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First printed in OurTimes, the Byron Bay, Oz, bi-monthly magazine for free spirits everywhere.

There is an awful lot of talk, particularly in this colourful area of Australia known as the Rainbow Region, about the existence of other realities. Channelled information from the Pleiadians, Angels, Guides, the Council of 8, Sirius the Dog Star, you name it and you can find it in books, sessions, videos and even on the the 'net.

What is all this airy, fairy talk? Are these intergalactic transmissions that promise hope, salvation and a better world simply fantasy? Is it just the avoidance of the mundane, practical reality of survival, or is it possible that the information offered provides genuine practical support in troubled times?

What follows is an interview with one who has access to these realms, and as a channel and psychic healer has the rare gift of integrating her 'seeing' into nourishing bodywork sessions that have had profound and lasting affects on those she has worked with.

Dominique Vollaers, a vibrant mother of four, who radiates glowing good health and energy, is originally from South Africa and moved to Byron Bay over three years ago. She has been evolving her unique form of bodywork and psychic healing sessions for many years.

How would you describe what happens in your sessions?

I see my work as the realigning what I call the gridwork of the body – the physical framework that is the vessel for your essence. By bringing the physical, emotional and mental bodies into balance, the light of who you truly are is allowed to shine through. It is about catalyzing your potential and reawakening who you truly are –your unique essence and how that manifests in the world.

I've used many different modalities over the years and now it's very much about working with the electrical circuit of the body, the meridian system. I'm also working with balancing the masculine and feminine energies within the person, so the session happens on several levels at once. It's almost like emotional chi, if I can call it that. Wherever I feel the energy or chi not moving, I have words that come. They are usually something to do with what's held in the unconscious – what's holding you back. I hold these points, or work with them physically and when you acknowledge what the limitation has been, or where you've been holding back, and you choose where you want to go, the energy flows and I can move on. I work through the whole body this way and it usually emerges that each session has a very specific issue that wants to come to consciousness.

How do you perceive what happens in a session? What is the sensation for you?

Whew!... Well it's a feeling of me merging with the other. When I start a session I connect to my Highest Self and ground it to Mother Earth and I choose to be of service to their highest good and the good of all mankind. I also open myself to that person's ancestral lineage and whatever healers are working with them on other levels.

I always choose to be with my Highest Self and to stay present with myself. It's not like going off somewhere and disappearing. I like to be here, now, grounded. I feel what happens is that I merge with your being, your energetic system, your emotional body, because often I will use words to describe things that you will use, not the words that I would use in conversation. It becomes very apparent with a foreigner, or someone who is very educated or someone who is very poetic. I mirror that person back to them, is how I see it.

I very consciously choose not to violate someone's energy field, or to go in somewhere where I pick up something that is theirs and not to be shared. It is whatever is vibrating at the top most levels of the unconscious that is wanting to be heard by you. It is often already coming up in dream states, or in coincidences, or into your mind but you haven't got all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle yet. That's where I work. Not with pieces that are still wanting to be held or with patterns that are still wanting to be played out, or whatever.

Where do you think the information that you access comes from? Is it from other realms? What does this all mean to you, these other realities, energies, entities, and so on?

Hmm, OK, I could describe it this way. Opening up to all of who you are, here in the physical body, now, is opening up to the you who exists on all other dimensions and realities that you occupy simultaneously. It's like the holographic universe. Opening up to all your pasts, all your futures, and having it all here for you, all the knowing of that, can only be of benefit if it is anchored in this physical vehicle on this Earth, for you, in the present. You don't need to go off somewhere, spending time in other realities, it's having it all here and available to you now, whether you understand it or not. You can begin to move forward, because your attention is on fulfilling your joy, your potential, your flowering, your ever-evolving, ever-growing, ever-expanding consciousness.

I'm always testing the waters, questioning what I hear, or read. I always check out for myself what feels true. Yes, it feels healthy to be sceptical.

It seems to me you would need a strong, healthy body such as yours to be able to allow all these energies to come through and not tire you or affect you in any way.

It is actually a very meditative space for me. I usually come out of a session feeling great, very nourished and healed. Because it really is my joy to see a piece reclaimed for a person. To see someone coming home is my homecoming too. It is my enthusiasm to see the marriage of the masculine and the feminine in the body and the potential of that union. The end of duality. Wholeness. It is where the sacred child can come to birth, One's true service can become manifest.

Did you always know that you carried this capacity?

It's always been very easy for me to feel outside of me, rather than feel myself. I have always been very sensitive and tuned in to what's outside of me. I guess because my attention has always been there, I've become good at it.

How do you see your work evolving?

I want to teach what I've discovered, through fun. I don't know whether it will be with groups or individuals. With my background in South Africa, where there was such separation on all levels and it was always so serious, my healing is to be able to heal through having fun. I mean the shoe thing started through having fun. Who knows what will come next?

Just recently, out of a totally hilarious accidental situation, Dominique has begun another kind of channelling session. By stepping into a person's shoes, she is able to enter that person's energy field, somehow embodying their essence and she moves and speaks as that person.

At the end of our interview, she stepped into my shoes and what was shown to me through her body, was ME!... My movements, my language, my guides and angels speaking through her in 3D, living, breathing, moving reality. What was spoken was intensely personal and not always comfortable for me, definitely not what you'd call fun. I sat with jaw dropped and the tears flowed as my deepest longings, fears and frustrations were given voice so that my highest purpose could also be named. As I watched this being, that is ME, expressing her vision, her greatness, her potential, her magnificence, I was moved beyond words. I felt bathed with unconditional love, support, validation and a sense of connectedness with all that I am and to all of existence. It is this stillness at the centre of my being that is my deepest source of nourishment and I feel blessed to have been given such a direct experience of this reality, through the most unlikely medium of someone walking in my shoes!

Dominique is available for individual sessions in Byron Bay, Australia. For more details email her c/o yoni.

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