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Hairy armpits vs armpit hair removal.

Every woman grows hair under her arms, but most of us rip, pluck, shave, cream or laser all trace of it away.
Is it ugly? Is it attractive? This is the original armpit hair removal discussion board.

I find the issue of hair is most fascinating. How many western women do you know who do not have hair that grows under their arms? It is a fact that, at puberty, like it or not this hair starts to sprout. Why should the prevalent image of beauty wish us to revert un-naturally to a pre-adolescent state? Is this indication of maturity too provocative, too confronting for those who set the standard? I find myself in a strange position. I genuinely felt for many years that underarm hair was ugly and should be removed. I shaved, plucked, ripped or covered up with clothing any traces of my body's embarrasing aberation. I even tried laser hair removal. I was completely conditioned by the prevalent beauty myth. But as I began to feel more and more at home with my femininity my attitude has changed. I now find underarm hair quite attractive. I see in it a glimpse, a tantalising hint of another warm hair-covered place on a woman's body. (And yet I can still remember, all though I no longer feel, the distaste with which I found it ugly.)

Armpit hair is, to this het bloke, a magnificent forest of scent and intimacy that I enjoy with my partner.The often tart taste and smell is kinda like the lemon and salt after the tequila!
Deodorants? Absolutely not. My tongue swells up and I want to gag.

I believe an excess of body hair is a real no no. If I were rich, I'd spend a fortune on electrolisis treatments or laser hair removal. Shaving, plucking, ect.. gets to be a pain everyday.
Barbara - US

I once dated a girl who didnt shave and she made every effort to hide this fact from me. She always wore long pants and her shirts always had sleeves. This secret which she tried so hard not to reveal prevented us from having any intimate activity for quite sometime. She tried to pass it off as the "I'm not ready for this" scenario and for a while I bought it. When I finally told her I knew why she hid her body from me, she was shocked that I wasn't disgusted by the thought of her not shaving. I was still a bit unsure how I would react to seeing her, but when I finally got my first look at her I found her natural appearance quite attractive. I must admit I was surprised myself. I had always been attracted to "clean" shaved women. Now I feel shaving isn't a question of cleanliness. It is a question of how social conditioning has affected the American perception that unshaved women are unattractive.

I would love to date another hairy woman but unfortunately if I went out and tried to find one I'd be a very lonely person.

Mike USA

Maybe not Mike? Check out the women looking for dates at adultmatchmaker.

Richard - USA
Many women feel they must remove the hair that grows naturally on their bodies. If a woman truly feels more comfortable being smooth-skinned, then that is her prerogative and she has every right to shave or depilate or go for laser hair removal treatments. But if a woman is removing her hair ONLY because of societal conditioning, that is sad. Our present-day culture, in conjunction with media and peer pressure, is forcing women to conform to a Barbie-doll smoothness of skin. Since the sale of feminine hair removal products generates millions of dollars annually to corporate industries, this means companies understandably work very hard to promote an artificially contrived standard of "beauty" revolving around hairless skin.
I personally happen to find body hair on a woman extremely visually exciting. There's something very attractive about a woman wearing a tank top who has hairy forearms and natural underarms. There's a vast silent majority of men who would agree with me about this.
I hope the future will see more women going natural with more men coming out of the closet and speaking out about their preference for hair on a woman. Maybe we're starting to see signs of this now. It's about time....

I started shaving when I was 11. I think it helps keep odor away, and my underarm hair is dark so when it grows in it looks very noticable. But I've seen other women who don't shave and it's OK with me, even though it's a bit surprising. Women have only been shaving for about 50 years so was hair ugly before that?
Mary (USA)

I haven't shaved the armpits since I was 14 and have had much criticism because of it. However I continue to be hairy and haven't yet had a partner who complained! Most of the criticism I got was from woman who felt obliged to be hairless. I think women (and men) should feel able to choose for themselves whether or not to remove hair. I don't shave any part of me and I like me this way!
sarah - australia

Jeanne - USA
Growing up on a farm in the midwest, I was always a pretty 'natural' girl, but oddly still felt the need for the adolescent rite of passage that shaving seems to be. I fell in love with a older man during college who told me he would be much more attracted to me if Iwould stop. I did, and the effects were numerous. Instead of being insecure about my 'hairyness,' it made me more confident. It also opened my eyes to the beauty of unshaven women, which I now thoroughly enjoy through sensual encounters

Methinks that state you mention'd most delicious! (beautiful, powerful) etc. I believe there is something to the biblical tale of samson/delilah. For me hair is the key to great enjoyment. Most intimate contacts in my life have body hair as the spark that leads to flames. I adore a profusely hirsuite female form...forearms, legs, belly and thighs.. delicious!!!

I think that hair should be shaved, primarily because it itches so! But women with hair are not unattractive at all.
Lisa - Canada

I am extremely interested in topics surrounding socialization. I find it interesting how we live our lives according to rules made by human beings from another time. Virtually every norm that we live by should be challenged or at least re-examined. I personally find the natural look very erotic. I should mention, however, the possibility that my fascination with natural women may be due to the taboo nature. Many people find "breaking the rules" to be highly stimulating. I wonder if this growing interest would exist if hair was the norm...
Chuck - USA

For me, hairy armpits on a woman are a major turn-on. Bob - USA

It really depends on the woman. Some people think hairy means not clean, because the only hairy women they have seen, were dirty. Most European women are a little more casual about that part of (hygene) but certainly not dirty. Everything can turn me on at some time or the other and If the woman is everything else, hair won't stop me.
Sam (USA)

The reason hairy armpits is so attractive is because it gives a hint of the unknown when observed it says there is a part of the female body that is usually covered and now it is in the open. why don't european women shave whereas the usa or english counterparts are bald. there is nothing nicer then travelling in europe in summer and seeing the delights of a hairy armpit displayed bergs -south africa

Yeah, okay, I find women's body hair to be very natural, earthy and appealling. But it goes deeper than that. To me, a woman who does not shave her body is sending a message of self-acceptance, of confidence, of independant thinking and rebelliousness that I find extremely attractive. Am I reading too much in?

I think the female armpit is very attractive part of a womans body...Hair just makes it that much better!
Eric - U.S.A

How pathetic is it to say that I love it, but force myself to conform...mostly for the sake of my lover i'm afraid. I remember when I was just a little girl and saw my sister's roommate's armpits. Being the free spirit that she was they were hairy and I remember the chaos this caused in my family. It was SO taboo... Now as I grow older and learn more about myself I find her unabashed feminine beauty exhilarating, erotic and admirable...
Cathy (USA)

I normally save the hair that I shave and secretly put it into a herbal concoction that I make for my boyfriend. Of course I only give it to him when I'm annoyed but that's besides the point.

I dont think that hairy arm pits detract from a womans appearance. There may be times when she would like them shaved for Fashionable appearances such as a man would shave for one. other than that let them grow.....
Shawn (USA)

I love hairy armpits - and most other parts of a woman's body as well. I am an older gentleman with a young lover who I have convinced to leave herself natural. I cannot say thay she enjoys it and has told me that she is going to cut it off in the Summer but I will enjoy it while it lasts! It is a wonderful gift and perhaps even more so since she does it for love.
Doug - U.S.A.

I have always encouraged my girlfriends not to shave their bodies-- occasionally they will continue to shave their legs because of the social stigma attatched, but most are relieved beyond measure and immediately stop shaving when they find out that i think it is not only natural, but very womanly and attractive for them to allow their body hair to grow. Think of the dollars (especially the current fad for laser hair removal) and time wasted on such a menial and sometimes injurious task that often does not yield "pretty" results. I am excited by a woman who has the nerve to defy modern social custom in the name of personal comfort. After all, I would NEVER shave my legs or armpits for a woman- how could I ask her to shave for me?
murray- usa

They are nasty and disgusting. My wife is here with me now and if she did not shave I would either divorce her or refuse to sleep with her and be seen in public with her (not). This is but a personal opinion I know, but I feel it is one that any redblooded american should share. After all, were you turned on by Madonna's hairy pits. Exactly, that is what I thought also. So save america the trouble of having a new fad on A Current Affair and SHAVE - or better still get your hair permanently removed with laser removal.

I think a woman should be hairless below her shhoulders. My wife of 6 years has been that wayy ever sinnce we were together..

The hairy is beutiful~!!!!!
zibarius - Korea

I luv 'em!! The hairier the better. I can see a woman who's looks do absolutely nothing for me, but if she has hairy pits and I get a glimpse....WOW! Instant attraction. One shouldn't categorize any group of people, but I've found women who don't shave to be much more assertive and self-assured. Actually, in my experience, they tend to be much better edcuated as well because I live in a college town and that is my frame of reference on this subject. Viva la differance!!
Rusty - USA

Mary - US
Hairy Armpits! Pretty much a cultural thing... I prefer to be clean-shaven... I also know that during those times when I don't shave, I retain a lot more body odor/scent, regardless of soap and deodorant. that in itself may be another cultural/religious thing... being an Irish-Catholic, the message was to keep the body clean in ALL ways -- celibacy included. Can't go 'round give off all sorts of scents without facing the concequences!

I am a 42 year old male who personally finds shaven armpits to be disgusting. They look swollen from the injury of having the skin scraped with a weapon.
I am personally puzzeled as to why there has been a tendency towards feminine depilation over the course of this century, unless it is some plan of a bunch of closet weirdos to try to make the women of the world look like pre-pubescent little girls. Body hair is a sign of adulthood. In my opinion, the only person who could be conciously attracted to a depilated partner is either a closet pedophile, or a sadist who wants to deprive the partner of their adult identity.
I realize that this is an extreme interpretation, but nevertheless, this is how I feel.
Just because men have more body hair than women does not mean that a woman's body hair is unfeminine. It means that she is a mature adult.

Why don't men shave their armpits?
If its socially expected that a woman have clean-shaven armpits, then why are men allowed to walk around with hairy, smelly pits?
barbara - usa

Terry - USA
Never been with a girl having hairy underarms. But I'd be willing to try!

Tim - U.S.A.
Underarm hair is natural. It can be attractive, ugly, fascinating, and everything else. What is silly is how some women are disgusted by it, disgusted by their own bodies. Whether you laser, shave, trim or just let it grow wild, you should be comfortable with yourself and not fixated on a few follicles that are there naturally.

Mats - Sweden
I love women, and I love the female body!! The female body grows hair, not only under the arms, but on the arms, the legs and, of course ..... All of this hair belongs to the female body and that is why I love hairy females, who does not bother shaving...

Rufus - USA
Some people are hairy, others are not.
Hairy people have the distinct advantage that they can become unhairy if they choose. Why not create a gizmo that allows unhairy people to grow as much hair as they want ;)

Who am I kidding? The issue is social not preference. I think that societal presures to look anyway other than how we are are stupid. (After all flowers don't shave)

Pam - USA
My name is Pam Winter and I am the publisher of HAIR TO STAY, the world's only magazine for lovers of natural, hairy women. My goal is to educate society and inform them that hairy women are just natural. There are thousands and thousands of men and women who love natural, hairy women and they feel they have to hide their interest, and that is wrong. Also, women like myself who are hairy should not be made to feel ashamed for being hairy. We are natural. I always tell people that even someone who shaves their entire body will stink if they aren't clean. Hair is not dirty. Yes, hair might "trap" in natural odors but a clean woman will not leave any odor.
I welcome comments, suggestions and criticisms. Also, if you love hairy women, there are a couple of Web sites for this.
Long live hairy women!!

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