Born in Melbourne, Australia into a musical family, Jalalo began performing at the age of five. She toured as lead vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player in numerous bands based in Sydney as well as the USA and Asia. She was co-lead singer, songwriter and guitarist with Australia Top 10 artist Gyan, and opened for UB40 on their Australian tour.

During her eight year stay in the San Francisco Bay area Jalalo worked with musicians such as Wyndham Hill jazz artists Kit Walker, with whom she toured India's major cities in a jazz/rock band in the early 1980's, and Paul McCandless (formerly of the band Oregon) whose masterful playing of wind instruments is featured throughout the album.

In a unique lyrical vein, and with a sensitivity akin to Enya and Sarah McLaughlan, Jalalo's songs intimately evoke a life of inner exploration and outer harmony with the natural world. These songs break folk, ambient and pop stylistic moulds to usher in a new musical sensibility of Love with depth and thought in the place of self pity. There is courage, clarity and gratitude.

Currently living in the sub-tropical rain forest on the north-east coast of Australia, Jalalo performs with numerous groups in a range of musical styles - from folk, to pop, to techno, as an ongoing expression of her desire to dissolve boundaries and explore new musical experiences.

About Letting Go she says,
"I wanted this album to have soft edges - to speak to the power of the feminine in both women and men, and to express my longing for freedom."

One reviewer's comments include this description of her work:
"Jalalo's delving insights on "Letting Go" are at the same time nurturing and challenging. Her rich heartfelt sound embodies the woman - casting stones into the pool of who we are. Her tones glide and glance amongst living sounds." (Nutan, Osho Connections)

Letting Go is available for purchase on-line. You can hear sound samples from the CD, tune into some of the lyrics and read Jalalo's personal introduction to her music.

Yes Please - I would like to order my copy of Jalalo's CD Letting Go

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