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yOni massage

The ulimate stress release for women

In a conventional massage, a massage therapist with integrity will assiduously avoid any contact with their client's genitals. And most of us would not have it any other way. But, in a safe, healing environment, the pelvic area, just as much as any other area of the body, can benefit greatly from sensitive, nurturing touch .

yOni talks to Marc, a massage therapist in the Byron Bay area, who offers yOni massage to a select number of clients as part of his massage practice.

"A genuine yOni massage is an emotional and spiritual journey of touch. It is an opportunity to simply receive without any expectation being placed on you. yOni massage can be very beneficial for women that have been abused in the past either mentally or physically and want to regain their sensuality and sexuality. It is great for women who are longing for the touch of another person or women who are not receiving enough pleasure from their partners or who are always expected to offer something in return. It is also valuable for women who want to learn how to be multi–orgasmic. As there is no expectation placed on orgasm, if the client has one it can often be very intense. In Tantra this is called “riding the wave” and requires a patient, present therapist."

"yOni massage starts like any other relaxing massage. You lie on a massage table and receive a full body massage with hot stones and essential oils to fully relax the body. This takes up to an hour. I will ask you to focus on your breathing, becoming fully aware of your whole body and all your senses.
When it comes time for the yOni to be massaged this will begin with gentle touch and massage of the area. By this stage you are in a state of total relaxation but are still able to communicate with the therapist.
You are encouraged to ask and say whatever you like, whatever comes into your mind. The treatment is all about you without the expectation of anything in return, emotions may be stirred and you may feel like crying or being held, or in most cases just intense pleasure."

"Prior to offering a yOni massage I spend time talking to the client to discover why they want to make an appointment. The massage is powerful bodywork and a very loving treatment but I do not offer an escort service and I am not available as a sexual partner. But for those who are open to enjoying and receiving a gentle, loving and caring treatment the benefits can be enormous."

Marc's treatments last from 1.5 to 3 hours and discretion is assured. His clinic is in the Byron Bay area although he does travel to most cities in Australia. You are welcome to to ask any questions.