Hairy armpits!

Every woman grows hair under her arms, but most of us rip, pluck, shave or cream all trace of it away. Is it ugly? Is it sexy?

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I think that the natural state is sexy and more readily asserts our animal heritage. Sex has been sanitized and deodorized by Madison Ave. What do you think phermones are for? An artifical ideal for beauty enslaves women.

I think that hairy armpits on women are such a turnon. Ever since college days back in the '70s is when I began to appeciate hirsute females. I guess its like having two extra pubic areas to play with. Also the hair holds a woman's natural aromas like a pheranome. Thanks for the time and space on these views. I wish more women would go natural.

Mark - USA
I feel that it is silly that most American women declare war on their body hair, day after day, year after year. I suppose it is because they are conditioned to equate body hair with dirtiness. There is nothing more beautiful than a hairy woman. Maybe one day it won't be a once in a lifetime expereince meeting a hairy woman in the flesh.

Tom - Canada
The unshaven armpit is quite sexy. It is an unfortunate development in our society that that ripping and plucking of female body hair has been condoned as the norm. I especially find the female custom of plucking out the eyebrows and then drawing them back on quite humourous. Natural eybrows and armpits are ten times more attractive than their depiliated alternatives.

Rourke - USA I must insist on being anonymous. Despite having created a modern society capable of everthing from deodorants to razors to the Internet, our biological evolution is countless thousands of years behind and whether we like it or not we have bodies and sexual chemistries of our primal ancestors. Just because Madison avenue has very recently swept scents and hair under the carpet, our basic deep seated primordial feelings are still strongly affected by these very natural biological parts of our makeup. Taking a sharp instrument to one's armpit hair 10,000 years ago would subject a woman to possible injury and deleterious complications. It was not natural then and our bodies which were hundreds of thousands of years in the evolutionary making have simply not changed that much. Our technology has and our primitive jungle trails have taken on names such as Madison Avenue. But the function and use of these body features, long in the adaptive making, stay with us. When I kiss a woman and work my way to her hairy scented armpits I find myself stiffening up like mad and moved clearly onto a level of much higher arousal. My favorite times in love making have often come in the morning when it has been close to 24 hours since bathing and the woman's delightful odor has reached a potency that is usually unattainable during the same day following bathing. Camping trips in steamy July have more than once been the place of otherwise unattainable sexual frenzy as I have nuzzled and licked the hairy pits of a beautiful woman in the morning in the strangely dangerous privacy of a tent 15' from our rousing neighbors. So powerful an influence on my excitation are lovely pungent armits, that I have learned to know when a woman is the most "ripe". For example, while it might seem that the most delicious time would be after exercise and a sauna, this is actually very subpar, as the heavy sweat actually means new sweat that has relatively little odor, having washed away the vintage that was building up.I know because this was always a fantasy, but upon several tries, I always realized that an overnight sleep always produced the stongest chemicals while exrcise simply washed things away. Exercise the day before of course is quite another matter. Long climbs to eastern summits wit Darien grown ivy leaguers have made for some of the best camping sex the next day ever. What else is so wonderful is the variety of scents and potencies and amount of hair and color of hair from woman to woman. Not all women attract me and frankly, underarm hair on an unattractive woman can actually be a turnoff. On the other hand, there have been women of modest looks that have grown on me and these are often the types who grow on me slowly and taste the best. Its funny, but despite my love of a girl with thick, black (mysterious) and almost greasily sweaty underarm pits, I can just as readily be turned off by women who sport underarm hair freely in public. I'm not sure why. I think it probably has to do with the fact that I too have been hypnotized by Madison Avenue's call for antiseptically bare underarms and if I don't know the woman, I can superficially initially be turned off. It is much easier for me to take a woman I revere and whose cleanliness I am sure of and personally lead her down the dirty embarrassing path of natural armpit hair and odor. I guess even I harbor some deep seated notions about hair and hygiene. Despite our massive sexually thwarting leap forward in technology, I am delighted to find this unique site on the Internet which hopefully we can use to spread the word that technology notwithstanding, we are all many moons from being able to deny our primal natures. My name is Rourke, I've said a lot and will be interested and perhaps even turned on by any comments.I can't believe I am alone. But lets hope underharm hair never gets too poipular. The pheromomes will still be there, but the adventure will be gone. Please keep the site open. I'd be real curious to see a poll delineating the % of women who grow their pits or those who have at one time.

I find hairy women extremely attractive. I can only get my wife to go unshaven in the winter when a lot of clothes are reguired because of the cold (Maine). In summer, it all comes off to my chagrin. The smell of a hairy, sweaty armpit is like perfume to me. I really would like to see more women with the guts to forego the razor.
john - usa

Nick -USA
God, I love to look at 'em. But on MY girl? I'm not so sure! Critical factor might be shampoo every day and plenty of perfume!

mike - canada
I think hairy armpits are sexy

outtahand - USA
provocative, sensuous, tantalizing, scrumptious, shocking, revealing, teasing, daring, dangerous, empowering, invigorating, surprising, free-spirited, arousing, electrifying, uncommon, playful, sexy, saucy, sassy, masculine, feminine, FUN!

...I guess it's OK :)

Ed - USA
The natural state is the best state. I onces dated a natural woman and I never let her know how much I loved it because I was too shy to talk about it. I am sorry now. It adds a whole new dimension to the body.

warren - us
I love hairy women. Body hair, especially underarm hair, on women is beautiful, sexy,and very attractive.

Maureen - U.S.A.
I don't shave my underarms! I haven't done so for only a year, however. It seemed like such a "rebellion" for me, but now I see that I am simply refusing to kowtow to the patriarchy's vision of what a woman should look like. I can certainly understand that some women should want to shave under their arms, for various reasons. It's not like I'm saying "If you want to be a real feminist, don't SHAVE!" However, it really bugs me when people make nasty comments to me because I don't shave!

I believe that any "alteration" in the "natural" state of women is synonymous to such patriarchal domination as the painful practice of "footbinding" in early China for the sake of being "subserviant" under the guise of "beauty" - Granted, shaving one's underarms is not a painful process, but symbolic nonetheless. All in all it should be a woman's decision as to whether or not to shave based upon comfort level, not societal.
Linda USA

Barry- USA
Hi, I think hairy armpits are extra sexy. They tell me a woman is very proud of her body, and doesn't mind showing it. Like to see all women with hairy armpits!

E(lipse - USA
I personally have never shaved, but I'm only 14... and what about for stream-lining? Like for swimming, there might be an advantage to having really smooth skin... I wouldn't know, but there's at least enough of a difference for dolphins to have evolved so smooth and hairless... Other than that, I like hair! Anywhere!

Warren- us
I love hairy women. Body hair, espeecially underarm hair, on a woman is beautiful, sexy and very attractive.

I think that there is NOTHING more exciting than a woman with hairy pits. A woman in a tank top with her arms above her head is magical.

Bobby - CO, USA
Absolutely. Gotta have it. My partner whines a bit in the summer. Best with no deoderant or just the crystal stuff if necessary. The aroma of a woman is half the draw. Few seem ashamed with their drawers down and the lights on; what a look of horror you get for suggesting a clean shaven (Godess forbid) yoni. Why let the patriarchy run your pits?

I don't mind hair under the arms, but for some odd reason, I like dark thick hair on the arm. This turns me on. Irronically, I am a male (bodybuilder) and shave my entire body and most women like it. Gender reversal? As far as pubic hair, I prefer a nice trim about 3''tall and 1-2'' wide with the anus sphincter completely shaved.

Marty - USA
I love female body hair. It is natural and sexy. The arm pit is a starting place to lick and smell. The hair keeps female aroma.

tom - usa
A woman's natural body hair is an extraordinary, visual experience which is sexually provocative in the most feminine way. It also lends to her 'individual' smell (which every woman possesses). I believe the French call it "Cassolette" (sp), but, regardless, hairy woman offer a very sensual, predatory and powerfully erotic portrait

Gary - USA
I love hairy underarms. I love underarms in general. I can lick them suck them, stare at them, and caress them all the time. I love the feel of the hair. It is soft and smooth. I will do anything to get a glimpse of underarm, hairy or not.

Colin - S Africa
Women with naturally hairy armpits are a great turn-on for me. The hairier the better. In fact I would say that a hirsute woman is preferable to one that has depilated. I love to go to Europe once in a while and look at the hairy ladies there, because most SA women tend to shave, which is a great pity. Sex is better with furry ladies. Thanks for a great homepage and this column.

Tom - U.S.A.
Female hair, both armpit, and especially, abundant pubic hair sends an extraordinarily powerful visual, sensual, erotic and even olfactory (cassolette) message. "Femality" (my word) is the complete, natural woman. Armpit and pubic hair is also extremely "predatory" and "wild". This alone has an overwhelming effect on men who truly appreciate the woman in her natural state.

Fred - USA
I just love women with hairy armpits.When I"m out i catch myself looking at women"s armpits to see if there is hair under there. the smell of a woman with hair is so sexy. Would like address of other sites like this one thanx.

Darren - USA
Hairy armpits as well as any other good hairy parts are good Natural women are the best!!!!

James - USA
There is nothing, I mean NOTHING that fogs up my glasses more than unshaven armpits. A woman that I would normally consider quite plain suddenly becomes alluring if I see that she doesn't shave... and I am always looking.
Women get most criticism about armpits from other women, not men. Madison Avenue at work... and some dildo gets rich selling razor blades.
I've had (ex-)girlfriends refuse to stop shaving for me. "I want to look GOOD," they said. Look good for who, if not for me?
Not shaving says something about a woman's mind too. She's using it, instead of being brainwashed by TV. I'm not an ass man, a teat man, or a leg man... I'm a brain man. Although hair is pretty important....

Fred - USA
I think a womans natural body hair is sexy. Most of the women I have dated simply refuse to grow their hair.

Todays ladies are wonderful. UAH is an expression of the totally sensual female. The look, the scent and the texture are not to be duplicated on this planet........Love it!!!

chris - usa
Hairy armpits drives me wild. I don't think there is anything sexier than a woman with a lot of hair. If you're a hairy woman, you're in my fantasy.

Ryan - USA
Gosh!! I can't believe I found other people on the planet earth who actually think that hairy woman are beautiful too. I can't stop thinking about woman who are naturally hairy, I mean every woman is naturally hairy, but not many actually like their hair. I really want to meet one who likes her hair. I not only like it because it is natural and because that's what God gave her, but because it totally turns me on! write me back!!

waldo - usa
I find a woman with hairy armpits to be very desirable.
1. She refuses to blindly accept a "social norm" that her feminimity is relative to her willingness to shave.
2. She is selective of friends/lovers that are motivated by factors other than the narrow interpretations of beauty imposed by modern society.
3. The decision to shave(moustaches, beards, legs, and underarms is a personal one, and is the right of each person to decide for theirself.

Rourke - USA
An incredible site and long overdue public forum! I think you are collecting some wonderful information here. I just wish you would publish this in hopes of spreading the word! (With at least this writer anonymous).
Someone in the conversation named Mary mentioned that shaving the female underarm is only 50 years old. Does anyone have more on this?
Also, we all blame Madison Avenue, but for me I don't REALLY know the history on how shaving came about. Can anyone shed any light here? I'm not sure I want to approach a librarian with this request.I'd be curious as to why and where and when shaving the female armppit became popular.If it indeed only came about 50 years ago, then that's 1946. That would mean women born in 1930 might be able to attest to the fact that shaving started in their teenage years.
Perhaps there is a way through the Internet you can target such women and collect anecdotal information. There is obviously a limited window to collect this lore.
My experience with most women, is once you are intimate enough, they are usually willing to grow their underar hair. As other writers have noted, sometimes that goes by the wayside come summer.Perhaps part of the excitement is a woman's unshaved underarms are a "shared secret" along with the fact that in summer, sometimes there is a hiatus followed by autumn's "other foliage". Just as clothing makes nudity desirable, clothing concealing a woman's hairy underarms is quite exciting.
Here's another thought that I'd be very curious to see if anyone else shares. The odds are most women a man will link up with will NOT be virgins. I NEVER had a virgin and I never expect to. But hymen- defined virginity is but one form of virginity. Although, I have never been with a virgin proper, I have had the pleasure of "getting there first" with oral sex, anal sex and many other delicious diversions that I don't consider appropriate for a group conversation on the hairy female armpit. But I do feel that being the first to introduce a woman to the joys of not shaving has a considerable amount of pioneering joy attached.
Considering that a woman's first sexual experience is often reportedly subpar, and considering the "conquest value" of "having a virgin" is simply based on breaking through a societally defined threshold, why should I not derive equal pleasure and pride from being the guy who got to enjoy a woman's full bouquet hairy pits first? Afterall, this is a society-defined threshold of sorts, at least until we perhaps change this.
My experience is mostly based on the U.S. How common is shaving in other countries? I've heard that in France, shaving and bathing are a bit more lax than in the U.S. On the other hand, I've always been under the impression that the bidet is a French invention. Is that true, and if so, how does it reconcile with French girls being more relaxed about their natural bodily smell and hair? I'm confused. Can someone help?
Finally, I generally find that unshaven armpits rarely crop up in any of today's x-rated magazines and videos. If at all possible, I would much appreciate it if readers of this site could direct me to specific magazines/issue dates as well as videos where I might be able to find unshaven armpits. In fact, if you ever get graphics capability and can publish such photos, I would like the opportunity to engage in a group critique. If a picture says 1000 words, it should also spawn quite a bit of conversation.
I know there is a subscription publication "Hairy Lady", I would love to know where I can buy it on the newsstand here in the U.S.
Finally, to end on a scientific note as opposed to the sexual note I just got carried away on, is it possible that somehow shaving the pheremone rich sexually attractant female armpit is some sort of reaction to overpopulation? Perhaps when too many of us constantly run into each other due to high population, what might be a natural mating odor in a less populated world might result in too much cumulative olfactory stimulus in our world. Could this make the brain receive body odor, even from attractive females, in an unfavorable manner? In other words could overpopulation lead to shaving, which in turn might lower libido and function as a population deterrant?
Lets keep the converastion going!
Again, thank you Laura.

Bill - USA
I find a natural woman (one who shaves nothing) to be more sensual and, therefore, attractive. Underarm hair tends to make one think of other hair; ie a woman's hairy and soft mound.

Robert - USA
I think body hair on women is one of the most erotic aspects of female beauty. I can understand why social convention (sad to say!) influences so many American women to shave their legs and armpits, but shaving pubic hair is really tragic, since it's so especially sexy. I've been surprised by the number of women who've told me that their lovers ask them to trim to the minimum or shave completely their pubic hair. And another thing: in my experience, the more hirsute the lady, the more exciting the lover she is.

John - USA
I find hairy armpits the most sexual part of a women. I say this because, when i see a woman with underarm hair I get a rush. I don't need to see her face. It doesn't matter to me what she looks like. It is the first thing I look for in a woman. Here in the US it's looked down on so most women don't let it grow. If they only knew how sexy they look. Lease to if there are any women who is looking for a man who will love them for hair I'm him! Anyway.....I do perfer dark hair but any hair is fine with me!

akiyoshi - japan
vere nise!

Laura - USA
I stopped shaving my armpits when I was 15 (I'm 20 now). I love the way I feel--natural, powerful, mysterious--but my lovers haven't always felt that way. The woman I'm with now tolerates my choice but asks from time to time when I'm going to shave...she doesn't understand why I do it, I'm less attractive to her unshaven, I know she keeps hoping I'll change my mind. She has really bought into the whole image of a sexy woman being a skinny smooth-shaven little thing in high heels and an ass-hugging dress.

women appear more beautiful clean shaven and free of hair, hell, bald is a real turn on.

Reecy - USA
I love pit hair on women. Actually, I love hair all over women.

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