Harmony Meditation

Tricia Brennan (author of Looking Through the Mirror) uses colour to assist change in consciousness in her work as a counsellor and guide. This is a taste of one of the techniques offered in her Zen Palette CD series

Pink brings about an acceptance

of all things which are in

harmonious relationship with

each other. Security

comes from the innate

knowledge that you are a

unique being, seeking to grow in

love as a beautiful part of

all that is.


Assume a comfortable position and begin to focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift gently into a deep state of relaxation. Imagine yourself surrounded by soft shades of pink. Take the color in through your breath and allow it to permeate your entire being. Sense yourself cradled in the arms of a loving mother and open yourself to experiencing love. Allow yourself to feel safe and secure, comforted by her presence. Begin to affirm the statement, "I am a beautiful part of all that is". Surrender to your innocence , as you acknowledge yourself as a magnificent reflection of your soul. Become receptive to being in harmony with all that is.



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