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Squeaky Clean Without Toothpaste!

A cool innovation in tooth brushing

Although I totally love the 'dentist' clean feeling that this clever toothbrush gives me, I am most excited about the effect it has had on my 11 year old son's toothbrushing habits. He is so tickled by the fact that he doesn't need toothpaste that he is brushing his teeth with glee rather than the extreme reluctance he used to display. I also find it very useful to be able to carry my ion toothbrush around and to brush my teeth anywhere I can drink a mouthful of water and spit without offending anyone!

But before I get too excited let me tell you what I'm talking about

What is an Ion iToothbrush?

An Ion iToothbrush is a toothbrush that cleans your teeth and gums without the need for toothpaste. Rather than relying on pressure and abrasions to clean the Ion iToothbrush releases a flow of ions - a very gentle electric current - in your mouth. These ions sterilize mouth bacteria, strengthen the gums, and stop plaque sticking to your teeth.

How do I use it?

Like any normal manual toothbrush. Gentle, circular strokes are best.

Can I still use toothpaste?

Yes, of course. The Ion iToothbrush effect will still work. Saliva or water is sufficient to release the flow of ions, so it’s not necessary to use toothpaste. If you find you can’t do without, try using less! You can also use salt or bicarbonate of soda.

What can I expect to happen?

Most people notice changes in their mouth, immediately and over time. For example, a reduction in bad breath. Gums starting to bleed, then healing. This cycle may repeat itself. Nearly everyone not using toothpaste sees discolouration as they spit into the sink - this scale is what would otherwise end up stuck to the teeth as plaque.

What does it feel like?

Some people feel a tingling or a gentle buzz. Others say that their teeth no longer feel slimy. Nearly everyone feels a really clean mouth for quite some time - up to 24 hours - afterwards! The “squeaky clean” effect!

Can everyone use it?

The small head makes the brush easy for everyone to use. Please note that the Ion iToothbrush generates approximately 1 volt of electric current. this is a very small amount but if you have any concerns abou this, as always, please satisfy yourself as to your own safety!

How long will the iToothbrush last?

The same as any ordinary toothbrush, depending on your use of it.

How does the Ion iToothbrush work?

The unique construction of the Ion iToothbrush forms a “natural battery” with the saliva in your mouth. By sealing a layer of metal in the head of the brush, positive and negative ions are emitted on contact with your saliva, and an electrical circuit is formed around the bristles. The production of ions is caused by the potential electric difference between two kinds of metal.
When they are brought into contact with an electrolyte, such as saliva, a difference in electrical potential arises (0.5 to 1.1 volts), ions are produced, and electric current flows. This natural phenomenon is called “Volta’s battery”, or the Galvanic effect. It is generally accepted that there is an ongoing release of mercury from amalgam fillings. This has been found to be increased by heat (hot food or drinks), friction (chewing, brushing) and
electric current (including current produced by chemical reactions with foods) - the Galvanic effect.

Dental Plaque sticks on the teeth through electricity, generated naturally by the human body. When you brush with the Ion iToothbrush, ions will flow on the surface of the teeth and dental plaque will come off the teeth more easily. The Ion iToothbrush creates a flow of ions through the energy produced by a chemical reaction: the natural battery formed with your saliva. The ion
process has a physical effect and the following results have been found by dentists in Japan:

1. Reduction of inter dental pockets
2. Cure of gum inflammation
3. Release of plaque from the surface of the teeth

With an ordinary toothbrush, and using toothpaste, it can be necessary to brush your teeth for 20 minutes at a time to effectively remove dental plaque. The Ion iToothbrush increases the effectiveness of your brushing and reduces the brushing time required to prevent the plaque from forming an electric bond with, and therefore sticking to, the surface of the teeth.

Where did the Ion iToothbrush come from?

Japan. A Japanese Dentist invented the Ion Toothbrush, using principles discovered in America. His company, Health Support, applied for the patent in Japan in 1987.

This revolutionary new toothbrush is now available in the yOni unique gifts store.

Click here to order your ion itoothbrush now!

What people are saying about the Ion iToothbrush:

Rondo, Burleigh Heads: I am delighted with my iToothbrush! It reaches everywhere and my teeth feel smooth and clean. Thank you so much for finding us this little treasure. And I am delighted not to have to use chemicals of any type in my mouth again!

Natalie, Lismore, age 17: It’s easier to brush your teeth for a longer time. The head’s small so it’s easier to reach the back. And my teeth feel cleaner! I like not using toothpaste. I think they’re good value!

Danny, Apprentice, Byron Bay: I love it! I clean my teeth as I’m walking to work! (Danny has the brush with the portable case.)

Sharne, Byron Bay: The iToothbrush is great for my son, age 15. Not having to use toothpaste makes it easier for him to clean his teeth. It’s one less thing he has to do. It’s been a liberation for him!

Jackie, Oakland, California: When I’m cleaning my teeth with the iToothbrush, without toothpaste, and I spit into the sink, I can see discolouration: that would have been sticking on my teeth before!

Angelika, Ocean Shores: My daughter said: ” I can see a light around the top”. I couldn’t see it - the energy of it - she sees a lot of things I can’t see. The iToothbrush is all she uses, now, she won’t use any other toothbrush. She’s always rebelled against toothpaste! She’s much happier now. So am I. It’s easier on all of us.

Mary, Billinudgel: I clean my teeth four times a day. I still like to use toothpaste. Sometimes I use a pre-rinse, and then I don’t use toothpaste. I like the small head of the brush - I can get around my whole mouth.

Helen, Byron Bay: My dentist says the plaque just falls off your teeth!

David, student, Byron Bay: I like it. It’s fast and easy. It’s one less thing to remember. It works.

Jackie, Lismore: We’re very happy with them. I used to get bleeding gums and it’s not an issue any more. I haven’t been using toothpaste. Still feeling that clean feeling! And it’s handy for when I give homeopathics to the kids - no worries about antidoting the remedies.

Steve, ... Bank, Byron Bay: I think it’s great. I got three more, for my parents and 83 year old grandmother. She loves it!

Dentist, Mullumbimby: My mouth feels really clean, especially where my tongue goes, at the back of my front teeth. I still use a tiny bit of toothpaste - it’s been a long time habit! But I expect to use less and less. I think the iTOOTHBRUSH is excellent: I’m recommending it to my patients. I had a patient in the other day for a clean and check up. She’s been using the iToothbrush, without toothpaste, for two months. She had none of the hard scale I would normally be scraping off her teeth, her gums had stopped receding, and the only (tea) stains on her teeth were on the composite fillings! And she hadn’t had her teeth cleaned for 11 months, when usually she comes in every 6 months! Remarkable! Everybody should have at least one iToothbrush!

BettJoy, Ocean Shores: That patient was me!

Click here to order your ion itoothbrush now!

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