I am a witch, bold and brazen.
Want a potion to take away your pain?
I will brew and brew, rosemary and rue,
pretty wicked,
bent over my cauldron.

I am a witch and oftentimes called a shrew,
because I spoke out the truth to you -
earned the scold's bridle and the ducking stool.

Sorry I mentioned, oh husband of mine,
that hitting your children was just not fine,
but it sure stopped their fantasies
and childish games.

I am a witch, bold and brazen.
I delivered your baby before the doctor came,
he just had to finish his lunch you see.
I gave your wife a potion to take away the pain,
though the pain is supposed to help her soul
because Eve is her role model,
Eve suffered her sorrow,
and so should all women,
dirty beasts,
in case they forget they are guilty
of original sin.

...If it weren't for them,
men would never even think of sex,
now would they?
So, to keep themselves pure, they must burn
the witches.
What for, you say, what for today?
For being midwives and healers and growers of herbs,
wise but impoverished, loving but sexual
and men who protest as they did at Salem.

I am a witch, bold and brazen.
And this is a riddle -
where do you find me?
Hidden so deeply, in every single woman,
and innocent child, and man so caring
who does not subscribe to your slash and burn ethic.

We are all witches, for we want -
to think freely,
act kindly,
grow wisely,
love trees.

"I have been burnt nine million times
Now - is the time - for witches."

by Gilli Smyth

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