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Everything you need to know about visiting the Ob-Gyn

Manual Mammogram

Here they should use the manual mammogram technique to examine the breast tissue. This is especially useful for women with larger or more pendulous breasts. They place one hand underneath the breast, supporting it and keeping the lower hand flat and level or even slightly bowed. With the other hand palpating downward, as they did before with 3 degrees of pressure and the circle and drag technique through the breast tissue against there hand (similar to the horizontal plates of a mammogram). They should start at the chest wall and work outward in a methodical pattern, back and forth, working toward the nipple. It may be necessary move the hand underneath. At this point, they also palpate the nipple and areola in the same fashion, and note any discharge that may come from the nipple.

Other Important Lymph Nodes

Now from the breast, they should move into the right axilla and palpate the deep central axillary area (center of armpit), the lateral lymph nodes (the fingers palpate between the muscles of the underside of the upper right arm), the medial axillary area (down along the side of the body just under the armpit), the pectoral lymph nodes (inside armpit and forward), and the sub scapular lymph nodes (inside armpit towards the back). Your arm should be relaxed. It may help to take a deep breath to relax.

Now all this should be repeated on the left side/breast.

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