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Looking Beyond The Mirror
Twelve Steps to Overcoming Self-doubt
By Tricia Brennan

Every decision in life is based on how you see yourself and who you believe you are...
Looking Beyond The Mirror is a revolutionary new book about the modern day curse of "image addiction" - the obsessive identity disorder at the heart of so many other forms of compulsive behaviour.

How many of us have gone to great lengths to change our appearance, to attract our 'ideal partner' or to ac hieve the social recognition we crave ... only to find we're left feeling empty and incomplete?

How many of us are conscious of a yawning gulf between the image we project to the world, and the way we see ourselves inside?

How many of us give in to the incessant voice of self-doubt ... abandoning our true dreams in an impossible quest to 'prove' our self-worth?

Internationally acclaimed author and intuitive counsellor Tricia Brennan draws on 15 years experience as a spiritual teacher to share an inspired collection of stories that serve as powerful metaphors for personal growth.   The 12 diverse individuals in the chapters of Looking Beyond The Mirror illustrate that no matter who we are, or how we may appear on the outside, beneath the surface we are all fundamentally the same...

•  The Hollywood celebrity who struggles with addiction and feelings of emptiness despite 'having it all.'
•  The vulnerable supermodel who battles with an eating disorder and a distorted self image.
•  The empire builder who ignores his intuition and focuses blindly on material wealth and performance - risking his marriage and, ultimately, his life.
•  The relationship addict - an alluring damsel in distress on a perennial search for a new 'hero .'
•  The workaholic - an ambitious executive who denies her sexuality and jeopardises her fertility with her addiction to food and power.
•  The people pleaser who obsesses about how others see her and overlooks her own dreams in the process.

Compelling and poignantly told, each of the tales in Looking Beyond The Mirror conveys an important message about the pitfalls of addictive behaviour, and offers a remedy for self-acceptance and overcoming self-doubt.   Tricia uses her intuitive gifts to look deep beneath the surface and help us recognise the thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from a life that is truly satisfying.

Each chapter illuminates one of the 12 qualities we need to embrace to achieve a state of self love and balance - and shows us why the most important relationship we will ever have in our lives is the one we have with ourselves.


For more information about Tricia's work see her website

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