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..we have been putting off doing this because we want to be able to offer her information for free .. but our coffers are empty, yOni's on-line costs are high and we need to work to feed the family. The solution we've come up with is this.

..for a subscription of US $20 (click for a currency conversion) we offer a lifetime membership of unlimited access to the site as it stands and to any future updates. We also offer a mailing list for members.

As we'd still like to offer free access to people who can't afford the fee we are also offering an alternative "philanthropic" subscription.


.. for a philanthropic subscription of US $30 (click for a currency conversion) you will receive your own lifetime membership *and* we will be able to offer full free access to the next two people on our waiting list.

payment options

Our prefered payment method is Paypal .. an excellent & reputable service which allows you to transfer money securely from your international credit card or US check account (also check accounts in an increasing number of other countries). For more information on Paypal click here or to order your subscription directly use one of the buttons above.

You can also send International (not US only) Money Orders or US$, UK£ or AU$ personal checks but these incur an additional fee of US$5 to cover bank charges. Send your check for US$25 or US$35 or the equivalent payable to yOni'net services to 67, Burringbar Street, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482, Australia. Please remember to include your email address so we can send you your membership details.

There are currently 42 names on our waitlist. If you'd like to be put on our waiting list for free access then send an email to subrequestyoni.com telling us why you like to explore more of the site. (NB A lot of the site is still available without a password - please don't email us saying I want to try before I buy)


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