Energy Healing - Guided Meditations with Ghata

Ghata Engels is one of the rare beings who seems to physically embody her name. Literally translated as 'Angels', her name reflects the radiant quality that she carries into her life and her healing work.

It was after a powerful experience on an ancient island in Gozo, Malta, that Ghata knew her life was to radically change. During a meditation in one of the sacred temples, in a clear vision surrounded by High Priestesses, Ghata was initiated and sent away to do her own psychic healing work. Not knowing how this would manifest in her life, she trusted the power of this transmission. Its impact was soon to be revealed.

Ghata subsequently met her husband, quit her job as a lawyer in Germany and prepared to move to Australia. Just before she was leaving, a medical doctor contacted Ghata desperate for help with one of his patients. The woman could not be treated and had nearly died. Since Ghata was in the process of relocating, she gave the woman a long distance energy healing session. The positive impact of the session was so astounding to the Doctor, the patient, as well as Ghata, that she decided to dedicate her life full time to this work.

Since then she has helped many people around the world with all kinds of problems, using many different tools in her unique sessions. People search for answers in a variety of places from NY classifieds, healing magazines or family and friends. Here is a resource that may fulfill your needs. Ghata has created three powerful guided mediation CD's that can be used anywhere and at anytime to support you towards your own healing.

Return to the Heart is a guided energy work session designed to clear any energetic ties with people that no longer serve you. Click for more information.

Journey Through the Twelve Chakras will allow you to expand your energy awareness beyond the physical body and to experience peace, love and union with all that is. Click for more information.

Meditations With Golden Light contains four different meditations. The Golden Light Meditation for relaxation is a wonderfully relaxing meditation for all kinds of different occasions. The Meditation for a Protected and Energetic Day can be done daily to start your day feeling positive and protected. The Meditation for Forgiveness helps to heal old wounds and let go of the past. and the Meditation for a Restful Sleep helps you fall asleep in a calm and relaxed way and supports you in having a good and restorative night.

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For more information about Ghata and her work visit her website.

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