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Saving Ryan’s Privates!

Clever non piercing intimate jewellery allows you to glam up the family jewels – and other bits too – without the pain!

So you want to wear jewelry on your genitals, but you’re not sure about the whole piercing thing.

As problems go, perhaps that one is not very common. But for what it’s worth, there is an alternative to sticking a needle through your most sensitive areas.

Because of a sensitivity to piercing, Deborah Gibson had to make do with those few orifices provided by nature. Luckily her partner, a former welder, came up with another way of adorning her erotic bits.

“He made a piece of non-piercing jewelry for my birthday that went breast to breast and down to my navel and down even lower,” Gibson recalls. “We went out and people were literally trying to buy it off my body. That was when we knew we had something other people would be interested in as well. It wasn’t just our unusual desires!”

In fact, so many people share the desire to feel gold and silver on their most sensitive parts that Gibson and her lover, Bud Dunbar, successfully launched a small erotic jewelry business. Arabesque Body Creations & Design was born in Edmonton, but the owners recently moved to B.C. where the weather is better suited to their passion for naturism.

“The whole idea behind intimate jewelry is that you can wear it in some very interesting places,” Gibson says. “You can wear it for stimulation and sexual pleasure. You can wear it just because it is really nice jewelry. It really does become an intimate and erotic part of a lot of people’s self-expression.”

“The most popular ones we make would be the non piercing breast and nipple pieces and the clitoral jewelry. They just squeeze into place - and look and feel fabulous!”

OK, two things: first off, that sounds painful. And secondly, wouldn’t the pieces tend to dislodge at the, well, most inopportune moments?

“For the clitoral jewelry, the main part of the form is shaped more or less like a hairpin,” Dunbar explains. “It slides on much the same way. There’s no inner spring pressure on it. You size it so it’s a nice firm hold.”

As for pieces that go above the waist… "You size the ring slightly smaller than the nipple and then suck the nipple through the ring.”

Some of Arabesque’s customers say that sensation is incredibly sexy. The owner of one outlet says she has trouble keeping Arabesque pieces in stock.

“It’s kind of like the gift when you’ve already got all the lingerie and lots of the toys,” she says. “And they are actually very beautiful pieces, in real gold and sterling silver. The nipple clips also help women who have inverted nipples. They can slide the clips on and then tighten them to keep their nipples more erect.”

So what are you waiting for? You can buy the basic non-piercing Body Rings from the yOni gift shop for only $10, Belly Brilliants start at $25 and for the more adventurous we have a wide range of the intimate jewlery products for women including Nipple Shields, Nipple Chains, Clit Caressers, Pussy Dangles and Tush Ticklers.

The company also makes intimate jewelry for men, such as Ball Fetters and Cock Circlets. Dunbar says he’s never heard of anyone having an embarrassing encounter with a metal detector while trying to board an airplane.

“With the penis jewellery the rings are basically a spiral of braided or twisted silver, so one of our selling features is , instead of wearing it on your penis walking through the airport you can open it up and use it as a bracelet.”

Want to see more? Check out the full range of Intimate Jewelry in the yOni unique gifts shop, or for the male non piercing body jewelry range see our Gifts for Him section. Please note that these pages are recommended for adults only!

Adapted from an article by Christopher Spencer, Edmonton Journal, 20 March 2004.


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