Silk Screen Fabrics
- by Jude Kenny

This gallery contains thumbnails of some of Judes earlier work. To see a full size version just click on any of the images ~ but be prepared to wait a little for it to load!

To see her latest prints and the products she offers for sale check out our page of Jude's current designs

My designs are inspired
by the tremendously rich colours and shapes of the Australian landscape.

I was raised in the Australian bush and I am totally passionate about the outback and desert regions of this land.

I love the colours of the sand, the water and the sky...

...the warm desert ochres, the red, orange and yellow hues of the rocks...
the soft greys, greens and brilliant blues.
I work with the swirls and curves of sand and sea,
the bold, jagged statements of the rocks and hills
and the unique outlines of our indigenous Australian animals.
Through her business 'Lizard of Oz' Jude designs and markets a range of Australian products. Currently her designs are printed on to cotton fabric lengths, cushion covers, doona/duvet covers and leggings. For products and prices see Jude's current designs page. She is also available for commissioned pieces.

All images ©Jude Kenny For more information e-mail Jude c/o yoni web-zine.

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