The G-Spot & Female Ejaculation
The Excitement of Giving Pleasure

By Dave Hutchison with A Tribute To Sam Preston

Impediments To Intimacy

One major impediment to intimacy between men and women is the speed with
which many men become aroused and reach orgasm as opposed to the slower,
more leisurely lovemaking women need if they are to have a similar
experience. The true lover however will take the time to allow a woman
to reach her full sexual pleasure potential. G- spot aware men benefit
from the excitement of truly giving emotional as well as maximum
physical intimate pleasure to a women.

Few Women Know Their Own Sexual Response

I've had very interesting discussions with retired sex surrogate, Dr.
Jerry DeHaan, who did much of the original research for Beverly Whipple
's classic 1982 book "The G Spot". Dr. DeHaan shares many experiences
as a licensed sex surrogate about inorgasmic women experiencing their
first orgasm via his G spot stimulation. DeHaan also shares experiences
of women coming to him for counseling (only through a referral from
other licensed therapists) who had experienced their G spot or
ejaculation but were terrified not knowing that it was a normal part of
female sexuality.

Jerry DeHaan as a surrogate took women on a wonderful journey of
self-discovery. Women learned about their bodies, the male body and
shed ingrained embarrassment and concealment of their physical selves
and came instead to find comfort in their natural sexuality. We need
more education on meaningful, loving, intimate sexuality in our society
rather than our immature tease and titillation. Many women seek much
more than just brief thrusting sex. We believe men, through education
and open honest discussion, can be empowered to be much more powerful
lovers. Caring men would also find the excitement of giving pleasure
just as fulfilling as a fast male orgasm.

G- Spot History

Ancient cultures accepted what we've only recently "found". As early as
the 4th century B.C., writings have been found that speak of the
distinction between a woman's "red and white fluid". Even American
Indian folklore mentions the "mixing of male and female fluids" from a
female during sex.

In the 20th century, however, Western culture moved toward the belief
that women were incapable of such intense orgasm, except by clitoral
manipulation. This was reinforced by Masters & Johnson whose research
claimed that a woman's clitoris was the only source of female pleasure,
even though many women have found that to be far from the truth.

This misguided notion of a woman's sexual potential persisted until 1950
when an article by a Berlin gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg discussed the
G-spot area. In his original work he reported that some women had a spot
on the inside of the front wall of the vagina which, when firmly
stimulated produced intense orgasms and in some women ejaculation of
something thicker and slicker than urine during the strongest
contractions of their orgasms.

No further serious research was done until Perry and Whipple's 1978
documentation and extensive study which confirmed the article of Dr.
Grafenberg. Most sexologist now believe every woman has a G-spot but it
may simply be unresponsive from lack of stimulation. It can be made to
learn to be responsive, however, by proper stimulation.

Location Of G-spot

The G-spot lies directly behind the public bone within the front wall of
the vagina. It is usually located about half way between the back of the
public bone and the front of the cervix, along the course of the urethra
and near the neck of the bladder, where it connects with the urethra.
The size and exact location vary. Imagine a small clock inside the
vagina with 12 o'clock pointed towards the navel. The majority of women
will have the G-spot located between 11 and 1 o'clock a few inches
inside the vagina. Unlike the clitoris, which protrudes from the
surrounding tissue, it lies deep within the vaginal wall, and a firm
pressure is often needed to contact the G spot in its unstimulated
state. Usually it is a lima- bean sized, spongy area which responds to
stimulation by hardening and swelling as blood rushes to it.

Two Types Of Orgasm

It is now known women can experience two kinds of orgasm. But they are
not clitoral vs. vaginal as some have reported.

1. The most common (some times called clitoral) also involves the
vagina since the clitoral stimulation also produces contractions of
the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle supporting the pelvic floor which is
where "vaginal" contractions are felt.

2. G-spot and Uterine. G-spot stimulation results in orgasmic
contractions around the uterus, which is several inches above the
pelvic floor.

Later research has shown that women who can orgasm both ways have even
deeper, more powerful blended orgasm, resulting from contractions in
both areas at once.

Tools To Find Your G-Spot

A man who knows where to go with his fingers. A G-spot vibrator with a
curve to best reach the G-spot. Sybian machine which can provide the
maximum stimulation often required to awaken the G-Spot.

Techniques For Stimulating G-Spot

Lie back with your knees pressed up to your chest. In this position,
your vaginal depth will shorten and even small fingers should be able to
reach the G-spot. With a partner, lie on your side with one leg drawn up
to your chest as your partner enters you from the rear. He should be
able to hit the spot.

Female Ejaculation

While all women have a G-spot, it has been estimated between 10% and 40%
of women are capable of ejaculation. The G-spot need not be stimulated
for ejaculation to occur, but most women say that their first
ejaculation experience came from massaging their G-spot. The response
varies from a light sprinkle to a huge gush. I have experienced women
who gushed huge amounts of fluid 10 feet out.

Researches have found that although many women feel a slight need to
urinate right before ejaculation, the fluid is definitely not urine.
Nor does it come from the Bartholin gland which produces a milky,
odorless secretion that helps lubricate the vagina when sexually
aroused. Scientists believe that it comes from tiny openings on either
side of the periurethral glands and is similar to man's prostate fluid.

Male and Female Sex Organs Have Common Origin

An anatomy lesson may help understand why ejaculation is not as far
fetched as it may seem. There really is not that much difference
between male and female sex organs. In-vitro we all start out as
female. If we get certain chemicals our development changes to male and
our female organs dry up and we develop male.

Have you ever wondered what that line was on the back side of a penis?
Or, have you ever looked? It is the remnants of a man's vagina when he
was a female early in gestation. Likewise the very sensitive spot on
the back of a mans penis, where the foreskin attaches is the remnants of
the female clitoris.

Sexual development in the womb it is not always perfect. The most
extreme problem is those whose gender does not match their sex organs
(transsexuals). Since male and female are so similar, surgery can
reassign one's sex to match gender. Yes, it is done all the time, both
male to female and less frequently female to male.

The same but much less dramatic natural event seems to occur in some
women in which they develop small prostate like glands that are capable
or producing ejaculation. Lab tests show the female ejac is very similar
in composition to the prostate fluid within the male ejac (semen which
comes from prostate mixed with sperm etc), but without the sperm in a

A Tribute To Sam And His Ability to Love

A Computer Board Discussion on the G spot

12/30/93 From "Aspen" (Reprinted with permission):

"The g spot within a woman is most definitely the highest experience,
the most sensual and reactive spot! My friend....and
lover...shared with me the knowledge...and then shared the
experience...and I FLY with it and beyond it!! To try and define
the feel is impossible...I had a crude and rude sexual relationship with
past husband...never knowing orgasm, only force/rape/pillage.. that was
it. After 12 years of celibacy I met HIM. My love's ex's have even asked
him to hold seminars for their current lovers on the g spot. For once will be sorely missed.

I have talked with, in human sexuality classes, may women who know it.
And sadly no men, until my is a secret spot...awaiting
discovery. It is physically there and will take your lady higher than
you can imagine and you as well...for the flight is fun to watch, so I
am repeatedly told."

From CBSI (male):
"I think, one time I located this spot and it was unnerving what it did
to my partner. It took her to new heights and she refused to admit she
could obtain. She liked to hate sex. She also was afraid to let go.
However, she could not hide her elation and total satisfaction."

From Aspen
After Dave explained the anatomy of the G-spot: "Thank you for your
information. You shared more effectively than I could have,
academically that the G- spot exists. Since I posted the first note, I
have talked with 14 women...all have experienced it...know it...and want
it as part of their sexual experience...for the men they share sex with,
many are unaware of even the name...think it is a silly woman
even told a lady that she was attempting to control him with
nonsense...go figure! Of the 14 women who knew/experienced the G...5 are
aware and therefore, their lovemaking, making love, is enhanced and of a
level beyond what the men or women had known before.

Personally, the sensation is is over and under and above and
below and in and out and on and on...the issue of a
reality...I know this first experience with it...a kind
and gentle, explaining, forewarning, and a gentle a 40 year
old novice in many things..he gently took me was the most
overpowering, overwhelming feeling...and it heart, soul,
body..i was and so aware. I I felt the dust
of Selma, the tease of apple orchards, saw the twinkle of stars on a
calm sea, heard the call of vikings, and the battle cry of Geronimo..all
in a moment..that lasted beyond a lifetime..the explosion is like
standing on top of the Sears tower and never touching the elevator is seeing yourself in his smile, his eyes, as they cheer you
to the finish line...It is is wet as an unexpected
monsoon, as wet as the underside of a lily's leaf, as wet as the happy
tears that I shed during and after each wonderful experience. It is a
child's smile and a pinch of irate teacher hiding a smile for
the impish is sex..raw..and is sex..calm and is sex...shared and is the thrill of a lifetime,
each goes higher each time..each time
different..but each time the is the growl of an angry bear and
the purr of a tiny is all these things and is the G
spot..believe it, find it, share it, value it and enjoy..."

1/4/94 From Aspen
After more discussion of technique etc: "In my experience with Sam...we
have never approached lovemaking and makinglove as a 'lets do
it'...there is tenderness in touch and words..we never 'go for the G' in
beginning...and sometimes not at all...other areas of sensitive
reactions/sharings may exclude the G or may enhance it...the G is
inclusive of the HOT of the moment..which, many times, lasts for over 24
hours..yes...I am smiling..and so is he! That 24 hours is inclusive of
pauses..pauses to kiss...softly, kiss hard and deeply, pauses
to trace fingers lightly across eyelids, hairline, back, and
legs..pauses to gaze lazillly and/or intently into the other's eyes...
pauses to chat..different from talking..giggles and tickles and do not lose the power of the enhance it..perfect
it in sharing all the trace gently the lubie..on and
in..pause to inhale the wonderful...Castles Boutique
has a great selection of treasurers...for both partners
pause...enjoy...share...taste, and smile...know yourself in knowing each
other..know the other in the strength of knowing yourself...

You ask for my mind and in the heart I gave to Sam, this
is the technique...the magic...the G is magic, but so are you...if you
will relax and stroll...stroll in the spirit of the experience.

Smiles to you and all others reading this...I love the sharing and the
level of the is an important topic...for males and
females today. Today I shared all this discussion with hardcopy with
Sam..he was touched and agreed it is a lovely topic..a wonderful way of
sharing and caring...for what our US is..and what yours can be."

1/4/94 From Aspen To Kona asking questions:
The reach, in my case, is not reached by the penis, but by his
hand/ is the touch that is fire..and the gentle massaging of
the G builds to excitement and release beyond my case,
Sam says I am more sensitive on the left...of the G...which he explained
as being similar to a grape, but grainy, pebbly.

Size? as you mentioned..the first inch to inch and a half are the most
sensitive and exciting area of the vagina, so size matters not,
knowledge, tenderness, sharing and caring are the ingredients for
wondrous loving and climax...the myth that size a myth...and
discounted by most who know and enjoy true sexual sharing. If size did
matter, then I would again be fortunate...but when thinking of Sam..I
think of his laffs, his touch, his amazing mind, and his a
whole...not as parts of a whole."

The Sad Ending To Aspen's Wonderful Sharing

On March 4, 1994 tragically Sam suffered a massive heart attack while
doing what he was best at - sharing loving, exciting intimacy. Aspen
stayed by his side during the valiant three-week struggle that followed
his heart attack.

May what Sam and Aspen shared benefit others in realizing the joy of
sharing and learning wonderful tender loving intimacy combined with
maximum physical sexual pleasure and as a reminder that we need to value
each day, each hour and each relationship as well as to share meaningful
ideas with others.

Aspen's love did not stop with Sam's death. She feels that
responsibility to share it even more with others in a way she could have
never done without knowing Sam.

From Aspen 3/14/94 on sexuality:
"To speak openly and comfortably about his topic, I think both men and
women must be completely comfortable with their own
approach the topic as just one more facet of life...a real and important
part, a part that includes, not excludes humor and
one of the keys to open conversation. Before I experienced the beauty
and the dark of love and loving, I felt little inclination to share my
thots...indeed...I suppressed those thots. After knowing complete
love..the laffs and the tears..I grew in my comfort and understanding of
my 'self'...inclusive of desire, lust, and the ability to love and
understand beyond myself.

Women...have experienced much deceit and manipulation in conversations
and the sharing of private thots. The result is a pessimism that leads
to little, often NO interaction with males...While men and women both
experience this, men seem to be more resilient in the comeback. To know
one's sexuality lends a sureness and ability to openly discuss these
topics...not to titillate but to keep the 'invigorate' of life."

From Aspen 12/29/94 private E-mail To Dave:
(in response to me suggesting I'd publish her story and delicately
asking about Sam's attack)

"A year ago today my son and I were spending the day with Sam. It was a
special time, full of fun and those wonderfully knowing looks exchanged
as the expectation of an evening alone built into a passion soon
realized. I smile, and want to cry, but the smile and the warmth of
what we shared pushes the smile forward and I giggle, remembering the
popsicles and fudge covered banana...wonderful toys for hearty

The article sounds wonderful! Please share whatever I shared in
public..or in private messages to you. I am PROUD! and if I can warm
even one moment for someone else, then they will have known the magic of

Yes, Sam and I began a wonderful morning of love, after a few short
hours of rest...we took a break for coffee and sweetrolls; in the
kitchen, touches led to a sly me leaving the room, only to crawl in and
under... a kiss, surprised, he stood still, my mouth loving his
penis...he was spreading icing on a forgotten we returned to
the bedroom...after several hours, he pulled back from orally loving me,
and something felt odd...gray, huge drops of perspiration....911,
fireman, a flurry of activity...his eyes still holding that special
twinkle as he responded to each query...'we were making love!" 20 days
later, he died..but he has never left me. I hold his joy in all of
me...and they toys we shared keep him close to me nightly. Smiles!

Summary and Lesson For All

Pardon the long story...but it says much about the motivation to reach
out and share and help others experience love and life to the fullest
which is the motivation behind Liberated Christians.

Dave Hutchison, Liberated Christians, Phoenix Az
Promoting Positive, Loving Sexuality / Exposing False Biblical Interpretations
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