Lyrics and sound samples from 'Letting Go'

We have selected small samples from each of the tracks on the CD. These samples will download quickly to give you a taste of Jalalo's music. Each sample is available in AIFF, AU and WAV format (AIFF gives the best quality for the shortest download time). If you are not sure of the difference between AU, AIFC and WAV or how to get configured to download sound files then read our sound info page.

. Once you have downloaded a few samples we suggest you set them running in a sequence to get an even better feel for Jalalo's work.

Under the Moon

13 sec sample
AIFF Format (102K)
AU format

In the garden of creation
She's holding up the moon
She seeks illumination
Green grass and silver spoons
And in our magic garden
We can fall into the moon
And I know I'll always find you where
The orchids are in bloom
Under the moon...

Diamond Eyes

10 sec sample
AIFF Format (85K)
AU format (85K)

Passion in My Heart

9 sec sample
AIFF Format (77K)
AU format

Child you bring me flowers
From the deepest of the wild
A little ray of sunshine
Has filtered through the trees into my room
The touch of shimmering white roses
Gently heals the wound

Letting Go

9 sec sample
AIFF Format (77K)
AU format

I had to prove myself
I could not fail
I learnt to hide my pain
Inside a world of fairy tales
I know you did your best
What you thought was right
But when I wanted you to hold me
Why did you turn out the light?

Wrapped in Your Love

11 sec sample
AIFF Format (102K)
AU format

I didn't count on this
How deep this love has gone
Revealing the tenderness
The jewel within the stone
You whispered in the wind
Just go with the river
And drink her waters in
And live her


9 sec sample
AIFFormat (77K)
AU format


11 sec sample
AIFF Format
AU format

If I could breathe
Love's every vapour
I do believe
That's what I came for
Lurking in the wings
To consume my mind
When all those things
All those years behind
Don't exist

So rest and know it's safe
And it's alright to feel this way
When love speaks out in the open
I'm naked
I lay all my secrets down

Touch me Gently

9 sec sample
AIFF Format (68K)
AU format (77K)

War against Life

9 sec sample
AIFF Format (77K)
AU format

Wake up, it's judgement day
Are you good enough at last?
What you think you ought to be
Wake up and face your game
Your shadow of the past
Acknowledge it and let it be

Letting Go is available for purchase on-line (US$ 25). You can read Jalalo's introduction to the CD or find out more about the artist from her on-line bio.

Yes Please - I would like to order my copy of Jalalo's CD Letting Go

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