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The G-Spot

We asked people to talk about the g-spot, how they found it and what their experiences have been. This is the original discussion board for you to check out.

I also highly recommend checking out Gabrielle Moore's eye-opening video about the G-Spot orgasm.
Gabrielle is the author of the now-famous book "The Female Orgasm Revealed".
And now she has decided to take her intimate advice to the next level. To watch the video now, click here.

It's all in the mind my man says, when it comes to ecstacy, mostly because he lost his member in an accident. He manages exstensive orgasms now just by getting so excited with my gushing, contorting climaxes and groans as he massages just the right spots for me. He must be getting my G-Spot and his own, because he keeps gasping out the words Gee-gee honey constantly as we both come for long moments of multiple orgasmic bliss. So just Think and Sense it to Happen, and gee , "It" will come!

Flavio - Italy Hello,
I'm from Italy. I wanto to know how to stimulate the G-spot of my girlfriend but I'm not sure that the spot I touch is the right spot. May you help me?

Libbie - canada
OH.... thank goodness!!! I thought for a while that I was going to have to add the element of incontinance to my sexual being - what a relief - somehow wetting oneself like this is more acceptable, no? Now, if only I could explain this to my sweetheart.

Well, we never sought out to "find" anything. Five years ago my orgasms increased in intensity to the point I thought I would pee. Then one day I just flowed with the feeling and out came a gush of fluid...definitely NOT PEE! Now I feel as if I have a great secret that is near impossible to explain to those who haven't experienced the pleasure. I think Oprah should do a show....

Iam a true believer of the g spot since finding it my wife and I have found many hours of sexual ectacy, from oraly satifying my partner and the use of sexual toys.

Oh, yes! There IS such a thing as a G-Spot!!! I discovered it with a friend -- his dad was a sex therapist and participated in G-Spot research several years ago. My friend says that it is very important to have a clitoral orgasm first because the G-Spot then becomes engorged and is easier to find. The first time we had sex, I had 10-12 orgasms over a 4-hour period -- most were G-Spot orgasms. The second time, I had at least 30 (!) orgasms over 6 hours and completely soaked a big, fluffy, white bath towel with my ejaculations. (And there was no stains -- it is NOT pee!) When I ejaculate, it spurts about 2 feet! WOW!!! I haven't been successful finding my G-Spot by myself, but I'll keep trying.


Roy - united states
I believe women do posses this mythical g-spot, however, i believe the man's penis must be long enough to reach this spot 17.7.96.

It's so great to see so many people looking and finding it. The saddest thing of all (for the girls involved) that so many of the men folk took sooo long to find it. Hope that through education, awareness and experimentation that the learning curve will be shorter and more can experience the great mutual pleasure of the -=*discovery*=-.

Dion, Australia.
G sport! ...it really makes difference! Next to licking the clit, I really love exciting my partner via her g-spot. However, I have never experienced the clear water spurting effect. I would like to hear from women who have and to know if the spurting feels pleasurable, and if it always occurrs or only occasionally. Also I usually use the Karma Sutra "come-here" hand position, which can sometimes get unconfortable, so would like to have other techniques explained or shown to me. Is the technique widely known and practiced in India and other oriental cultures? How is it utilized in Tantra? Please mail me c/- POB 789, Fremantle 6160, W. Australia, or email me.

Steve - USA
I have been with alot of females and know for fact that 30% of these girls squirted on my face. I have learned a technique that has increased my %'s to about 75%.You must love eating pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! or it probably won't happen. Must move your finger really fast on bottom part of clit during the same time that you are licking her with your tongue as long and fast as possible. Build your tongue muscle up. It will be worth lots of unbelievable juices all over your face. Global films will be doing a documentry on this subject in the next couple of months. If you are interested on working on this project as either an Actress or Consultant please E Mail me. If your going to be in the la area I will be casting for this in October in the Drama logue. Look under"A Change of Heart". Look forward from hearing from you.

Dee - USA
OF COURSE IT EXISTS!!! I was 30 before I had my first orgasm of any kind, but I was thrilled when my current boyfriend tought me the difference and gave me my first from stimulation of the G-spot. I felt like I would "pee" also at first but lucky me! He doesn't give up that easy!!! Now more often than not he ends up with cum running all over him!! good luck!!!!!

Pat - USA
I found it! It does exist! It just took me 59 years and a very patient man!

Fabiano - BRAZIL
I'm really interested in G-spot searching techniques and secrets. Please, if you would help me with a true and serious information, e-mail me. Thanks a lot. Fabiano.

bogus - usa
I found my girlfriends g-spot by her trusting me enough to let me take her past where she had been before sexually. I had cum up and down my body and it was the ultimate!! She said that it was the best sex that she had ever had.

What's the difference between a golf ball and the G-Spot?
A Guy will spend 20 minutes trying to fing his golf ball.

steve- USA
I don't look or think about the g-spot, I am too busy giving and receiving pleasure - my lady has to feel great about our sex, g-spot is not necessary to focus on !! Steve

I'm a man (47 years old) married. I heard several times that the G-spot exist but I didn't take it seriously. Two weeks ago I read an article on the net about this subject. I'd like to discover this spot to increase the pleasure that a man can give to his lovely woman. I appreciate knowing some experience especially from women who are familiar with this kind of stimulation and pleasure. I think that women are in best position to give their opinion. I'd like to know if the location of the G-Spot can vary from woman to another. Also, I want to know if this stimulation can provoke a real spurt of jaculation as some articles mentioned. I'm skeptical about this fact of spurting. If any woman can say anything about this phenomena.
Many thanks.

Linda - usa
I too have experienced multiple orgasms and ejaculation via stimulation to my g spot. Now that I have read what you all have said, I don't feel so awkward. It's just a shame that those experiences were with my ex. I'll keep working on my husband so he can become less rigid, and thanks for the info on how to stimulate myself....I'm gonna get to that right now

Michael - USA
I am definitely still looking for it, even after 16 years of serching. Have trouble getting my partner to talk about it or let me go and find it.

Jack - usa
Clearly real, but so what? The desire to bring pleasure transcends specifics.

kumar - usa
I think the g-spot issue should be explored more. There should be network of friends (male-female both) who have experienced the g-spot reality and are ready to help other. It is not only limited to sexual physical pleasure only. It has great values in spiritual growth and samadhi. In tantra, g-spot is a sacred place in the yoni which is directly conncted with the seventh chakra. Women who could not excperience it, should look for experts and this "yoni" site is perfect for that. I would like to hear from females and couples... kumar

Lauren -Australia
My partner and I went looking for my g-spot, found it, but it doesn't do anything for me. It just makes me want to go to the loo.

Ami - USA
Guys...I think it is there.....ive experienced something very close to what is being described here...and i did ejaculate....the only problem is that it only happened once and now my boyfriend cant find it...and i feel uncomfortable asking him to try and find it since it takes so long .

john - usa
I think its highly likely that , just as in men , there is a spot in the woman's vagina where nerve endings are found in greater abundance than in other places.

Finding a woman's g-spot. Well that's an interesting piece of intrigue Personally there can never really be a g-spot for any one woman because different things turn different women on. For example a kiss behind the ear an neck, sucking and kissing breasts, and maybe and quite substantially oral sex. For me and my women,not that I ran alot of them but just as past experience over the years. So in all honesty I think the best thing to do is to experiment or maybe even ask, sometimes this direct approach works and is very effective.

Allison - USA
It's there all right.

Kevin - =USA
I find it particularly interesting that many male respondants have confused the clitoris for a womans G Spot. I guess that proves the axiom that we men are selfish and once invited "in" we don't take the time to explore. Patience men, patience. Selfishness leads to an early nights sleep.

G-spot or not, it is very important for us women to find pleasure in our own bodies. I'm 27 year, and now I know that my body is beautiful, and I¥m not afraid to show it to my lover. And when I feel beautiful and sexy, my whole body feels moore. My skin, my yoni, my lips, everything is moore sensitive. You got to love your self, your body, to find pleasure in your sexlife, alone or with a partner. Greetings from Sweden

Michael- USA
Such a lovly place. Smooth and thick until the right pressure and rhythm is applied.Then krinkling up,like to meet the probing. Changes in breath and movement, clues to the mystries, offerings to the Goddess, Blessings upon us all.

Check out what the Liberated Christians have to say about the G-spot.

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