edge and drive our sex into a wild wild time. After sports .... the best time! Took a 5 hour bike ride once and afterward I thought I'd pass out ... until her scent hit me and provoked another hour of hot lovin..... then lots of sleep.
Jeff- USA

Sexual scents of the entire body are a big turn on. My girlfriend has a very strong scent, especially when she is turned-on. In a 69 position I am in heaven with all my senses being hit at one time - my orgasms is powerful and very wet. After sports... WHEW! it gets even hotter. It is often the stimulus that puts both of us over the edge - especially after oral sex when we kiss while making love.
Jeff - Usa

Personally, I LIKE my smell... I'm a 20 year old bisexual, and I've got to say , whether a guy or girl, if they don't have what you think is an erotic smell,then the orgasm isn't satisfying.... Sometimes, it's even better, when the smell is on them, when you are in a public bar. I've picked my share of partners both men and women, just because they SMELL hot!! Don't you agree?
Rachel - USA

Smell is so basic, it can attract or repel despite everything. I love a man who either a) smells clean and fresh with just a touch of cologne, perhaps; or b) a very earthy odor, like from the soil, sometimes a good healthy sweat! When I was a teenager, I spent a summer on a small farm. I still remember the smell of the guy who ran the farm at the end of the day- a combination of earth, fragrances of vegetable roots and grasses, and his own natural secretions. Oh, it excited me! If I spend the night with a guy, I'll want him to shower with me and use aroma therapy to set the stage. Guys usually love this, and it makes them feel loved and cared about. And it helps us get to know each other in a nice way. For myself, I am very old fashioned. I love Chanel #5 and Liz Taylor's White Diamonds.
Christine - USA

I love the ripe smell of the male body, when a man has not showered for three or more days. This is a big sexual turn on for me, the armpit and crotch odor's are fantastic. I wish our culture in the US, was more relaxed about showering as the Europeans are, they really know how to appreciate their body odor's and use it as a sexual attraction. It would be great to be able to have a good odor going without offending anyone. What is the longest you have gone without showering Any same interest please e-mail!
Ray - USA

Fragrance is what you fall in love by. A women;s back has a different scent than that of her breasts. I love the scent and taste of her pubis. The aged, sweaty smell of her anal area is a real erection builder.
ken - Canada

H.I wrote about a lady friend of mine liked my sweaty arm- pits. I also found something surprising to me a while before that. I had a full figured girlfriend in my early 20"s. She had a nice round and full ass. I liked to hold it and stick my finger up her crack.I was going to work after that.I let a cigarette and I smelled some shity.then I remembered where I had my hand.That excited me!!!The smell of her behind actually smelled good to me. I bring this up to point out that what we delight in are not always so called Kosher.!
M.Dennis - U S A

I like the smell of a freshly washed body also fragrant oils and the scent of sex when the body is aroused I don't like perfumes or stuff like that I like it as natural as possible
Taurus Moon Goddess - USA

I don't like perfumes much any longer; I prefer body aromas, even smells, but my wife of 21 years isn't into that "sort of stuff". Still, some smells in some areas (get it) can't be suppressed, so I do get what I enjoy. Perfumes are part of the myth perpetrated by men-in-control and cosmetic companies on women that unless they have big boobs, tiny waists and use cosmetics they are not attractive. Nonsense!
sal - USA

I think smell is very important. If I don't like the way a person smells, then I probably won't like them.Some perfumes/colognes/essential oils/etc. seem to work well with a person's body chemistry,combining with their own natural scent to form an intoxicating blend. I don't like too much artificial scent myself, though I'm rabid about the scent of vanilla. Well maintained under arms smell wonderful, as do yonis and lingams. Yummy!

I have read that smell is the most powerful of our senses. I have found that a strong body smell can be an incredible turn-on. It can catch me completely off guard. I find myself being very sexually aroused by it and attracted to the person (even if I would not have been by looks or personality). My first experience with another woman came about largely because I was unexpectedly captivated by her smell. The woman was Chinese. She later told me that many Chinese are taught by their culture not to use deodorants, or to shave their armpits, which in her cases were remarkably hairy. Since then I almost never put on deodorant, but I do keep clean. My lovers really seem appreciate my body smell, especially since I stopped shaving my underarms, allowing me to retain more of it. I do find that I have to hide some of the smell in the work place because people don't understand. By the way, does anyone know how to get Hair to Stay magazine mentioned in the armpit topic of some months ago? The email address and website listed there are not current. Thanks.
Diane - USA

I seldom use perfume since I've got friends who are allergic. Please please think of that when you are in airplanes, trains and so on...too much perfume could actually kill people. I've got a very good nose and are usually able to identify people just by their scent. And believe me, the scent is very important to determine if I get attracted to someone or not! A clean body odor most of the time is very nice, but people who don't wash really bugs me - especially when standing too close. Blessed be, everyone.
Kim - Sweden

Only in the last couple of years have I become aware of how strong an attract ant (or repellent) that body odor can be. My husband and I have been together for nearly 10 years, and married for 5, and we still are incredibly attracted to each other's individual smells. I discontinued the use of chemical deodorants, and started using a deodorant crystal, and find that my own smell is appealing as a result. I do still use cologne, but that's just because I've found one I really like (Victoria by Victoria's Secret) I kind of wish I could wean my husband from his armpit anxiety. He used to not even let me touch him there. Now he'll let me touch, and kiss, but he still won't do as I've asked before and take a shower but not dose himself with spray-on Right Guard (ick!) right afterward. His body has a natural smell that is so incredibly arousing. On the other hand, I wish some people could realize how badly they smell. It's all I can do not to run away with my hands covering my nose and mouth when someone comes up to me at work and they stink because of bad hygiene, stale cigarette smoke, or too much cheap cologne (or not-so-cheap!) The way I see it is: You don't have to be rich, or wear the latest fashions, but, by Goddess, you can keep yourself clean! We're not living in Elizabethan England, after all.
Nuala - USA

I remember a man I was extremely interested in a long time ago. His hair was very long and sometimes he wore hats. If he hadn't washed his hair in a few days it got a musky wonderful smell to it. Many of you know what I'm talking about. We used to just roll around on the floor, touching, feeling... One time he left his hat behind and I kept it with me all night, just smelling it. I was crazy for him and still have very fond memories of him. Oh to smell that hair again!
Brenna - UK

I see what everyone means. I'm a 21 year old black college male at Florida State University. I LOVE THE SMELL of woman's sex. During foreplay, after inserting a finger into my partner, I always sniff my finger afterwards. Just the musky smell of a woman's vagina gets me rock hard. I cannot explain it. I usually sniff my girlfriends crotch area constantly during intimate moments. I think she likes her smell as well because after I perform cunnilingus, she usually takes by face in her hands and sniffs and licks it. It is one hell of a turn on for both of us!
Dre R Mosley - United States

Nothing in the world excites me more than the smell of a sweaty man's armpits. If someone walks by me in a public place, and I smell that distinctive, sharp smell, I MUST know from whom it's coming. Because the smell of sweat is such a taboo in this country, a man who lets himself smell natural is, in essence, a rugged individualist..and a real sexual turn-on. I let myself smell sweaty whenever I can, and the response I get is usually favorable. Please contact me (especially east coast) if you're a gay man who shares this view.
Gray - USA

When I was seven years old my older sister, her friend Niki, and I played "doctor" in our backyard. They kept rubbing our plastic toys on their Yonis and commanding me to sniff them. Since then the smell of the Yoni intoxicates me. Every woman's Yoni has that same scent (with minor variations, of course) that is primal and heavenly at the same time.
Jeffery - USA

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