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Body talk

Welcome to the list of topics in Body Talk. Please choose the subject(s) that interest you, check out the discussion in the updated yOni discussion pages and tell us what you think. We have recently moved our discussion boards to new interactive pages hosted by everyone.net. The original boards are still available for you to read however. Enjoy!

Body shape

Is fat ugly? Is it beautiful? Was Reubens crazy? What is voluptuous? Does body shape matter?

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Scent of you

What role does smell play in sexual attraction for you? Do you prefer natural body odours or particular perfumes or oils. Do you feel comfortable with your own particular smells or do you try to disguise them. Tell us.


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Sex and menstruation

A particular tantric initiation involves making love to a woman who is bleeding in a graveyard! What do you feel about making love while you or your partner is bleeding? Tell us.

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The G-Spot

Have you found it? Have you looked? Tell us your experiences.


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Hairy armpits

Every woman grows hair under her arms, but most of us rip, pluck, shave or cream all trace of it away. Is it ugly? Is it sexy?


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